Thursday, June 24, 2010


Peace All -

I know it's been a while and I hope you have all been doing well in the interim. Over the past eight months I have learned a lot. Being on the staff of the 14th Degree, starting two business, raising seeds, dealing with illnesses, moving from one place to the next among other things... has given me a great appreciation for my loved ones. I have learned a lot about what I can handle and being able to admit when I can't do something... though it's not easy (for those of us who hate to either fail or just not be able to come through in general). This will be my last post as a member of the 14th Degree Staff as I am taking a hiatus to deal with not only things I have been putting off but, things that have and will effect my abilities to really contribute the way that I want and should. I have learned a lot from all the women of the staff as well as the readers and have truly taken the best part with me.

That being said - on to my blog post :).

Even though reports say it's decreasing, why do you think there are so many interacial relationships? I think that it's been talked about over and over regarding Black men and white women but, what about Vice Versa? Does it even matter as long as you are happy and loved? I was taught you should be with a strong black man and build a strong black family in order to carry on our legacy to teach what we went through, who we really are and excel at all costs. Now this wasn't specifically SAID to me... it was just understood. Do Black women give up too easily nowaday or are black men playing too many games because of the huge woman to man ratio so they think they're a commodity? Or is it something else?

Your thoughts?


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