Saturday, January 31, 2009

The World Is Our Playground...

Peace -

For the past week... I have really been thinking about everything that I have worked for in my life. How some has come into fruition already and I see the rest on it's way. I have seen how I have hindered myself in ways for illusions and how I have learned from that; and am teaching my seeds not to. Just the other day I was building with another Earth about moving. I told her what a lot of people fail to realize is that - not only can you be what you want but you can MOVE anywhere at ANY time.

I tell my seeds to travel the world and learn as much as they can before they settle down because that is the beauty of curiosity; of intrigue; dreams - they can take you any where you want to and teach you so much in the process. Because once you feel that stir in you... it's time to go. You may not know where yet, but know that you will be successful in all that I do. That you will continue to teach and be taught where ever you end up.

I say all this to say that if at any point you feel you are trapped... you are not. As long as you have a plan and are determined to achieve it.

I have been homeless, starving, poor, broke, left, abused and at times blind. But I am here. I am stronger, I am wiser, I am not only surviving but I am succeeding.

I don't really have a question. Just a statement... just thoughts... just letting you know that I will the best for all of you and I build that this playground that is the Earth... brings you as much joy and fulfillment as you desire.


Queen Civilized Zag

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You Bring Me Joy...When I'm Down...

Peace Everyone -

It is snowing outside, my landlord hasn't shoveled yet, I gotta go to the city today and I don't get paid until tomorrow. I am tiiiiiiiiiiggggghhhhhhhttttttttt!!!!! lol. But nonetheless joyed to still be here and able to provide for my family, reach out to you and be involved in as many things as I am.

I am happy that my children ae healthy and that my daughter is enjoying homeschooling. I am joyed when I see that even though it's difficult my seeds are fullfilled, my bills are paid (selectively) on I rotate each month) and that when I am feeling down... my daughter will make me some Tea and her dope potato recipe and my son will bring me a picture he drew for me ( allegedly ofcourse because he dug on the bottom of his bookbag for it lol and it has a year old date on it) and give me a kiss on my cheek.

I am proud that I am learning what my limitations are... in every aspect...and refining them in the appropriate manner. I am proud that I am working two jobs but know that I won't always because there is something greater that I am working towards. I have not only knowledge 120 but I LIVE it and Understand it. That I actually have female friends who tolerate my crazy self and lend an ear and take my ear for the lending as well...

I say all this to say that even though times are hard... there are things that continue to fulfill and make me smile each day... and that gives me an extra push not to give up even when sometimes I want to.

It will not always be this way... but even though it is now... I can always see the best part.

What is it that brings you joy...that makes you smile when times are down? Is there a special moment that you think of that makes you laugh when you think of it? Sometimes it's good to build on just those things...


Q. Civilized Zag

Sunday, January 25, 2009

"I got a serious blog for ya..."

Peace Family,

This is Eboni Joy Asiatic Earth, and I got a serious blog for ya...

Queen Civilized Zag asked in her November 5th blog - "At Home and Abroad" - "what are you doing to teach your children about building within your community? How do they see it? Are they resistant? Do they come with new ways to help?"

The only person to respond was me, building on some of the community outreach we do out here in Atlanta - Allah's Garden.

In my October 23rd blog - "Bringing Brotherhood/Sisterhood to Life..." I asked the following question:

"What schooling and/or trade have you utilized in Nation Building?" And I would add now, how do you make that knowledge useful in serving the greater community, the Black men and women who do not have knowledge of self, are "Muslims or Muslim Sons"?

And I'd like to present some questions to consider, that in watching BET's American Gangster episode on Dr. Mutulu Shakur have been reiterated in my mind and were first posed in our opening blog posted September 24th:

What is our (Original People with knowledge of self's) role in community activism and organizing?

The episode on Dr. Shakur featured several "freedom fighters," like Bilal Sunni Ali and Assata Shakur, men and women who literally risked life and limb, and their own freedom, to get money to support the institution of programs like breakfast programs for the youth, health screening clinics, to pay for an entire community's food, clothing and shelter.

