Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Birth Control, Abortion, Eugenics...

Peace Queens,
I have recently been intriqued by medical experimentation on Original People and as a birth professional the topic of being sterile/infertile has stuck with me. The following information is very interesting, and it leads me to wonder how Gods and Earths feel about birth control, abortion or men and women not having the physical ability to reproduce. Is there a relationship between the Planned Parethood Plan, Abortion and Birth Control and the Doctors, Ministers, Nurses and Cremators? How do we, men and women with knowledge of self make choices that are in "compliance" with our cultural needs as original people and what are those cultural needs?

Please check out the youtube video about Planned Parenthood
Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood and Eugenics

The Forced Sterilization of Fannie Lou Hamer?
Essentially what happened was she had undergone what she was told was an operation to remove what she described as a knot in her stomach. I believed it was probably a benign uterine fibroid, a very common condition among African-American women. And not until she was back at the plantation where she worked and lived did stories began circulating. Apparently the owner's wife was a cousin of the surgeon who performed the operation. And she knew, although Fannie Lou Hamer did not, that Fannie Lou Hamer's uterus had been removed, rendering her sterile. This was a very common practice. It was non-consensual. And gynecological surgeons often rendered black women sterile without their knowledge while they were giving birth or undergoing other sorts of medical procedures. And Fannie Lou Hamer, who always spoke of wanting to have a family, was devastated but also angered by this. And this is what inspired her to, investigate political action as a means of seizing power.…

Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present By: Harriet A. Washington

Listen to a peice of the book about Fannie Lou Hamer...

Check This Site for more...Medical Apartheid

Sci-Honor Devotion

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Questions Are NOT Rhetorical...

Peace Asiatics!

In my last blog post, "Bringing Brotherhood/Sisterhood to Life..." I asked the following questions:

What schooling and/or trade have you utilized in Nation Building? What are some ways that you and the Gods/Earths in your area support each other (120 Class and Earth Ciphers count, but what else)? What are some of the goods and services provided, and who provides them (name names… somebody might read this and throw business their way)? How has someone in the Nation showed and proved brotherhood/sisterhood to you (be as specific as possible)?

We, the 14th Degree and Beyond Staffers, agreed that we would post a new blog every Wednesday and Sunday. However, since none of the above were answered since posting my Wednesday blog, I'm just going to re-post the questions so that it's clear that they are not rhetorical, willing that my fam makes knowledge born on all of the above. Because I sincerely think that sharing our services with each other and our respective communities, sharing our contact info so that we can support each other in our undertakings, can help us all become more successful career wise, collectively, and very importantly... monetarily.

Add on...

Eboni Joy Asiatic

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bringing Brotherhood/Sisterhood to Life Through Support In Good Times and Bad

Peace Fam!

This is Eboni Joy Asiatic, comin’ to you live and direct from The A aka Allah’s Garden aka Atlantis aka Rap Brown Georgia… take your pick! I came into the Nation of Gods and Earths in the spring of ’97. I was motivated by THIS collective because the teachings fit with my concept of God, fed my hunger for knowledge and need to constantly study, learn and manifest, inspired my process of ever-refining, and the Nation and teachings (Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet, and 120 Lessons) strengthened my interest in theology, science, and various cultures and philosophies.

This may sound harsh to some, but I no longer NEED the Nation to propel me in my studies or remind me of my need for refinement. These have become habits and patterns imbedded in my being. My primary reason for associating with the Gods and Earths now-a-days is because it is a massive support group with like minds on post globally. I know that if I was traveling to Europe and wanted to see the spoken word/”conscious” entertainment scene I could hit up my brother Sincere Wise in London, if I was bearing life and needed pre-natal advice I would link with my sister SciHonor based in New Haven to be my long-distance doula/mid-wife, if I needed a supafly headwrap I’d call on Queen Wisdom Born up in Canada and owner of Earth Science Crowns to hook-up my refinement, if in need of relationship advice I would reach out to my elder sister Queen Shamika out in Pittsburgh who has been with her God/King for more than 30 years, if I needed a Spanish lesson I’d build with my big brother Allah Calib out in Puerto Rico, if I needed advice on maintaining and elevating our non-profit out here in Atlanta (The Show & Prove Youth Outreach) I could depend on the God Born Justice in the Bronx and those Gods/Earths maintaining the Allah Youth Center in Harlem for their invaluable input, and if I needed advice on how to connect with my brown and yellow brothas and sistas in an effort to show and prove to them they too are historically and genetically the original Black man and woman too I’d seek out either my Earth-sista Naiko in Japan, Faatma in Denver who is of Iranian descent, or Mecca Islam in Los Angeles who is of Mexican parentage to teach me how to reach the people.

