Thursday, January 8, 2009

Shouldn'tve left You... Without a dope Blog to Step to :)


Peace!  How have you been?  Please pardon the brief hiatus due to PC Virus', vacations and just flat out forgetfulness at one point.  *sigh* but, we have regrouped and are back on track!!!  So how have y'all been??? 

I've heard rumors... of an update in our 120.  Updating statistics, distances etc...all that.  To me... it seems wrong to do so.  120 is our foundation... just that.  We know there are imperfections in it however, that is what gives us our individual understanding but all from a mutual base. 

I think to fix it grammatically or change numbers is defeating the purpose of what it is - which is a reference point to build upon.  As well, not trying to be funny - but most of the ones talking about correcting it... aren't even living right and exact themselves.  So how are they going to correct lessons when they can't even fix their PERSONAL Cipher? Hmmm

My Question is:  How do you see Updating 120 degrees?  What effects - positive or negative- do you think it will have to the past, present and future generations of this culture?


Queen Civilized


SV Allah said...

Peace Queen,

This is an excellent topic so I'm glad that you brought it up. First of all, we know that understanding is the best part. Secondly, because of the fact that the lessons were originally passed from mouth to mind in an oral tradition, naturally variances in wording and grammar were inevitable. Also, since we are spread out all over the world, the version that one will receive is the one that has traditionally been passed down through generations within that particular region which has its own way of drawing up the math within that geographic cipher. I think that if we refine the lessons then there will be alot of backlash by Gods and Earths from different family trees who feel that their 120 is right and exact the way that they received and learned it. Also, I would be curious to hear what template or master version would be used to refine the lessons, and how would that be determined. It sounds like a potentially volatile proposition all the way around to me.


I Wisdom said...

PEACE 17, Family,

Just wanted to add on as I cee it.
I too am glad that you brought this up, as I have asked such questions of some of the fam at different levels in self delelopment.
I do cee the point that it should not be updated and or touched at all. The GOD spoke in his comment "passed from mouth to mind", I agree and there are many different versions where the wording is slightly different from lesson to lesson. BUT the essence is untouched, pure and intact.
I am not building on the grammatical errors and such, I mean there are errors and flaws in some of the most revered works of our time, and it is those errors that give it its untouchable, elevated, humanesque appeal (and also gives it its monetary value). Now as far as the updates in terms of distances, timing, and such, I cee it this way..when you start to tamper with things you take it from its original state of being, then it is considered less potent, watered down and in turn the strength of it is compromised. As we grow and strengthen in living out this culture, the math teaches us that we are to keep it simple as interpretation leads to misundertanding. With that being said, we all do come from different geographical ciphers, and we all cee things differently, BUT the beauty is WE ALL SPEAK THE SAME LANGUAGE, the language of Supreme Mathematics. My journey may have been different from you who are reading this right now, BUT our foundation is the same thus showing and proving that we are all a brick on the wall of truth, thus adding on daily and showing and proving truth is power through the bricks that are added daily (newcomer, babies), to that same foundation-The Lessons in their Pure Form.
(let us step outside for a minute, we all add on to our physical degrees daily and yearly we are said to have completed another gregorian cipher, BUT our actual dates of birth, never change, in fact we use those dates as the foundation to add the bricks to every gregorian anniversary)
That is how I cee it.
On that I will say PEACE.

I Wisdom ReflectSun Earth


peace to the earth,

120 is exactly what it is, 120 degrees of knowledge. it is our duty as supreme architects to get 120 degrees of wisdom and 120 degrees of understanding, making the cipher complete. this is the science of the equation zig-zag-zig. all of the above consist of drawing the degrees up to todays day and time, and building upon what is right and exact and destroying what is not. remember these are muslim lessons. the father allah to whom all praises are due gave us supreme mathematics and alphabets for us to be able to decipher these lessons. with that being said, i disagree with revising 120 degrees. we have to take it upon our own individual selves to do draw it up. this is the beauty of 120 degrees. it promotes research.


Lord Born Justice said...

In the Name of Lord Born Justice
first Born prince Allah told me that the father Said if we need to correct any thing in our degrees we should cross it out (error) and rewrite the correction above the error then re-type the correction later, and never change the way that they are written because you change the purpose of the path to understanding, in your builds you can add on to the answer Ex: christianty is 551 year's old plus 75 years abbt 626 years at the date of this writting this way your not changing the ORIGINAL lesson your building with your own understanding BUILDERS ALWAYS BUILD REGARLESS TO WHOM OR WHAT.