Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Borns Getting Knowledge


For those who are more seasoned members in the nation, How do you find students?, What do you feel are important fundamentals for “New Borns” to know prior to and when they begin their studies? How do you present it to them? Do you have your own “curriculum” that you use as a guide including certain books, reports, research projects, etc.? When do you present “The Lessons”? What do you require of your students? How many students do you feel it is realistic to have at one time? Do you think you will or have you met the goal of 9 that we were taught to teach?

For “New Borns“, What attracted you to the nation and these teachings? Were you skeptical initially? What made you stick around? Were you required to do anything as per your educator/enlightener when starting your studies? Did you feel like you were ready for “The Lessons” when you received them? Do you feel like you are missing something that could help you along the way?

Please feel free to add on and elaborate if necessary.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Keepin' it simple... How do you see today's Supreme Mathematics?

Peace Asiatics,

I'm always writing some long, drawn out build asking "what are YOU doing"... but this time around I'm conserving my energy and keeping it simple.

What is today's Supreme Mathematics?

How are you applying it (the wisdom)?

What is your understanding of it?

My 3... today's Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom Wisdom all being born to Culture or Freedom. It is the physical degree day of Allah, the Father of the Nation of Gods and Earths, and one day after the assassination of El Hajj Malik Shabazz (Malcolm X). I mention them both because the legacy of both of these men has guided my life probably more than any other historical figures - Malcolm X, upon reading his autobiography at the age of 14; and Allah upon reading the Supreme Mathematics at the age of 20.

Today I'm going to an event I helped plan called "From Detroit Red to El Hajj Malik Shabazz", a commemoration of Brother Shabazz's assasination and a tutorial, per se, on how to continue his legacy thru practical means (I'll be vending vegan/raw dishes with the Earth ReMekqa Ce'ani thru our biz "7th Jewel Catering"). Now, the event is honoring Malcolm X, however it is a fundraiser for the Black August Organizing Committee/Happily Natural Day Atlanta Festival (August 14-16, 2009)- which combines both revolutionary ideals and tactics with cultural appreciation. These are both practicalities - revolution and culture - that encompass who I am as a person - revolution because it means to me "change for the better" and culture because it means "way of life". And the teachigs of Allah have taught me that there is no end to personal growth and development, and no limit on refinement... and so I should put forth my energy toward works that will help better my character, my situation, and also better the lives of those I interact with (or who have an effect on my way of life). All of this serves to better my way of life. And because the BAOC/HND Atlanta Festival serves to teach, train, broaden and strengthen original people at a mass level, then my purpose to change my (and my people's) way of life for the better will be served by participating in the event I will be attending today; and will also serve to honor and continue the legacy of two of my/our most cherished ancestors.

And that's how I see today's Supreme Mathematics.

Eboni Joy Asiatic

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Are you your brothers' keeper?

Peace Fam,

This weekend I traveled to Los Angeles - righteously named by the Gods and Earths "Love Allah" - for the first time. I went on a mission... to support my God and his organization FTP Movement - as he was hosting a fundraiser for the organization and also spoke at a fundraiser for our illustrious scholar and elder Dr. Ben. Being that I went to support the God, a lot of my movements had to be on his (or rather his hosts') time. Knowing this ahead of time I let the Gods and Earths know where I'd be and when during most of the weekend.

The Earth Mecca Islam opened her rest for us to stay at (all praises due), and two of the Gods came out to link up with me at the FTP fundraiser, which was a live show with performers ranging from a live band headed by a sax man, it featured Precise Science (and if u don't know 'em... get to...cause they're off the chain), had some amazing spoken word artists, guitarists, singers and the like. I say this, because, although I'm happy that a couple folks came out... a lot of what we were doing for the weekend focused on putting in work to save our people from a mental death and physical bondage - from raising gold for Dr. Ben's medical care and daily needs, to raising gold to assist FTP's "Feed the People" program and erect some new ones in the LA area, to actually going out on Skid Row among thousands of homeless people and passing out hundreds upon hundreds of brown bag lunches, water and even clothes.

At the Dr. Ben fundraiser out of about 30 adults present, less than half were from LA, the vast majority traveled from Oakland and folks even flew in from Indianapolis and drove from San Diego to attend.

One thing I learned this weekend is that there are a lot of us in the so-called conscious aka knowledge of self having community who will come out for a party, will come out even for some good God degree, but we do not come out to put forth the labor it takes to save our people from systematic oppression! This means to me that our priorities are seriously out of sync!

So, the Nation of Gods and Earths teaches that "the Black man is God and the Black woman is the Earth"... GREAT... we teach that we can save ourselves from triple darkness (deaf, dumb and blindness) with Supreme Mathematics... GREAT... so HOW DO WE GO ABOUT APPLYING WHAT WE KNOW IN A TANGIBLE MANNER? HOW DO WE MANIFEST PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS TO THE SOCIAL CONDITIONS THAT ARE DESTROYING OUR PEOPLE?