A lot of people have the mis-understanding that the Nation of Gods and Earths is not progressive, that we are stuck in the rut of following tradition rather than adapting to the world around us. A lot of people believe that we’re a group of unorganized street professors, rather than community and political activists. And on face value, I understand where these assumptions come from. However, when I look at the vast accomplishments made by the people I’ve connected with on an individual basis in the past 11 years, I know that these ideas are GENERALLY mis-informed mis-conceptions.

The Nation does not have a rule book for people to follow; we’re given the freedom to bring forth law and order in our own circumference by applying what we learn. We are also taught to “go to school or learn a trade” very early on in coming among the Gods and Earths. And with the knowledge learned in college or trade school I’ve seen this Nation grow, in my very short time in it, to include attorneys, authors, professors, teachers, web and IT specialists, graphic designers, childcare providers, sistas managing home daycares, RNs, phlebotomists, obstetrician/gynecologists, midwives, doulas and other medical professionals, carpenters, electricians, realtors, office administration specialists, grant writers, natural hair care professionals, barbers and barber shop owners and so very much more. And because we are a Nation, we seek guidance, counsel, assistance, and services from each other first and foremost, which leads to the deceiving appearance that we are not progressive collectively – when in reality there are hundreds upon hundreds of men and women who claim this culture who have become successful in their independent ventures, and have brought their skills and services back to the Nation and their respective communities.

Here in Atlanta, the Gods and Earths are a support group among ourselves in various ways – many of us have helped Supreme Understanding, author of “How to Hustle and Win: A Survival Guide to the Ghetto”, sell his book at festivals, in our neighborhoods and to our connects, folks often come to me or ReMeqka Ce’ani when needing to cure or relieve an ailment, we sistas aid and assist during childbirth – and also cook for each other, clean house, grocery shop and run errands after delivery, we babysit of course, do monthly activities with our own and community youth as a collective, the brothas help with home repairs, we all have helped each other move on occasion, and many of us work with each other on entrepreneurial ventures – primarily vending and catering, we have done event planning ventures together – some in the name of the Gods & Earths, some other a different banner (Itiopi International’s Healing House Parties for one), traveled cross country together, and even relocated south after building bonds in the north (Chicago/Detroit and New York/New Jersey) for years.

It’s a beautiful thing having a well-established support group and networking base to turn to in good times and in bad!

What schooling and/or trade have you utilized in Nation Building? What are some ways that you and the Gods/Earths in your area support each other (120 Class and Earth Ciphers count, but what else)? What are some of the goods and services provided, and who provides them (name names… somebody might read this and throw business their way)? How has someone in the Nation showed and proved brotherhood/sisterhood to you (be as specific as possible)?


Eboni Joy Asiatic

Monday, October 20, 2008

How to "keep" your husband...

Peace. Ok, before you get your headwrap in a bunch, this is not a blog claiming to tell you how to keep a man/God/husband with you... not at all. I'm the last person for that. In fact, I want to hear from you on your thoughts.

