Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"2009 Will be Better Because..."


Every year around this time, we get inundated with commercials, co-workers, friends, and family members that all claim that "next year, I'm going to make a resolution to stop smoking/lose weight/get that divorce/homeschool/ _______ (insert yours here)____." How many times have you heard this??

The unfortunate thing about a resolution is, that it is just that - a resolution. You are claiming that in the New Year, you are going to resolve some issue that you had this year. Any of us that apply mathematics to our daily lives know that it doesn't work that way. You cannot just pick a day and say from this day forward Im going to stop/start doing xyz. For change is a process, one that really doesn't have an end, but a definite beginning.

Maybe its just me, but we each have to be responsible for our own growth and development. We cannot blame or cause anything outside of ourselves for our state of unhappiness, discourse, financial dispair, or love-deprived states.

So, my question is: How do you see the "New Years Resolution" custom ? Do you use it as a milestone for making the changes in your own lives??

Q. Victorious Lanasia

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Just Tell Em You Ain't Got It...

Peace All -

Wooh!!!! I had a long day... I didn't rest much last night and I spent the morning shopping and preparing for the Northern Now Justice Earth Cipher. It started at 2 and ended at around 6:30. In attendance was Victorious Lanasia Math .... myself Queen Civilized Zag... and...that was it. Not to say others didn't say they were coming they just didn't make it. It was productive as always and a lot of things were covered that needed to be. I look forward to the next one which will be hosted by Q. Victorious Lanasia.

My Question is: Regardless to the situation... why is it so hard for people to say they just can't do something? Whether it's make it to an event, be faithful, make a cake... whatever. What is so difficult about the truth?


Q. Civilized Zag

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tell us how you see it (for our spring 2009 issue)

Peace Family,

As you regular readers and supporters know, there are four staff members on The 14th Degree and Beyond Magazine, and we all moderate this Blog Spot, myself - Eboni Joy Asiatic, Victorious Lanasia, Civilized Zag, and SciHonor Devotion. And since there are four of us, we alternate weeks posting to the board. Civilized Zag held the reigns down last week, and this week is SciHonor's turn. However, our sister is incapacitated this week and so we decided to post one of our "TELL US HOW YOU SEE IT" questions that will be asked in our Winter 2008 issue "Then What Happened?" (due out on the 15th!!!), and your answers will be published in our Spring 2009 "Earth Appreciation" issue.

So, with that being said, how 'bout you tell us how you see...

Should Gods be allowed to attend Earth ciphers/classes? Why or why not?

Eboni Joy

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Imma Get To That In A Minute...

Peace All -

In light of my previous builds of Marriage and 85 Alive... I pose another question. Why is it so hard for Original People to get a divorce???

I have an Aunt. Married for 20 years... but separated for about 17 of them. LOL. Though she had pressed for a Divorce sooner, she really took this man to court when she wanted to get a house. As funny as it is... this I find is most common among Original People. In my current surroundings I see it most amongst the Gods. Not saying their aren't Earths in the situation but, I haven't seen that much. When a woman is ret to go... she's ret... and she's out - and the paperwork will be on your doorstep in the minimum time alloted to file that (bleep).

I know imma get some flack for this but think about it. People have their estranged spouses and then the person that they have Chosen or want to be with. Tell me what is so difficult about letting go of what is allegedly a dead planet or destroying your cipher?

Is it the money? Because I am sure we could have a separate jug at the Parliaments for a Divorce Fund.Is it the hassle of filling out the paperwork? Is it the it in 120 somewhere? A Plus Lesson Perhaps? I don't know. What I do know is that once you have Knowledge of Self... you are to Know What is Right for yourself, your cipher and the world around you. So why is it so difficult to let go and build from there? Because should something happen to you in the long run...(or short)... the recipient of all your possessions will go not to the one you have Chosen but to the one you left but never totally let go of. The decisions that are to be made should you be hospitalized will not be left to the one who's been giving you food, clothing and shelter for the past umpteen years but, to the one who is long gone and may not care about your best interest.

Just my 6 cents. Please note the original disclaimer in Eboni's 1st build that these views are not those of all the 14th Degree staff but this individual members thoughts.


Queen Civilized Zag

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

85 Alive

Peace All -

As I stood there at the Feast in Mecca this past weekend looking amongst the crowd... I noticed the same view I always see... 569 Gods and.... 8 Earths. That is not to say that these Gods do not have women... they just aren't there.

What interests me is that when you ask them they will say 'Oh, I have a Queen at home and she acknowledges me as God' or ' She doesn't want to study and I don't force her to so that' why she doesn't come around' or ' You know... she know the math though' or my favorite 'I don't have a Queen or Earth... I have a wife.'. Ahem.

Now all of the above are responses to why they aren't at the parliament or around at all so to speak. However, it is my understanding that Allah is seen and heard everywhere so... whom ever you are with is a reflection of you correct? And if that is the case... even if they aren't studying, they should have a basic understanding of who and what God is. Not just saying it to appease you but a TRUE understanding of it. I'm not saying that we are all going to be with Gods or Earth but, it should never be a situation where your other half is NEVER around, NEVER adding on... The basic definition of a Queen is One who BUILDS ALONG SIDE HER GOD. As well... even if you have a Black Woman/ Man... it is for you to bring he/her amongst your a-alikes to at least witness what you're a part of. And if he/she is unwilling to do that... then that is a serious issue.

My questions are - Why is it that Gods/Earths who have put up with 85 characteristics and savagery for years expect that when they get a God/Earth... that he/she needs to be Perfect and be the text book a-alike? Why is it so much easier for God/Earths to accept the ways of 85ers? And should we take those who DO accept those ways and actions as a true reflection of how they are when they are at home?


Q. Civilized Zag