I know that this sounds like a reiteration of blogs I've posted in the past, I suppose that's because I find it to be really condescending that we (gods and earths) call ourselves "the 5 percent who know who the true and living God is and teach..." yet I rarely see the Gods and Earths among the community getting our hands dirty to pull up our people out of the dirt. Teach is easy, all you have to do is talk good (have swift wisdom) and look good (carry yourself like royalty). But how many of us teach thru action, thru the works that we do and let those works speak for themselves?

I helped start a Seeds Cipher Activity out here in Allah's Garden (Atlanta) where we take the youth on field trips once a month and have a 1-week summer camp, initiated a day that we all went out to feed the homeless, just did a winter clothing drive, I cook healthy vegan food for events put on by various organizations (only way to reach the people is to branch outside the box of the NGE) and in turn folks from those organizations have supported our (the Gods/Earths) efforts, work on spreading awareness about political prisoners, etc etc. Only to be silenced when I referred to two Black women out of their name when they did not keep their word and take on the responsibilities they volunteered for in working with the seeds (and their lack of participation and failure to make word bond led to the near drowning of one of our youth). And so, because I was silenced for 90 days among the Gods/Earths in Atlanta, in order to continue my community efforts (cause I sure wasn't gonna sit up waiting for no mystery to bring relief to my solitude) I had to make a concerted effort to build with brothas and sistas from various cultures and religions. This pleases me though, because I've accomplished more... and more importantly - LEARNED MORE... in my 3 months away from the Nation (here in Atlanta) than I did in my 2 1/2 years of being in Allah's Garden... so the silencing was a blessing in disguise because it let me know (1) who is my sister/brother unconditionally (not just in fair weather), (2) gave me even more community resources to work with, (3) fewer responsibilities to the nation (cooking for rallies, organizing earth ciphers) gave me more time to do community fundraisers, clothing drives, mentor at-risk youth (not just nation babies), travel to get training from elders, etc, (4) showed me what a true revolutionary (fighter for change to better the circumstances of our people) really is... and the list goes on.

And don't get it twisted... by saying what I've learned and experienced since being on my self-imposed exiling from NGE rallies/classes here in Allah's Garden, does not negate all that I've learned and experienced in my 12 years and counting in the Nation thus far. When I learned that the duty of a civilized person was to teach the sciences of life, I took that phrase seriously and started studying the sciences of life for myself so that I'd be able to share what I'd learned. My experiences in and works done among the Gods and Earths have prepared me to branch out into the community and armed me with the intelligence and know how to see what needs to be done to save our people and empowered me to just do it. Just as my mother's rearing and father's influence as a child prepared me to come into the realization of my responsibilities as an Earth and know an understand who the true and living God is.

I'm revealing a lot in this blog... more than I ever anticipated saying in public... I know folks will use some of what I say as ammunition against me (I got a lotta well-earned haters out there... LOL... but like my momma said, "if people aren't talking about you then you must not be doing shit!")... but if this blog helps just one person grasp the necessity for community building among ALL original people (not just sit up at rallies among those who speak the same language - talkin'/so-called buildin', cookin' and lookin' cute, while taking care of only those seeds we physical birthed), helps one person come to the realization that our duty goes BEYOND teaching and STARTS with learning, and encourages that person to get involved in (or start) programs with practical solutions, then all that I've written is worth the hell that may come my way.

In the great scheme of things I feel like I don't do shit... I feel like I am not accomplishing much because there is so overwhelmingly much that needs to be done to even BEGIN to heal original people's ills (in this country and around the globe). At the same time, I know that I've achieved mental freedom - and am still growing in it - and, like with Harriet Tubman, my own freedom is not sufficient. Like with Allah (the Father) the acquiring of my own degree of knowledge of self is not sufficient. FREEDOM, JUSTICE and EQUALITY FOR ALL IS THE ULTIMATE GOAL!

So I ask, are you satisfied with what the Gods and Earths do to bring relief to the aid of our people? If so, what would those things be? If not, what are you doing on your end... outside of your household... outside of your nation... outside of your comfort zone(your works may inspire another)? How are you putting your skills to use? And as an educator, what practical skills are you teaching your student (not just that they ARE God, but how to BE God and thus your brothers' keeper)?

Straight up... I'm channeling the energy of our ancestor Harriet Tubman right now, "her own freedom was not enough... so we all stick together, nobody turns back" and gain freedom for all!

Eboni Joy Asiatic

Monday, February 16, 2009

Economic Cohabitation

Peace. I have always been torn about the issue of sharing finances with your significant other. Whether you are legally married or not, living together or not, it has always baffled me why finances continue to be the number one reason for divorce, or discourse in relationships. I was listening to a radio show a few weeks ago, and the guest financial advisor said something very interesting. She said that when you are sharing your home with your mate, it is no longer YOUR money or HIS money, but THE money. She went on to say that it should not be used as a tool for either to control the other in the relationship, but merely as a means to pay bills and sustain the family.