One of the great things about The 14th Degree and Beyond is the "beyond" part of it. We strive to activate cognizance in our readers and contributors to get you to take your degrees off the 4 corners of the page and make them walk and talk with purpose. I pulled this particular phrase "how to keep your husband..." from the 14th degree of the Lost-Found Muslim Lesson #1 (1-14) which asks the question:

What is the meaning of M.G.T. and G.C.C.? and the answer, in part, reads "Muslim Girls Training and General Civilization Class. These are the names given to the women and girls of Islam in North America, teaching them how to keep a home, how to raise their children, how to keep their husband..."

What sparked my blog are a few things - the stereotype that I see far too much in women in how they define "keeping" their husband, builds from the International Earth Conference on taking care of God, and what I have experienced and seen in self and my sisters who fail to take care of themselves within their cipher. It is the balance of these three things (and I'm sure alot of other things as well) that, in MY opinion, define "keeping" your husband.
When I looked up the word keep, I found 36 definitions of the word. The definitions that sparked me were "to be faithful to," "to have or maintain an established position in a relationship," "to preserve," "to stay in accord with," "conserve," "ENJOY."
"Keeping your husband, means you do what you have to so he doesn't leave you" Is this true?
For every 5 women AND men you ask, their experience will reveal that in some cases they (or their woman/Queen/Earth) did everything seemingly that the other wanted and it still didn't work out. There are many that will read that part of the degree and think just that - If this method has worked for you, we'd like to hear from you about your experience and what your limitations of this are, if any.
"Keeping your husband, means keeping your self"
Is this true?
My experience and from other sisters I've spoken to revealed that they are best able to take care of their God/King/Husband and family and they themselves are at their best. Yet, as Original Woman we almost always put ourselves last in every aspect of our lives. This leaves us bitter, tired, frustrated, dissatisfied, and in general chaotic within ourselves, thus not able to truly reflect properly, nor understand God's Cipher. So, sisters, make sure you take time out for yourself to regroup, meditate, have a girls night out, read your favorite book, or even 5 minutes to recharge back to your best... So you can continue to sustain your Original Man.
"Keeping your husband, means to conserve and maintain him and his best interest"
Is this true?
One of the points discussed at the International Earth Conference is how hard it is to get our men to see a doctor, or other health professional, how to get them to refine their diets, or just simply groom their nails. I think that so many times we get caught up in their wants, that we do not pay attention to their needs. We must make sure that we can maintain the skills and tools to be able to proactively identify the medical, dietary, and psychological needs of our counterpart. There are some sisters who have that on LOCK... they are great at truly conserving and preserving their husbands/Gods and learn each and every day from their wisdom.
"Keeping Your Husband, means..."
What are your thoughts on this?

Queen Victorious Lanasia Earth

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Beauty and Importance of 3/4's Refinement

Peace. My name is Queen Victorious Lanasia Earth. I came into the knowledge of myself in August 1998 and have embraced and loved every milestone, sidestep, misstep, and achievement along the way. My blog today will focus on wearing "3/4's" and "refinement" and how to embrace and accept the beauty and responsibility of being a Queen.


"God loves to see his Original Woman in 3/4's..."

I remember hearing a sister say this at the International Earth Conference this past weekend in Pittsburgh, PA. And, of course, there were lots of headwraps and locked tresses nodding in agreement with smiles on their faces. We continued to speak about the Original Black Man (yes still being "man") may look at the women with the cleavage bustling and butt cheeks jingling from outside of their shorts, however, would this be the same woman that he would bring around his children, or bring to meet his Mother? When the Original Man knows his place in the Universe, he wants a Queen who knows and accepts hers... and all the beauty and responsibility that comes with it. This brought to mind the gross misconceptions I had when I came into the knowledge of myself 10 years ago and how I thought I would have to dress like Old Mother Hubbard to show the knowledge that I had accepted into my life. Not, that I dressed provacatively before that, however I immediately felt a sense of limitation, prudeness, and dullness. That fact is, when I first began my journey of refinement (one which I will forever be on), it took me years to find my sense of style while still reflecting the 120 degree of knowledge that I've absorbed. It took me, observing and speaking with other Queens, Earths, and Original Women whom I'd come to love and respect to figure out my sense of style.

