Monday, March 30, 2009

Celebrating Ciphers of Strength


Well, as many of you know, we are back from the beautiful Peaceful Queens Retreat where we Celebrated our Ciphers of Strength. I must say that I not only enjoyed being around so many sisters, but I also learned a lot from them. I learned not to be so overpowering that you make those learning from you fold. I learned that I need to give a little more attention to things that may not necessarily mean much to me but may mean a lot to others. I learned again what I already know which is that I need to strive to reach out to sisters that I may not come into contact with very often. I also learned that there are so many talented and creative Earths in this nation even when they are not striving to be. It just is. There were so many jewels being dropped without intention just by being together and being.

Some of you were there with me and many were not. I have to honor the power of the female and all of the knowledge and wisdom that she has to offer. So I ask you know, What have you learned from being amongst groups of women, whether they be you’re a-alikes or not?

To top it all of, we returned to the parliament to the Gods who also celebrated our strength as Earths. They did poetry, gave speeches, gave us flowers and gifts, cooked and even sang to us while we walked down the aisle.

How do you celebrate your Cipher of Strength?

Sci-Honor Devotion

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Holiday Celebrations?


With Spring’s arrival, and some of the Gods and Earths recognizing this time as the New Year, I was wondering what holidays do you recognize either traditionally in our nation, culturally due to your heritage or other holidays on the Gregorain Calendar. I have heard of some Gods and Erths who celebrate religious holidays, seasonal holidays, independence days, and more. I'm curious to know what do you do to celebrate or recognize the holidays that you do acknowledge and why do you feel it is important to do so?

Sci-Honor Devotion

Sunday, March 22, 2009

World Water Week - March 22-28, 2009

Peace Asiatics!

Today is the start of World Water Week which lasts from March 22nd until March 28th. And this - March 22nd - is World Water Day, as declared by the United Nations General Assembly in 1992.

It's hard to believe that one of our primary life givers - WATER - can also kill in unsanitary conditions. Did you know that water-born illness is the second biggest killer of children under 5 years of age throughout the world? There are nearly one BILLION people in the world without access to safe drinking water, causing more than 4,200 children die daily due to water-related diseases. Of course, the gravest problem with unsafe drinking water is the mortality rate - but also consider that when people are faced with reoccurring illnesses due to drinking contaminated water that spreads diseases like cholera, they are also unable to work, go to school, and practice hygienic care in other ways (like simply washing ones hands).

World Water Week is a time to promote public awareness of the world water crisis, and encourage water conservation, improving people's access to clean water, and the development of clean water resources in places where there are none.

In 2007, a program called The Tap Project was established in order to help UNICEF provide clean water to children around the world. This bean as a grassroots project out of New York, and in just two years has developed into an internationally recognized program operating in all states in the U.S. A mere $1 investment in The Tap Project provides clean drinking water to one child for 40 days; this $1, in so-called third world countries, is equal to a $3 to $34 dollar return.

Please visit to learn how you can get involved in relieving the world water crisis and acknowledge World Water Week by providing clean drinking water to an endangered child.

Eboni Joy Asiatic

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Cleaning... the Master Cleanse Way

Peace Asiatics!

I’m on a Master Cleanse fast right now, for the cause of cleansing my mind and body as we enter this New Year. Oh! New Year was January 1st… says who??? Ahhh… those Gregorian devils do! Don’t be fooled!!! New Year is indicative of new life; new life springs forth on our planet in March, in spring. So with this new life comes masses amounts of pollen blowing thru the air for the sake of pollination – when pollen (male reproductive organ in plants) mates with pistils (the female reproductive organ in plants) to make a little flower child (literally). Unfortunately pollen is a major cause of allergies, hay fever and even aggravates asthma suffers. Knowing that we ARE INDEED what we eat, much of that causes problems in our respiratory system – sometimes problems we don’t even notice like swollen sinuses, mucus build-up, sneezing and runny noses… allergy symptoms. So, it’s best to clear these symptoms up that are caused by adverse reactions to our foods – often overly processed, dairy filled, or even man-made concoctions – like the vegetarian’s favorite meat substitute tofu or TVP (texturized vegetable protein). Yeah, I know you were TOLD vegetarianism was the healthier way to live, but only if you’re a vegetarian eating to live rather than living to eat!

Everything from carbonated beverages, to high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, poisoned animals, tobacco smoke to polluted air all serve to poison our bodies – from our lungs to our colons to our blood stream. And so we must find ways to expel these harmful substances. By cleansing our bodies through fasting and meditation we begin to heal the ills that cause our minds and bodies to malfunction.

