Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We Are Family...?

Peace Everyone. Recently I had a conversation with my favorite Aunt - the Ambassador of our family so to speak. I only really got to know her about 10 years ago but since then… we have been close as ever. She taught me who and what family was. She taught me what it was to be loved by family and to embrace everything that makes us – us, from our imperfections to our greatest strengths. And for all she has done for me... to help me grow and understand love and family – I am eternally grateful. The conversation - or jewel I should say – she just blessed me with was; to appreciating everything you have today because it may not be there tomorrow… so not to worry so much about the little things; something I have always taken heed to. But in the conversations with her and some of my other relatives I realized that it is a big step to call someone family.

In our culture we see today’s mathematics as knowledgepower/refinement all being born to equality. To know the truth, and continue to try and perfect the way you share what you know so that everyone/thing understands - to me requires a patience and love that can’t be learned. Because it’s not just about telling everyone the same thing… it’s about giving everyone the attention and explanation they need in order to truly understand what you are trying to tell them – and use it in the way they choose. (Hopefully for the betterment of themselves and others)

I say all this because of a discussion I had regarding Family vs. Friends within our culture. People are so quick to say “my sister” or “my brother”… not me. NO. There is a certain level of trust when you call someone your family that is not to be given to someone just because they may live the same way of life as you or go to the same church as you or whatever. In my opinion – if I wouldn’t trust you with my children – even when you’re standing right next to me - you aren’t family. We all have blood relatives we may not like, but we know they wouldn’t do harm to our children. Because there is a trust and knowledge of who they are (regardless to differences) to help you understand that they would look out for your seeds.

There is a saying “Every Man ain’t your Brother and every Brother ain’t a Man”. How do you see it?

What qualifies/disqualifies someone as Family? Or IS there any such qualification required.


Queen Civilized Zag

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Feed the People - Atlanta

Meet up with us at 10AM at Othello's 1170 Sylvan Road ATL 30310 and help us make sandwiches and fill the brown bags with lunch items, and/or donate any
of the following to be distributed:
sandwich fixings (bread, condiments, peanut butter, jelly, cheese slices, lunch meat - no pork or beef), bottled water, fruit (grapes, bananas, apples, oranges), clothes, blankets, diapers, sanitary napkins, toothpaste and toothbrushes, soap, new socks and underwear, wash cloths and towels.

FYI - This outing is the Nation of Gods and Earths of Allah's Garden (Atlanta) Seeds Cipher for the month of September so bring the babies y'all so they learn first hand about homelessness, depravity, inequality, humanitarianism and selflessness!


Sometimes silence is the wisest action...

Peace Asiatics,

Since it's been fairly difficult to manifest words to write for this blog specifically, I've been taking posts from my fb page and posting them here. This one got quite a few "likes" and comments yesterday, inspired by people (myself falling victim at times too) who just don't know when to shut up, when a battle isn't worth fighting (let alone being able to acknowledge when they've lost the fight), people who think they're so smart that they're totally clueless as to when they're surrounded by better knowers, people who don't abide by their own teachings, and people who want to teach but too stubborn to learn!

ignorante inteligente = smart dummies (1) folks with text book knowledge they love to share but have yet to put to practice (2) smart people who don't realize knowledge is infinite so in the grand scheme of things, regardless to how much they know, they still don't know sh!t (3) one who epitomizes "you talkin' loud but you ain't sayin' nothin'" (4) folks too smart to know that sometimes silence is the wisest action... And "ACTION is supreme!"

Eboni Joy Asiatic

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What is a "yellow seed"?

Peace Asiatics,

I posted this build/inquiry as a note on my facebook page and the comments I received brought me some clarity as to why people use the term "yellow seed". Still, I thought I'd post it here because (1) it's been far too long since any of us have posted on this forum and (2) I welcome your (our audience's) knowledge, wisdom and understanding on the subject because knowledge IS infinite and I could always learn more!

Peace to the Gods and Earths,

A discussion yesterday [August 6, 2010] on a Queen's fb page caused the question to linger in my head... What is a "yellow seed" and how is a "yellow seed" an original Black man or woman?

