Sunday, June 28, 2009

Do I really Gotta...?


My Brother called me the other day to tell me he was engaged... to a woman... I am not too fond of. But hey... she's not my fiance. It led me to the question of how much am I willing to put aside? And I found the answer to be: not much.

In general... I don't like going to weddings. I was taught... if I don't have anything nice to say... not to say it at all. So... that's generally why I don't speak to many people. Not that I am thinking mean thoughts however, it's not my job to engage you in idle conversation. It's not my style. This is exactly how his fiance is... just... making up sh*t...(woops) to say to fill the silence... ugh...

Anywho - I say all this to say - how much of yourself do you think you need to put aside for others happiness? And is there a way... to seem more involved then you really are without looking like you don't care, because you didn't want to be there anyway?

*sigh*... please help me... or find me an annoyance management group to join.



Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Peevin on the Pets

Peace All -

So I have truly been trying to refine my rage... I mean ways... but umm... Where the (bleep) are all my tupperware tops! And futher more.... the rest of my forks! lol. Ok. I know we all have pet peeves and that is one of them. Well, the real ones are, people who don't look me in the eye when I meet them, who don't use turn signals and who chew and talk with their mouthes open.

I can get over the Tupperware thing... but good manners and driving skills... UUUUUGGGHHHHH!!!! lol. I know everyone has their little quirks but - I tell you, it's hard for me on the road people. And if I am on the phone... and some one is eating... I'll just hang up. Any recommendations? I know that previously SciHonor was talking about the poor parts as no one is perfect.

How do get past those little irritations? Are your measures drastic or otherwise?


Zagitated... lol

Monday, June 22, 2009

Best Part, Poor Part, Worst Part ???


I wrote this last night and was supposed to post it but had technical issues. So…

I was thinking about the Understanding (3) degree in the 1-14 since yesterdays math was Wisdom Knowledge (21) all being born to Understanding (3). The degree says that the original man has chosen for himself the best part of the planet Earth. He didn’t care about the poor part. So, my question is, what do you consider to be the best part, poor part and worst part of the planet Earth? And, why wouldn’t the original man care about that poor part?


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Teaching the Babies our Teachings


Fortunately, I am blessed to have children who were born to 2 parents with knowledge of self and living in this culture. They learn from us by watching us and building with us how to be a righteous young God and a righteous young Earth. It just seems so natural.

A few years ago, I ran into a God who had Knowledge of Self years before I did, and he told me that his daughter just "borned" herself, which meant to him that she just turned 9 years old. He said that he wanted her to start learning Supreme Math and Supreme Alphabets. This child lives with her mother who is an 85%, so I wondered why he would wait until she was 9 to start teaching his daughter our way.

I know that it can be difficult to raise children in this nation when both parents are living this way of life and especially when only one parent has this knowledge. So, my question to you is...

For those of us raising babies in this way of life and even those who have not yet had children,
At what age should we start teaching our children Supreme Mathematics? What method(s) have you used that helps them to grasp this knowledge, and that of the Supreme Alphabet and 120 Lessons?

Also, for those of us who have children with an 85%, how do you manage to maintain your teachings and how effective do you think they are in opposition with the other parent's teachings?


Monday, June 15, 2009

Your BEST Memories of Show & Prove

Peace Asiatics... and Peace to the Nation of Gods & Earths!

With Show and Prove weekend coming to a close yesterday with the 40th Anniversary of Show and Prove, the 14th Degree and Beyond wants you to share your BEST, most profound memory of Show and Prove past... or even present (if your most memorable Show and Prove was yesterday, June 14th, or perhaps it was the first one you had ever attended). Regardless, we want you to share with us your most cherished memory. And yes, this is one of those blogs where the answers will be published in the Autumn 2009 issue of The 14th Degree and Beyond.

And since I'm asking you to share yours... I'll give you mine!

I used to think my first Show & Prove would ALWAYS be my favorite, because I was so young, and so observant and conscious of paying attention to EVERYTHING and meeting EVERYONE (at least, as many people as I could... especially elders), and because I was connected to a lot of Earths thru the web (specifically, the PeacefulQueens YahooGroup) meeting those Earths in the person was just... an amazing experience. It really taught me, that whole year that I spent in Now Why in 2001, what it IS to BE a true and living Earth... in speech, dress, mannerisms, the way I treat people, the way I treat myself, and fulfilling my purpose.

