Sunday, January 25, 2009

"I got a serious blog for ya..."

Peace Family,

This is Eboni Joy Asiatic Earth, and I got a serious blog for ya...

Queen Civilized Zag asked in her November 5th blog - "At Home and Abroad" - "what are you doing to teach your children about building within your community? How do they see it? Are they resistant? Do they come with new ways to help?"

The only person to respond was me, building on some of the community outreach we do out here in Atlanta - Allah's Garden.

In my October 23rd blog - "Bringing Brotherhood/Sisterhood to Life..." I asked the following question:

"What schooling and/or trade have you utilized in Nation Building?" And I would add now, how do you make that knowledge useful in serving the greater community, the Black men and women who do not have knowledge of self, are "Muslims or Muslim Sons"?

And I'd like to present some questions to consider, that in watching BET's American Gangster episode on Dr. Mutulu Shakur have been reiterated in my mind and were first posed in our opening blog posted September 24th:

What is our (Original People with knowledge of self's) role in community activism and organizing?

The episode on Dr. Shakur featured several "freedom fighters," like Bilal Sunni Ali and Assata Shakur, men and women who literally risked life and limb, and their own freedom, to get money to support the institution of programs like breakfast programs for the youth, health screening clinics, to pay for an entire community's food, clothing and shelter.

As Gods and Earths, are we doing enough to "be the change", to ensure the self-sufficiency of our people, to build a sovereign nation, in teaching the youth and getting back to the basics of “it takes a village to raise a child”, in reaching and teaching AND LEARNING FROM sisters who may not look like us on the outside but have the qualifications and further potential as us when it comes to taking action, in breaching the threshold of our adopted nations, organizations or schools of thought in order to reach, teach, uplift, train, organize and move/motivate to action the people in the streets, the folks who do not have “knowledge of self”, the folks who don’t even have any concept of character, intelligence, righteousness, civility, nor community building regardless of their outward appearance???

And if we are not doing enough, what will happen from this point forth? What should we be doing to bring relief to ourselves?

Eboni Joy Asiatic

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Peace Earth

We the community control - all the babies are ours

Zig zag zee and cee wut i cee

everytime a black person in recent history has tried to make a big change they done got killed

this is years later BUT we still face the same exact challenges in varying degrees

its all how u approach - some Gods can teach one head at a time - some Gods can build with large groups - we all teachers and we have self styled wisdom - its all in your strategy

trust teaching down south is different from teaching in Now Why

Teachin in Cali is different than teachin in London

if it ever feels like too much to handle than u prolly doin too much - if u just taught one person in your lifetime than thats enuff - still us being who we are ; even the coldest of our nation have big ass hearts - we here to save ourselves

and thats just what we doing :)