As Gods and Earths, are we doing enough to "be the change", to ensure the self-sufficiency of our people, to build a sovereign nation, in teaching the youth and getting back to the basics of “it takes a village to raise a child”, in reaching and teaching AND LEARNING FROM sisters who may not look like us on the outside but have the qualifications and further potential as us when it comes to taking action, in breaching the threshold of our adopted nations, organizations or schools of thought in order to reach, teach, uplift, train, organize and move/motivate to action the people in the streets, the folks who do not have “knowledge of self”, the folks who don’t even have any concept of character, intelligence, righteousness, civility, nor community building regardless of their outward appearance???

And if we are not doing enough, what will happen from this point forth? What should we be doing to bring relief to ourselves?

Eboni Joy Asiatic

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Update on 14th Degree Happenings... Call for Submissions & Nation NEWS... Answer "Tell Us How You See It" Questions... and More

Peace Family!

Wanted to let you all know the exciting happenings with The 14th Degree & Beyond Magazine. We released our Winter 2008- 09 issue “THEN WHAT HAPPENED" and ALL OF OUR YEARLY SUBSCRIBERS will be mailed a free learning DVD for the seeds the first of February! We are already preparing for our Spring 2009 "APPRECIATE YOUR EARTH, APPRECIATE YOUR NATION” issue in honor of Women’s History Month (March), Earth Day (April 22nd) and the wonderful works done by original women world wide!

Our 14th Degree & Beyond Wisdom Blog Spot is still up and running as well, anticipating your comments, quest ions and builds!

Last week Queen Civilized Zag asked our audience to build on: "How do you see Updating 120 degrees? What effects - positive or negative- do you think it will have to the past, present and future generations of this culture?" in her blog “SHOULDN’T HAVE LEFT YOU..."

And this week Victorious Lanasia posted "TAKING IT BEYOND THE 14th DEGREE" in which she asks: "... how do you reach out to help build with your sisters beyond The 14th Degree, are you open to receiving and being able to build with other Earths on sharing experiences and resources, and finally, what is an experience or some experiences that have helped you to continue to propel yourself forward in this culture [of Supreme Mathematics lived by the Nation of Gods and Earths]?? Gods, do you see these types of relationship-building beneficial to your Original Woman? Why or why not??"

New blogs are posted every Wednesday and Sunday by a staff member of The 14th Degree. To do the knowledge to the blogs and post your comments our collaborators' website - - click the “EARTHS" tab then scroll down to the link for "14th DEGREE & BEYOND WISDOM".

And don't forget, we are always accepting advertisements, subscriptions ($20 for an electronic one, $28 for a hardcopy), contributions of articles (check our MySpace blog for a list of our sections), recipes, poems and activity sheets for the youth! And as always, we want YOUR answers to our "TELL US HOW YOU SEE IT" questions so mail them in ASAP! They are:

(1) Why do Earths wear headwraps and is it an integral part of 3/4s?

(2) Should Gods be allowed to attend Earth ciphers/classes? Why or why not?

(3) How do you do you keep your home in tune with your refinement ?

We can be reached at: or
You can also postal mail us, making any payments or donations via money order or certified check out to "The 14th Degree and Beyond, Inc." at The 14th Degree and Beyond, Inc. / P.O. Box 2134 / Teaneck, NJ 07666 - 1534.

Article, poem and recipe submissions may also be sent to the email above, as can updates about Nation of Gods & Earths happenings in your circumference to be printed in our Nation N.E.W.S. section.

Love & Peace!
Eboni Joy Asiatic & The 14th Degree Staff

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Taking Care of Home.. on a Shoestring Budget

Peace. I must say that I am really proud of myself! One of the things I had been dreading for the last year is how to get my teeny tiny apartment together with little to no money. Unfortunately, in this day and time, many of us are working down to the last dollar just to make our bills, childcare expenses, grocery, gas, etc. and usually have little money saved at the end of the month for savings, much less for entertaining or home improvement.