BUT, because of some hell I went through after the last Show and Prove I attended - that of 2007 - and some fall-outs I've had with sisters (yes, sisters as in plural) near and dear, I suspect that the Show and Prove of 2007 will be my last moment of deep, sincere bonding with several of the Earths I count(ed) among my sisters, peers, mentors and guides at that time, and had spent a decade building that bond with. And so I cherish that one, the 2007 Show and Prove, because we had the 10-24 Earth Conference that year and I'm proud of the work and dedication that myself and the other planners (Natural Black, Mecca Islam, SciHonor Devotion and IAsia Azania) put in to make it happen and overjoyed that so many Earths made an effort to travel far and wide in order to attend and make the conference a success (so many of the Earths in my generation came thru to attend and it was a beautiful, nostalgic time); from the conference on Saturday - to the cookout at the school where I met a lot of Gods I'd only interacted with online up to that point, and saw family who I'd known for years but don't see often because we live so far apart - to our (the Earths) bonding at one of the Earth's kingdoms that evening - to the Show and Prove on Sunday where we all came together to see Allah in person, build, renew, support the babies, eat good, and take madd pictures! Even though my relationship with some whom I shared that weekend with will never be the same, I still cherish the memories because the experiences we shared through the years helped make me who I am and I LOVE it!

So... add on!

Eboni Joy Asiatic

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Single Most Important Bit of Knowledge You Can Bestow Upon Someone"

Peace Asiatics!

So my sista Queen Zafirah, a regular contributor to the 14th Degree magazine, posted a question on the Nation of Gods and Earths myspace group, under the topic - What do you want to know about the N.G.E but were too afraid to ask - on June 9th asking:

"What’s the single most important bit of knowledge you can bestow upon someone coming into this?"

Only herself and two others had responded when I posted my answer. And my answer was really just an extension of Zafirah's because what she said, in retrospect, I KNOW was primary in my growth as a person and development as an Earth. Because of this, I'm compelled to ask this very same question as my blog topic for the week, also sharing with you Queen Zafirah's insight and my answer to her question.

Zafirah's answer was (and being that she writes for the mag on a regular basis and is an AVID supporter I'm sure she'll be peace with me sharing this... RIGHT ZAFIRAH??? LOL): "Being here and acquiring knowledge of self will not change you. There is no one here with 'special powers' who can summon the energy of the ancients and save you. What you get here are tools to save yourself. So when you walk in the door, your journey has only just begun."

I responded, specifically to the sistas, with:

"Remember that you are here to gain knowledge of SELF. This is not a religion any more than it is a God-worshipping culture. As women we tend to be about the man rather than the plan, be about the messenger rather than the message - this is why our numbers are so small, because we fall off when our relationships fail since we focused only on being Queens and knowledging our Gods, rather than focus on gaining knowledge of self and learning what it is to be women (rather than girls, chicks, bitches, hoodrats and the like), sistas, moons, Queens, Mothers of Civilization, AND Earths - what it means to portray or apply the traits of these various beings and what it takes to qualify us for each one of these titles/roles. Knowledge of God and being his Queen will only get you through the door - it is not a shield and he can’t save you any more than a mystery God can. Your receptiveness to knowledge and thirst to learn more and continuously elevate, and the effort you put in to apply what you learn, live righteously and achieve all the above is what will save you and power your elevation as a true and living Earth to knowledge your fullest equality (Earth-qualities). Stay elevated and keep elevating. This is the single most important bit of knowledge I have learned in living this culture."

So, not to bite the Earth, but to reiterate the importance of our sharing what we've learned, and especially what we know in retrospect, to be of the upmost importance in our growth and development, I too ask you to share with us...

"the single most important bit of knowledge you can bestow upon someone coming into this [the Nation of Gods and Earths]?"

Eboni Joy Asiatic

Sunday, June 7, 2009



When I was in my 2nd year of graduate school at NYU, I took a Psychology of Music course in which we studied various psychologies and applied them to composition of music, as well as how classical and contemporary music can effect or direct us psychologically. During our final builds, we had to read a book and make a presentation of it. The book I chose was Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking written by a brother named Malcolm Gladwell and had just been newly released at the time that I presented it (2005). I recommend this book to every conscious-minded person to at least do the knowledge to, and make a decision whether or not the information would benefit you or not.

The concept of the book is based on what he calls "rapid cognition," that in the blink of eye, we could make decisions such as what someone is feeling at the time, if it is the right job for you when its offered, buying a new car or house, etc. He conceptualizes through various examples that many times having too much information hinders our decision-making authority.

What made this book so interesting to me is that as God or Earth, we are always looking at things through our "third eye." This is where we draw up and filter truth from fiction, right from wrong, and where we should cognizantly be able to make our best decision. So, to me, to be able to add on to that the power of rapid cognition that Gladwell builds on, essentially has the potential to magnify our builds for making these sound decisions.

