Thursday, January 22, 2009

Update on 14th Degree Happenings... Call for Submissions & Nation NEWS... Answer "Tell Us How You See It" Questions... and More

Peace Family!

Wanted to let you all know the exciting happenings with The 14th Degree & Beyond Magazine. We released our Winter 2008- 09 issue “THEN WHAT HAPPENED" and ALL OF OUR YEARLY SUBSCRIBERS will be mailed a free learning DVD for the seeds the first of February! We are already preparing for our Spring 2009 "APPRECIATE YOUR EARTH, APPRECIATE YOUR NATION” issue in honor of Women’s History Month (March), Earth Day (April 22nd) and the wonderful works done by original women world wide!

Our 14th Degree & Beyond Wisdom Blog Spot is still up and running as well, anticipating your comments, quest ions and builds!

Last week Queen Civilized Zag asked our audience to build on: "How do you see Updating 120 degrees? What effects - positive or negative- do you think it will have to the past, present and future generations of this culture?" in her blog “SHOULDN’T HAVE LEFT YOU..."

And this week Victorious Lanasia posted "TAKING IT BEYOND THE 14th DEGREE" in which she asks: "... how do you reach out to help build with your sisters beyond The 14th Degree, are you open to receiving and being able to build with other Earths on sharing experiences and resources, and finally, what is an experience or some experiences that have helped you to continue to propel yourself forward in this culture [of Supreme Mathematics lived by the Nation of Gods and Earths]?? Gods, do you see these types of relationship-building beneficial to your Original Woman? Why or why not??"

New blogs are posted every Wednesday and Sunday by a staff member of The 14th Degree. To do the knowledge to the blogs and post your comments our collaborators' website - - click the “EARTHS" tab then scroll down to the link for "14th DEGREE & BEYOND WISDOM".

And don't forget, we are always accepting advertisements, subscriptions ($20 for an electronic one, $28 for a hardcopy), contributions of articles (check our MySpace blog for a list of our sections), recipes, poems and activity sheets for the youth! And as always, we want YOUR answers to our "TELL US HOW YOU SEE IT" questions so mail them in ASAP! They are:

(1) Why do Earths wear headwraps and is it an integral part of 3/4s?

(2) Should Gods be allowed to attend Earth ciphers/classes? Why or why not?

(3) How do you do you keep your home in tune with your refinement ?

We can be reached at: or
You can also postal mail us, making any payments or donations via money order or certified check out to "The 14th Degree and Beyond, Inc." at The 14th Degree and Beyond, Inc. / P.O. Box 2134 / Teaneck, NJ 07666 - 1534.

Article, poem and recipe submissions may also be sent to the email above, as can updates about Nation of Gods & Earths happenings in your circumference to be printed in our Nation N.E.W.S. section.

Love & Peace!
Eboni Joy Asiatic & The 14th Degree Staff

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