Sunday, January 18, 2009

Taking Care of Home.. on a Shoestring Budget

Peace. I must say that I am really proud of myself! One of the things I had been dreading for the last year is how to get my teeny tiny apartment together with little to no money. Unfortunately, in this day and time, many of us are working down to the last dollar just to make our bills, childcare expenses, grocery, gas, etc. and usually have little money saved at the end of the month for savings, much less for entertaining or home improvement.

So after a couple months of saving my pennies, I finally decided it was time to try and get my place together, do so little home refining and somehow, do it with just a couple hundred dollars!!

Craigs list can be your best friend! Many times you can find really great stuff in the "free" section. People are moving across country, and just want to get rid of things. The "furniture" section also always has great items. I would never buy a mattress or anything personal like that but little knick knacks, bookshelves, storage items, etc are usually what I look for. However, I did find an ad for a clearance furniture center that was selling all kinds of furniture coming out of corporate apartments and I decided to check it out. I ended up getting a nice living room set and 3 tables for $200. I also scope out the thrift stores, craft stores, and discount home stores, for other little items and really did great with it.

How you can find great bargains to add on to your home cipher:
  • - check out the "free" and "furniture" sections to the area closest to you for some great bargains. You have to be quick, though. Many of the good quality items are gone within the day.
  • Try your local Odd-Lot or clearance center for furniture, decor, storage,and other items to help organize and keep your home. Youwoule be surprised what $20 can get you.
  • Thrift stores - I usually will frequent the thrift stores in the more affluent areas, as it seems I can find really great quality bargains.
  • - This grassroots not-for-profit organization is a great place to donate your old items and find good quality items to trade.
  • Enlist the assistance of your creative sisters!! You can find someone to help you cut and reapolster your chair or old loveseat, crochet you a nice table mat set, or help you frame your favorite pictures to hang.

Although everything is not exactly how I want it just yet, I am definitely working on it and also not afraid to look in unconventional places for bargains, and to roll my sleeves up and find creative, out-of-the-box ideas for making my house a home.

Victorious Lanaisa Math

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As I Cee It said...

Another place to find good deals are at end of season sales. The Day after Christmas you can find deals like crazy... 50% off of this, buy one get on free on that one. These are great things like, gift sets, linens, toys! so so much on clearance that it isw crazy. i stock up on gifts for thru out the year. It is great....