First, I needed to really ask myself - what is "3/4's"? What is "Refinement"? For every Queen that you ask this question, you will get a different answer. For me, the answer has changed at least 120 times since I started asking it to myself. Before answering these questions, I had to take myself through the specific degrees in 120 lessons that are resourceful in answering these questions - at least for self. For you, it may be various scriptures in quoron or bible, or something your mama said that time when she was tearing up your behind for wearing that revealing tube top she told you not to, or just plain old common sense. The reality is, regardless if we know ourselves as Queen, Earth, Goddess, or not...we know that what we wear will determine who and what we attract. The important thing is that as "refined" sisters, sisters of consciousness, with knowledge of self, who KNOW our place in the Universe, and our importance to the wealth of our children, families, communities, and NATION, would want to outwardly express that knowledge through the clothing we place on our bodies. "3/4's" refers to the fraction makeup (three-fourths) of water to land on the physical planet Earth. Our lessons teach us "The earth is approximately covered under water approximately ¾ of its surface." I refer to the water being our wisdom, or the outward expression of the knowledge we possess, through the clothing I choose to put on my body. In essence, 3/4's is the essential physical makeup of clothing (water) to skin shown (land). This is extremely general by definition. "Refinement" is taking 3/4's to the next level. Refinement is the process by which we make what we know better, more elegant, more significant, and even more personal. It is purposeful definition of whatever it is we are dealing with - diet, habits, education, and our clothing. All of the Queens I know wear 3/4's, yet each have their own sense of refinement. Their own purposeful definition of how they see wearing a crown, their long skirts or slacks, their business attire for the office. The key thing for me is that 3/4's and refinement work together... yes, they can (and do) exist independently of each other, however the grace, beauty, and importance of how we express ourselves in this culture encomasses a fine balance between the two.

"If you want to know the wealth of your Nation, look at the Women."

If you want to know the wealth of your Nation (community, nuclear family, children), look at the Woman. When we substitute the word "Nation" with something more personal to us, does it give you a better understanding of not only dressing respectable, but also cultural, divine, dynamic, and beautiful? The responsibility that I uphold with knowing and understanding what and who I represent continues to demand that I strive to live and dress as a righteous original Woman.

What are your thoughts, questions, or comments on dress, 3/4's and/or refinement?? Do you see a difference between what is 3/4's and what is refinement??

Monday, October 13, 2008

Marriage: I do or I don't???


1.the social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments, religious ceremonies, etc.
2. the state, condition, or relationship of being married; wedlock: a happy marriage.
3. the legal or religious ceremony that formalizes the decision of a man and woman to live as husband and wife, including the accompanying social festivities: to officiate at a marriage.
4. a relationship in which two people have pledged themselves to each other in the manner of a husband and wife, without legal sanction: trial marriage;
5. any close or intimate association or union: the marriage of words and music in a hit song.
6. a formal agreement between two companies or enterprises to combine operations, resources, etc., for mutual benefit; merger.

Peace -

I went to a wedding this Past weekend. It was beautiful and sweet and really nice to see the two people so happy and in love. And it got me to thinking... do I want this? The dress... the reception... the BILL at the end of it all??? While I am sure that my parents would love that for me... perhaps in my jaded view of things, I never thought it would happen for me and thus refined my thought of what MY marriage would be.

Do we go by the above definition of legalities or of the pledge between two people? I myself have learned never to just take someone's word for it. We must SHOW AND PROVE our commitment. Just because someone signs their honorable name to legal document and gets you a 3 carat ring does NOT mean that they will keep their word nor that it will last. It means that it will be THAT much harder to get rid of that muh-(bleep)...oh... woops. LOL. (Thanks OT Sensors).

Mind you the ceremony part is nice and the gathering of friends and family however - we could do that anytime with OUT the legalities correct? OR is the lack of security for individuals whom are NOT your spouse so great... that we are forced into this notion of what MUST be done in order to protect our families?