I ask those who knowledge 120 Lessons, having memorized and studied the 1-40, especially the wisdom cipher and understanding cipher degrees to build with me on this (anyone else is more than welcome to ask questions only)...

My understanding is that in the Black man/woman's body there exists a black germ and a brown germ. Through Yacub's grafting process (figuratively - my 3) - or genetic selection and/or mutation (literally - also my 3) - the black germ was destroyed leaving only a brown germ (which is original). The 30:40 sates that Yacub with his law on birth control separated the black germ from the brown germ and grafted that brown germ into white after following this process for 600 years. The Revelation of Allah builds more detailed on the process stating that it took 200 years to destroy the black germ, leaving only the original brown germ, another 200 years to graft the brown into yellow, and another 200 years to graft the yellow into white. Am I stating this correctly?

If so, there would be no more black and brown germ left by time we get to the yellow and white germs, and therefore yellow and white germs would be grafted, not original. IF this is correct, and PLEASE correct me if I'm not (that is why I'm posting this and tagging most of you, for clarity) then so-called Latinos should not be referred to, nor referring to themselves, as "yellow seeds" because that would imply that they have been grafted from original because the black and brown germ no longer exists once "yacub" made yellow.

The Student Enrollment says "Indians" are "original people too". But who are the Indians that T.H.E.M. was referring to? We know that Columbus THOUGHT he sailed to India and so the Indigenous people who cultivated North and South America were not truly Indian. Are they the descendants of those exiled from India or exiled from "Africa"?

We know that Asiatics (Afrikans) vary in complexion, hair texture and body type - Black borns all, so Asiatics (Afrikans) with light complexions and straight or wavy hair have always existed. Being light skinned, and having straight hair does NOT mean that one has been grafted from original. Genealogy determines this.

The original people of the Americas (from the Olmecs, to the Mayans, to the Incans and even Taino etc) are Original Black people with black and brown germs originating from the home continent. And of course, we know that "Africans" were brought to the so-called Americas and Caribbean after 1555 as slaves to European colonizers from Portugal, Britain, France, Denmark and Spain (am I leaving anyone out? smile).

And so, when we look at our brothers and sisters with nationality from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Columbia, Peru, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Brazil, etc etc (without even hinting on groups like the Indigenous of Hawaii, Samoans, Maori, so-called Aborigine, East Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Philipino, etc etc) we are seeing only two groups of people: (1) those who are original Black men and women whose ethnicity spawns from the Asiatics' pre-colonial period in America (aka Indigenous aka American Indian), whose ethnicity spawns from the "African" slaves, or whose ethnicity is a mix of "Indigenous" and/or "African" and/or European. Regardless of the purity of ethnicity, or the mix in ethnicity, as long as they have "Indigenous" and/or "African" ethnicity their DNA holds a black and/or brown germ and THAT makes them original. (2) The other group of people residing in these countries today are the descendants of the white European colonizer - they do not have a Black nor brown germ because those genes have been grafted from original, therefore THEY are not original.

We cannot forget that Europeans colonized these lands and because 85% of our people (WORLDWIDE) do not have knowledge of self, they may not understand their ethnic heritage; what makes them an original black man or woman, and what makes others - from these very same places - merely a white man or woman. We do NOT want to deny our truly original brothers and sisters their knowledge as God and Earth - so in knowledging ourselves as Asiatic we understand how we are connected to ALL original people worldwide regardless of their hair texture, complexion or the folds of their eyelids.

I wanted to build on this for clarity on the term "yellow seed", but also because I was told that specifically Earths who are "African American" (that is the term the Queen used) are not accepting of so-called "yellow seeds"/Latinos coming amongst the cipher; she said that Earths in her local area are "not welcoming" and give off "negative energy". So, as a retort to my having asked her in April 2009 to write a build for the 14th Degree about how so-called Latinos are indeed original people too (a build I never received), the Queen stated that we all lack an understanding of this history (which is very true) and expressed her desire for an "African American God or Earth" to write about how so-called Latino Gods and Earths are original people too. So, here is that build! ;) Please add on if qualified, and I add "if qualified" because...