So, in order to return to my centeredness, in other words – get back on my health square of truth – I’m undertaking this 10-day “Master Cleanse” fast from food and beverages; adhering to a strict “lemonade diet” made of:

· Organic lemon juice
· Genuine maple syrup – preferably Grade B (freshly extracted sugar cane can be used in place of maple syrup)
· Cayenne pepper
· Water – I prefer distilled because the natural minerals in water are best preserved through this method of purification

Since this is a cleanser and not just a fast, something must also be taken to ensure elimination of waste and clear the intestinal tract. The “Master Cleanse” recommends a “saltwater flush” first thing in the morning before consuming anything. This consists of:

· 1 quart of luke-warm water
· 2 teaspoons of uniodized sea salt

You would drink the entire quart in one sitting, lay on the right side of your body for ½ an hour (this enables the saltwater to enter your colon and expedite the elimination), and you will experience a bowel movement typically within one hour. According to Mr. Burroughs, this cleans the colon tract like scrubbing a tub, and is often referred to as an “internal saltwater bath”, and has no harmful effects like some enemas, nor is it invasive like a colonic.

HOWEVER, I do not do the saltwater flush! The first time I tried it, it worked like a charm. The second time, I vomited up that saltwater within minutes of drinking it. Since throwing-up is my LEAST favorite pastime (no possibility of bulimia over here) I decided to drink an herbal laxative tea to do the elimination job instead. My herbal tea of choice – Nuevo’s Regular Strength Dieters’ Nature Slim Tea. The more food you have in your system, the longer it takes to kick-in (up to 6 hours), however, once you’re on your 3rd or 4th day of the fast it works within an hour, two at the most. Never fear, you will experience intestinal cramping, but this is just your body pushing out the waste (much like contractions are your body’s natural way of pushing out a baby during labor).

Now, people are often concerned about how they will receive all of their vitamins and minerals while on a Master Cleanse fast. So I have made a list of the benefits of each ingredient used to create this “lemonade diet”:

Of course, this (along with oxygen and sunlight) is the key to life; it keeps us hydrated, breathing, and the blood pumping through our veins. Nothing could be more basic and absolutely necessary.

Lemon Juice
It balances PH, changing an acidic environment to alkaline. An acidic PH in women is often associated with yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis; and in men and women it hinders digestion – thus, lemon juice serves to aid digestion by increasing digestive proteins that break down food in the intestines, helping our bowels to move regularly.
It has fruit calcium and strengthens teeth, bones and the central nervous system; however, when on the lemonade diet your mouth should be rinsed frequently because lemon juice also eats away at tooth enamel.
On an empty stomach lemon juice eliminates water retention.
It is also an antiseptic, killing some bacteria, and a natural expectorant, helping to expel phlegm (that’s why grandma always added it to her tea).

Maple Syrup
This is a natural, unrefined sweetener coming directly from tree sap – no artificial anything.
It has the minerals manganese and zinc in it as well. Manganese is a factor in energy productivity, and zinc is an antioxidant. Both manganese and zinc support healthy immune function.

Cayenne Pepper
This increases blood purification and circulation.
Like lemon juice, cayenne pepper is also a natural expectorant because it breaks-up, or thins, the mucus built up in your respiratory system.
It is a natural carrier of vitamins A, C, B Complex, Calcium and Potassium.
It aids digestion and re-builds stomach tissue – working against intestinal parasites and helping to heal stomach ulcers.
It also relieves tension from heart attacks.

So, as you see, no worries – your vitamin intake is not diminished with the Master Cleanse, but your waste build-up, excessive mucus and allergy symptoms will be!

So, happy spring cleaning in ALL aspects of your life!

Eboni Joy Asiatic

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Woman's Worth

Peace. For a second, let's take "Earth" or "Queen" out of the makeup of who we are and just look at our basic - the woman. We, as women, are very complicated beings. As resiliant as we are in so many aspects, sometimes we can reduce ourselves to the lowest just based on how we are treated or spoken to by others in our lives. It is important that we do not allow others to dictate our self-worth and reduce our self-esteem to nothing. Instead we should surround ourselves with those who uplift, empower, and embrace who we are as women. Our self-worth can either be a cancer or an abundance of blessing in our lives and those that surround us, depending upon which way we chose.

Whether you realize it or not, others make determinations of our self-worth. When they see your man talk to you like with disrespect, your self-worth is calculated. When they hear the confidence in your voice when you give that marketing presentation at work, your self-worth is calculated.

What are the characteristics of self-worth?

HUMILITY – There is an understanding and realization that you are no better or worse than anyone else – and you behave in that fashion. Self knowledge brings on humility.

DIRECTION– It comes from getting to know who and what you are (identity). Knowing your strengths and weaknesses, positives and negatives, likes and dislikes (and why), an awareness of those activities giving you the greatest pleasures without looking for rewards (passions), and a knowledge of what your emotions say about you, giving you control over self (personal power).

LIVE IN THE MOMENT – This allows you to increase your scope of observation in everything, including human behavior (a major ingredient in recognizing truth and predicting events). Living in the moment leads one to the truth of one’s personal experience. Ideologists, bigots and racists lack the awareness to see people of all races, religions, nationalities, etc. are individual and don’t fit one type.

WILLING TO HELP OTHERS HELP THEMSELVES – There is a sense of community with one’s fellow man/woman. That you are your sister's keeper, and to help another is to help yourself.

1. Let go of your self-doubts by not ignoring them. Self doubts such as “I am not sure I can make this work" or “am I good enough?" can overpower you if you give in to them. Know what your self doubts are. Do the best you can to accept them without identifying yourself with their charged feelings. For these feelings are really not you. When you feel comfortable enough with the feelings, release them.