It seems more difficult to say than to put into action. It takes maturity, unconditional love, devotion, communication, and most of all, TRUST, to place your economic well-being into the hands of another person, especially if you are used to holding it down by yourself, or if you have never had to worry about bills, mortgage, daycare, and other household expenses.

Before you decide to make your household a unified front and share your economics, regardless of who is working, who makes more, etc. there are some questions that you should really sit down and build on together so that you can best decide what method of economic cohabitation would work for your household:
  • Will you share one bank account or have seperate accounts? Will you just open a joint account strictly to pay bills from? How will you agree on what can be withdrawn from any joint account?
  • How will we financially contribute to our household finance? Will we each put in the same amount of money, or a percentage of our pay? If only one person is working, how will the other person contribute to help cut back on finances? (providing childcare, etc)
  • How will bills be paid each month?? (split them all 50/50, one person pays rent/mortgage and the other pays the other bills, or...?)
  • What will be our limits on non-household expenses such as entertainment, travel, clothing purchases, etc.?
These are just a few questions that can help in opening the lines of communication between you both. And this would always go for ANYONE who choose to reside together, not just if you are in a relationship, but friends, family as well. Many times, the lack of communication and clear planning is why we break up with our mates, end friendships, and end up with estranged family members.

So, when it comes to "taking care of home...," what are your ideas of peacefully being able to have successful economic cohabitation with your significant other, friend, roommate, or family member?

Queen Victorious Lanasia Earth

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Face Value vs. Intuitive Deduction

Peace. Even after the years of being a part of this Nation, I am always finding myself looking at lessons and people differently based on the experiences I encounters. In today's degree of the 1-14, this answer, in part, is "Word is Bond and Bond is LIFE, and I SHALL give my life before my word shall fail." I know that some degrees read "WILL give" as opposed to "SHALL give." For the sake of today's blog, I will go with what my degree reads which is "SHALL give." When I build on and embrace this degree, I interpret it to mean that in everything I do, say, and act upon shall always be in the best intentions of who I say I am as Earth. I do not think its realistic to say that every single thing we always do IS right and exact, because its not. However, I do think its realistic to say that every single thing we always do as a righteous person should have the intention of being right and exact. When it does not, especially on a continuous basis, at what point do we tend to lose respect for that person for being Earth or God, or whatever righteous being they claim to be. This is where face value vs. intuitive deduction comes in.

Face Value is to basically accept what you read, see, and hear and being truth without any reference, reasoning, fact-check, or consistent truth behind the information gathered. I think far too many times, we accept things on face value, without any cause or fact.

Intuitive Deduction is basically when you conclue something to be fact or accepted as knowledge by the experience or history or said information. So, if someone tells you that Queen X is only a part-time Earth and you just accept it, thats face value. However, if over the years months and days, you only see that person at a parliament once in a while, but run into her at McDonalds sucking down a sausage and cheese buiscut with her perm and red lipstick every Saturday, than you may conclude that to be fact based on intuitive deduction.

Personally, I have never met Father Allah, however I have seen pictures, heard testimony, heard builds on CD, to conclude for myself that he indeed existed. This is intuitive deduction.

Not everything we come across will be found in a history or reference book, but will be more based on our continous experiences and behaviors to be able to conclude for ourselves is something is indeed fact. Just as not everyone we come across who say they are God or Earth, will be that until they have shown and proven through the history of their was and actions to be indeed true to who they say they are. Or at least their intention should reflect what they know to be "Word is Bond." Peace

Victorious Lanasia Earth

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Black History Month - Keep it or Scrap it?


This being Black History Month, I was wondering how you all felt about it. I have heard mixed views on the subject. Some are in favor of it. Some are not. The actor Morgan Freeman feels that the concept of one month being dedicated to Black History is ridiculous. He says, “I don't want a black history month. Black history is American history." Then we have some who find that the West African symbol of Sankofa is manifested in Black History Month. Sankofa is a symbol which represents going into the wisdom of the past to build the future. Black History Month almost forces some of our people to revisit the experiences of Social Reformers, Athletes, Entertainers, Religious Leaders, Scientists, Public Officials, Educators, Writers, Artists and anyone else who had an impact on our current state here in North America and sometimes all over the world. The question is, should this be limited to one month only or should we just be happy that we have at least 1 month to be recognized and our children who are in schools can be taught about themselves? What is our responsibility if any as adults/mentors/parents to teach our children Our-History?

Sci-Honor Devotion

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

R U Free to Live Your Culture in Society?


Today’s Math being Culture / Freedom, I wondered how many of you are free to live your culture on the workplace, school, or around family and friends? Do you compromise your way of life to make anyone else comfortable? Maybe a partner? Do you take off your headwrap or crown when in certain places or around certain people? Do you wear your Flag daily or just when your not a work or in certain social settings? I know that especially during this “recession” , many people are afraid to “rock the boat” at work in fear of being selected to be laid off, so does that encourage you to “walk on eggshells” a little? Or Do you just not care about who, where, when, how you live your culture in society?

Sci-Honor Devotion