... the Queen (whose fb page sparked my thought on what is a "yellow seed") revealed to me by phone that she did not knowledge 120 Lessons - said she was in the 1-36 - but still thought she was qualified to build on Yacub's grafting process because she read, and I quote, "chapter 5 of Message to the Black man in America...".

So now I want to ask, what are our Nation - how to put it - traditions, rules/regulations, laws etc in regards to building on degrees that we have not yet knowledged? I knowledged 120 Lessons in Nov/Dec 1999 and thru my studies was taught not to speak on that which I don't know, which meant to speak only on degrees that I had knowledged and at least a basic understanding of. Some people apparently believe they "understand" because they've read a little on a subject (or perhaps that being articulate and having a degree from a leading University qualifies them to build on ANY subject) - but doing the knowledge first, then practically applying it is the only true way to understanding.

Eboni Joy Asiatic

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Peace All -

I know it's been a while and I hope you have all been doing well in the interim. Over the past eight months I have learned a lot. Being on the staff of the 14th Degree, starting two business, raising seeds, dealing with illnesses, moving from one place to the next among other things... has given me a great appreciation for my loved ones. I have learned a lot about what I can handle and being able to admit when I can't do something... though it's not easy (for those of us who hate to either fail or just not be able to come through in general). This will be my last post as a member of the 14th Degree Staff as I am taking a hiatus to deal with not only things I have been putting off but, things that have and will effect my abilities to really contribute the way that I want and should. I have learned a lot from all the women of the staff as well as the readers and have truly taken the best part with me.

That being said - on to my blog post :).

Even though reports say it's decreasing, why do you think there are so many interacial relationships? I think that it's been talked about over and over regarding Black men and white women but, what about Vice Versa? Does it even matter as long as you are happy and loved? I was taught you should be with a strong black man and build a strong black family in order to carry on our legacy to teach what we went through, who we really are and excel at all costs. Now this wasn't specifically SAID to me... it was just understood. Do Black women give up too easily nowaday or are black men playing too many games because of the huge woman to man ratio so they think they're a commodity? Or is it something else?

Your thoughts?


Queen Civilized Zag Earth

Monday, May 31, 2010

We need you to TELL US HOW YOU SEE IT!


In every issue of our magazine we pose a series of "Tell Us How You See It" questions to our readers. In our Spring 2010 issue we asked our readers to answer the questions below. Unfortunately we didn't get many replies, which means we won't have any answers to publish in our Summer 2010 Show& Prove issue of the magazine. So if you're up to it, and would like to share your valuable insight with our readers and the thousands of people who attend Show & Prove in Harlem, NY every year (he 2nd Sunday of June at Harriet Tubman School), then please answer the following:

1. How has having knowledge of self most benefited you?

2. What responsibilities do you think the Earths in the Nation should have to the Nation and the community as a whole?

3. Let’s help our daughters become great women! What strong characteristic of yours do you want
your daughter(s) to acquire? What characteristics of yours could be detrimental to her? How can you be
sure that she gets the best of you?

4. Do you utilize the Nation of Gods and Earths yearly Health Calendar? Why or why not? If so, how do you incorporate this into your personal ciphers?

We go to print Saturday June 6 so asap we need you to TELL US HOW YOU SEE IT! by posting your answers as a comment or emailing them to the14thdegreeandbeyond@com

Friday, May 28, 2010

14th Degree Subscriptions, Submissions & Ads for Show & Prove 2010 Issue

Peace Gods & Earths,

The 14th Degree and Beyond is accepting submissions and ads for our supersized Show & Prove issue.

Deadline for submissions is June 1st.

We accept recipes, poetry, children activity sheets, and articles.

Ad space is half price for this issue, and will reach a wider market with thousands traveling into Mecca to attend:
$10 business card size ad
$20 quarter page size ad
$40 half page size ad

Please send edited submissions and ad graphics to - any payments can be made to this email address via

Those whose full article is published receive a complimentary electronic issue.