You can read more about Gladwell's book and rapid cognition concepts here

Victorious Lanasia Earth

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Eye on the Prize

Peace and Blessings.

As of late, I have felt my cipher going and stretching in a million different directions, sometimes seemingly without organization, direction, or purpose. Just going from sun up to sun down doing what must be done to get through THIS DAY - rarely thinking about the next day, or the next year. Many of you know how it goes. You do what you have to do for your children. Bills are paid when you can - you juggle your career, childcare, school (or homeschool), educating our selves, refining our homes, tending to our Gods/Earths, building on Nation business, all while never or hardly thinking of manifesting our own blueprint for the future. What usually deters us is lack of financial education and/or resources, little to no emotional support, motivation, or even where to start.

However, as I come up on less than 6 months from my 37th bornday, I find that I am starting to look at my cipher with more distinct foresight. I need to assure that my daughter and any future children are secure, well-educated, and have the necessary faculties for the world when I'm gone. I want to spend my future years in my heaven with a cipher full of people who love and support me and I, them. I want to be assured that I am building monuments from my blueprint to reach my goals, successes, and "prizes." To do this, I know that I need to focus, be diligent hold fast to my goals and keep my "Eye on the Prize."

This year has been very transitional for me with many health changes, cipher changes, and just general refining and working to better myself and family. In doing this, its impossible to not begin to look at my goals for a year, 5 years, and 10 years from now - in essence, writing my history or Quron for the next 25,000 years. So, I have begun to employ certain methods to help myself begin working on my goal:
1) "Eye on the Prize" - What that means is to remained FOCUSED, diligent, steadfast, and flexible in what that goal is and the resources needed to reach it. I strive to not tunnelize the direction of getting to that goal and understand that environmental and financial changes may mean altering my direction.

2) Stay Motivated - Motivation is probably the most crucial factor in reaching our goals. What is the purpse of reaching this goal? What do we see ourselves getting out of it? How will it benefit my and/or my family? Knowing and building on the answers to these questions will allow me to further clarify and reach that much closer to my goals

3) My personal Cheerleading squad - These are the people in my cipher who I share my goals with and who are there to support me, offer ideas and resources, and also be there to cheer me on when I read the end zone with the ball in my hand.

4) Create a Personalized Action Plan (My Cipher Blueprint) - I will sit down and clearly define my goal, the resources I need to get there, and the steps I plan to take to reach it.

5) Visualize the End Result - Anyone who has ever sat through my "Creative Visualization" workshop knows that one of the most motivating factors of reaching our goals is actually SEEING ourselves in the end result. If the goal is to lose 5 pounds, you visualize yourself in that divine dress you have been striving to fit into, enjoying a healthy meal with your friends and family all telling you how great you look.

These are just a few of the ways I have begun to embrace in keeping my eye on the prize.

What are some goal-reaching suggestions do you have have?? Share a goal with our staff that you have recently achieved and how you successfully reached it.

Victorious Lanasia Earth

Monday, June 1, 2009

My Neck... My Back...

Peace -

So I just did a crazy bout of Spring Cleaning this Sunday. I was moving stuff around and cleanin carpets... closets and kitchens. Even hooked up a stereo system. What I noticed was that after back was KILLING me. I had a horseriding incident that messed my hip up when I was 16 and then it never really healed properly.

While I do try to get to the gym regularly it's not always easy. So I thought that perhaps I wasn't the only one in this predicament. Below - is a list of easy exercises that can be done at home or work to strenghten your back.

Back Hyperextension:

How to do the Exercise: Start by lying face down, then raise your arm and head with the oppostie leg. If done properly you should feel a stretch in your lower back. Finally, lower your leg, arm, and head to the starting position at the same time.

Band Back Lat Pull Downs

How to do the Exercise: This exercise band lat pulldown exercise can be performed by tying the elastic/exercise band around a stationary object from up close to the ceiling and then sitting on the ground with your back straight. To begin grab the two handles and bring the elastic to your side (as shown) making sure that your lats are doing the work (along with your biceps). This is an excellent exercise if you do not have a lat pulldown machine.

Dumbell Bent Over Row

How to do the Exercise: Stand with your knees bent and your torso at a 60 degree angle. Now with the weights fully extended in your hand bring them straight up to your chest contracting your shoulderblades fully and then inhaling and slowly returning to the starting position as shown.

I can say that the above have helped me in the past with my back and I am going to start doing them once again. Take care of yourselves.