2. Remind yourself of your unique greatness. Most of us have made a habit of focusing our attention on our self doubts, that we end up losing sight of our greatness. Remind yourself often about how far you have come in your life. Think of all you have achieved up to now. Don't compare yourself to others. For you cannot be everything to everybody. Therein lies your unique greatness.

3. Invite people you know to tell you what attracts them to you. One of the things that can lower your self worth is not knowing how people feel about you. I have found that people who encourage other people for their feedback exude an indestructible sense of self worth.

What are some ways that you determine or measure your self worth?

Victorious Lanasia Earth

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Appreciate your Earth, Appreciate your Nation

Peace and Blessings!! If you didn't know it... March is Earth Appreciation Month. What does this really mean? Why do we celebrate and appreciate our Earth (Original Woman with knowledge of herself) this month? In fact, we know that all that above is caused by the Sun of Man, our foundation, who we know as Allah. It is his light, knowledge, love, and respect that keeps us movitated, challenged, and constatly rotating to help keep our Nation (Man, Sister, and Children) well taken care of, fed, educated, clean, healthy, and growing righteously. However, it is beautiful that we a time in which we can reflect on the appreciation others have for us; to know that what we do 365 days and nights a year, does not go unnoticed.


The statement above is one I have encircled on one of my logos as a reminder that appreciation is cyclical. As we are appreciated, we can openly appreciate others.

Last week, I asked the God, Lord Born Justice, if he knew the history of Earth Appreciation and he inquired to Queen Cipher, who gave a very enlightening response:


So, I would like to know -

What do you appreciate most about the Earth(s) in your cipher?
What do you appreciate about living your culture as Earth?


Monday, March 9, 2009

He Said Wha..???

Peace All -

You know what is so crazy?  I am one of the most forgetful people of late... I don't smoke weed and I'm not knocked up so there's really no excuse other then... perhaps I have TOO many things on my mind or perhaps (which is my theory ) with every child I lost 25% of my memory . LOL.

What is interesting is that... if I get in a disagreement or need to prove a point... I can remember everything down to the socks you were wearing and the background scenery. lol.  Maybe this is selective memory... I don't know.  But at this point - my black berry is pretty much the only thing keeping me on schedule and even then Eboni and Lanasia have to text me and remind me of my blog dates :) (Thanks Queens). lol 

So Are there any suggestions on how to increase memory?  Any raw food or juicing techniques?  Some sort of Foot on the Temples Yoga pose I can do?

I think this would benefit a lot more people then me:)


Queen Civilized Zag-tastical

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Highest Expression of Love - is to Accept Without Exceptions

"The Highest Expression is to Give without expecting... I have so much to learn... I have so much to learn... I want to love... with an open Heart..."- India.Arie

Scary isn't it... the thought... of just letting someone in one more time.  The fear that the expectations that you may have will not be lived up to and that maybe... you won't live up to theirs.  The thought that maybe your aren't putting your standards high enough and maybe that maybe theirs are set too high.  

That everything you never thought would happen will and everything you never thought would... did.  That you could be in love with everything that makes you... and it be broken.  We live in that fear at times.  I don't care whom it is... because I have had all of the above and then some in my life.  But - I am not BROKEN.

That is an important statement... we remain UNBROKEN.  because we can't let and emotion or and unsuccessful situation break us.  We have to learn from it - even if it's a hard lesson.  We have to grow from it - even when we feel dried up. And we must move on - even though our roots are planted so deep.  I am an ear for a lot of people.  Which humbles me... but at times I do not have all the answers and at times... even the advice I give - I don't take myself. lol.  Have you found that?  

You can dish it but you won't eat it yourself? lol. We must Save Ourselves before we Save others... because if you can't make yourself will you ever truly be happy?  It took me some time to come to a Peace within myself... to 1,2 and 3 myself.. but once I did - I only got what I allowed myself to receive.  Not what I fell victim to.

I just had these thoughts on my mind.  Sometimes I know my blogs aren't very scientific or don't always spark responses but - that's why these are blogs... it is what is in us... at this times... during our electronic scribe time slot. :)

Peace be with you...

Queen Civilized Zag

Monday, March 2, 2009

Parenting - How is this thing done right?


There are so many different types of homes that we have grown up in, such as single parent, blended families/Brady Bunch style, Cosby Show style, Divorced, Raised by grandparents or other family members, Adopted, and so many more. I have been a parent for almost 10 years and have been told that I am doing a great job. Although, I do not doubt that I am, I want to do my best. So, I am curious to know what are some things that your parents taught/instilled/or did for you that you feel is important for every parent and/or what are some things that you were allowed to do/taught/or got away with that you feel was not a good idea on their part. As an adult now, what do you feel your parents should have taught you to prepare you for the “Real World” and didn’t? Lastly, Do you have any advice to share with other parents who want to make sure their children are getting everything they need to be successful people in society? This parenting thing can be really complicated sometimes. I’m sure we could all use some wise words. I know I could.

Sci-Honor Devotion