There is also the common-law spouse in some states...

common-law marriage
a marriage without a civil or ecclesiastical ceremony, generally resulting from an agreement to marry followed by the couple's living together as husband and wife.

If you reside with the individual for several years or more then you are considered to be husband and wife.

But what if your desire is not to reside with each other but just be together for yeaars? Are we any less commited? Those nights for XY and Z years that I wiped your nose and used my trusty tussin remedy doesn't count because I didn't come home to you everynight? Because I can only deal with you for 4 nights out of the week - before I want to be somewhere where I don't fall in the toilet in the middle of the night because you forgot to put the seat down... AGAIN... - that makes our years of commitment... less important then the married couple? Emphatically NO!!!

Let me know what you think!!! I thank you and appreciate your responses.


Q. Civilized Zag

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Seed Ciphers

Peace All -

For those of use whom are parents (single or not) I know that times are hard...financially and emotionally. Myself... as a single parent sometimes come to my wits end. For it seems odd to me that my children can remember where that Organic Fruit strip in my pocket book that we got a WEEK ago from Trader Joes is in my Purse - because they put it there of course - but can't remember that I tell them everyday not to touch each other in the car or to put their dishes in the sink... WITHOUT a full plate of food. Now... ALLEGEDLY ( a word that must be thrown in before and after all 'confessions' if you will) there can be a black-out (if you will) for repeated acts of misconduct but, I have taken some time to really look for other ways.

I know there was a time when people were using the phrase 'Time Out'... but I don't really understand that term. Reason being... if they're to sit... in a corner... to THINK about why they got in trouble... then they're probably gonna think of another way to get in trouble simultaneously. Now, I LOVES Harpo...LAWD KNOWS I DO... But I'll... oh... Pardon Back to the remedies. In observing my children it came to me that I needed to take some time for them and ME... because all children want to be is loved and nurtured... and to ride on the occasional nerve sometimes without getting into trouble. The below tend to help me out:

* Designated Bed Times: My Children are in bed every night by 8:30... whether they are tired or now. Not only is it less of a fight to wake them up the next morning but it gives me time to make some tea, draw up a build or read a book.

*How Was Your Day: Every day after I pick the children up we all say how each others day was... I tell them everything, who got on my nerves, who I chased down in a fit of road rage... everything. Because then they know that I have nothing to hide. In turn... it lets them know that they can talk to me as well so they don't have to look for other ways to get attention (ie. Jumping off the back of the couch) because they know I'm always there to listen.

*Book Buddies: We each take an hour each weekend to just read the books that we are enjoying at the moment and then tell each other about it (ummm, no... not the romance novels)

* Your Choice: Fridays after school or Saturdays (if I am not working) I give the seeds the option to choose to do whatever they want (within budget ofcourse). This is kind of my reward for a hectic week with ME... lol... and school

*Meditation: I can put myself in a coma just by holding a cup of green tea, closing my eyes, and the Last Samurai soundtrack playing in the back ground. I do this in the office with my door closed or early in the morning.

The above 5 things work for me... what about you? What do you do to help make time for yourself ... when the nanny is on vacation, indefinitely (hmpf lol). What activities do you do with your Children with the limited time you may have? I know there are things that you all may do that we could incorporate into our days and weeks to make everything that much more Peaceful and fulfilling. I welcome and thank you... for all of your feed back.


Q. Civilized Zag

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Righteous Refined Diets?


In our September, Oct/2008 Issue, we asked in our "Tell Us How You See It" Section, "What do you consider to be a righteous, refined diet?". I've come to realize that many so called "Conscious" or "Righteous" people have a different view on this topic. There are some who will indulge in a pineapple soda and a Little Miss Debbie cake and there are some who indulge in a glass of soymilk and some vegan chocolate cake. Who lays down these unwritten laws of whats acceptable and what isn't and are there any lines that shouldn't be crossed? I have set my own lines in place that I've decided to stay within, however, I do know that others have their own lines in place.

Tell us how you see it...

Sci-Honor Devotion