So after a couple months of saving my pennies, I finally decided it was time to try and get my place together, do so little home refining and somehow, do it with just a couple hundred dollars!!

Craigs list can be your best friend! Many times you can find really great stuff in the "free" section. People are moving across country, and just want to get rid of things. The "furniture" section also always has great items. I would never buy a mattress or anything personal like that but little knick knacks, bookshelves, storage items, etc are usually what I look for. However, I did find an ad for a clearance furniture center that was selling all kinds of furniture coming out of corporate apartments and I decided to check it out. I ended up getting a nice living room set and 3 tables for $200. I also scope out the thrift stores, craft stores, and discount home stores, for other little items and really did great with it.

How you can find great bargains to add on to your home cipher:
  • - check out the "free" and "furniture" sections to the area closest to you for some great bargains. You have to be quick, though. Many of the good quality items are gone within the day.
  • Try your local Odd-Lot or clearance center for furniture, decor, storage,and other items to help organize and keep your home. Youwoule be surprised what $20 can get you.
  • Thrift stores - I usually will frequent the thrift stores in the more affluent areas, as it seems I can find really great quality bargains.
  • - This grassroots not-for-profit organization is a great place to donate your old items and find good quality items to trade.
  • Enlist the assistance of your creative sisters!! You can find someone to help you cut and reapolster your chair or old loveseat, crochet you a nice table mat set, or help you frame your favorite pictures to hang.

Although everything is not exactly how I want it just yet, I am definitely working on it and also not afraid to look in unconventional places for bargains, and to roll my sleeves up and find creative, out-of-the-box ideas for making my house a home.

Victorious Lanaisa Math

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Taking it Beyond the 14th Degree...


Over the years, one thing that I came to realize is, blackwomen with knowledge of themselves are the bomb! Regardless of how we came into the knowledge of ourselves, many times, its our sisters that keep us motivated, dedicated, refined, on point, free-thinking, forward-moving, child bearing and rearing, 3/4's rockin', best/poor/worst part-revealing, strong Original women that we are.

When I think about why we are so successful in our undertakings, I look at photos of earths ciphers, Earth Conferences, get togethers, Parliaments, seed Ciphers, or even just a sister from out of town getting together and realize that we emit to each other, verbally or non-verbally how we can add on to their ciphers. Many of us have never been a stranger to calling up another sister to ask, "how did you make that Vegan Chocolate Cake, entrepreneur tips, how to communicate better with my mate, can you help me get to know Earths in my area, where can I go to get the best lock oil, or Earth, how in the world can I sew these sleves to be even?"

What I would like to know is how do you reach out to help build with your sisters beyond The 14th Degree, are you open to receiving and being able to build with other Earths on sharing experiences and resources, and finally, what is an experience or some experiences that have helped you to continue to propel yourself forward in this culture??

Gods, do you see these types of relationship-building beneficial to your Original Woman? Why or why not??

Victorious Lanasia Math

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Shouldn'tve left You... Without a dope Blog to Step to :)


Peace!  How have you been?  Please pardon the brief hiatus due to PC Virus', vacations and just flat out forgetfulness at one point.  *sigh* but, we have regrouped and are back on track!!!  So how have y'all been??? 

I've heard rumors... of an update in our 120.  Updating statistics, distances etc...all that.  To me... it seems wrong to do so.  120 is our foundation... just that.  We know there are imperfections in it however, that is what gives us our individual understanding but all from a mutual base. 

I think to fix it grammatically or change numbers is defeating the purpose of what it is - which is a reference point to build upon.  As well, not trying to be funny - but most of the ones talking about correcting it... aren't even living right and exact themselves.  So how are they going to correct lessons when they can't even fix their PERSONAL Cipher? Hmmm

My Question is:  How do you see Updating 120 degrees?  What effects - positive or negative- do you think it will have to the past, present and future generations of this culture?


Queen Civilized