Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You Bring Me Joy...When I'm Down...

Peace Everyone -

It is snowing outside, my landlord hasn't shoveled yet, I gotta go to the city today and I don't get paid until tomorrow. I am tiiiiiiiiiiggggghhhhhhhttttttttt!!!!! lol. But nonetheless joyed to still be here and able to provide for my family, reach out to you and be involved in as many things as I am.

I am happy that my children ae healthy and that my daughter is enjoying homeschooling. I am joyed when I see that even though it's difficult my seeds are fullfilled, my bills are paid (selectively) on I rotate each month) and that when I am feeling down... my daughter will make me some Tea and her dope potato recipe and my son will bring me a picture he drew for me ( allegedly ofcourse because he dug on the bottom of his bookbag for it lol and it has a year old date on it) and give me a kiss on my cheek.

I am proud that I am learning what my limitations are... in every aspect...and refining them in the appropriate manner. I am proud that I am working two jobs but know that I won't always because there is something greater that I am working towards. I have not only knowledge 120 but I LIVE it and Understand it. That I actually have female friends who tolerate my crazy self and lend an ear and take my ear for the lending as well...

I say all this to say that even though times are hard... there are things that continue to fulfill and make me smile each day... and that gives me an extra push not to give up even when sometimes I want to.

It will not always be this way... but even though it is now... I can always see the best part.

What is it that brings you joy...that makes you smile when times are down? Is there a special moment that you think of that makes you laugh when you think of it? Sometimes it's good to build on just those things...


Q. Civilized Zag


jameelah said...


My son brings me joy when I am down. He's only one but he does some of the funniest things to make me smile and laugh. He makes me smile when I ask him for a hug and he gives me a hug and kiss, for that moment the problems disappear.

As I Cee It said...

My children bring me joy. Yes, they can drive me crazy (LOL) b.u.t they definitly bring me joy. seeing thier growth and development is whats up? My God brings me joy. Knowing that he is and that I can lean on him in my time of sadness immediatly lifts me up! Most of all I am learning that knowing me is oh so Joyful!!! Knowing and understanding who and what I am, my role in the universe, and what I am and am not willing to deal with puts me at Peace! My sisters (physical and in this Nation) bring forth joy in my day to day.....

Sincerely Ayzatik said...

My family, the God included, Learning and being creative brings me joy. The fact that I have people who love me uncondionally gives me peace and joy. They have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, and loves me no less. I also love it when I learn something new, the light bulb goes on and I'm beaming lol. I start building with everyone on the information that I learned and love to see their light buld come on too! Crocheting helps me be creative and takes my focus off of tv and all the crazy things thats going on in the world for a moment, its my meditation.




i can be anywhere and be feeling down dealing with so many bad equalities and Zooooooooom

a car goes by

and i read the license plate and bring it back to myself - thats just one example, i do that with everything