Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Did YOU Receive More Gold? Breaking the Cycle of Financial Illiteracy

"Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago."

Financial Illiteracy is a plague in our community of Original People, particularly with our Original Women who many times, are the head of household, single mothers, financial providers. We do what we can with what we have and sometimes we don't make the best choices - not necessarily because we are irresponsible, but many times because we are illiterate to our options, resources, and lack the proper education and counsel needed to make sound financial decisions and build our wealth.

Last weekend I attended a NACA homebuyer workshop and it made me think about the 28-30th degrees in the 1-36:

28. Yes, a trader made an interorientation that they would receive more gold for their labor, which was more than they were earning in their own country.
29. Did they receive more gold?
30. No. The trader disappeared and there was no one left to speak their language.

Only since our new administration with Obama, have many of us begun the process of truly looking at our personal financial state, thinking of investment opportunities, or striving to clean up their credit or buy a home, or build their net worth. At this workshop, I learned that there is SO much that goes into purchasing a home and important our credit is to our general survival and well-being. I heard stories of other homeowners who are now in danger of losing their homes due to predatory loans they received when they took on more than they could afford just to have the "American Dream."

I realized that there is a financial divide of literacy between our Original People and those who are able to translate for us the needs and procedures of obtaining and protecting our wealth, assets, credit, and the future of our children's credit. Whether we like it or not, it is up to us to know every square inch of not only the planet Earth outside of our home, but inside our home as well - that includes being financial literate.

I thought of some ways to do this - be it start an investment cipher so we can, as a group, purchase property, land, stock, etc. Start a Seed Financial Foundation so that our children are protected and do not get lost in translation. WHen the trader disappears, we do not want our children to be left to swim 9,000 miles alone, we want them to have all of the tools, resources, and educational knowledge to make sound decisions regarding their own finances.

What are some ways we can break the cycle of financial illiteracy within our ciphers?

Victorious Lanasia Earth

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Face Value? Do you take it?


We have a saying in the nation that goes, "Don't take things on face value". I once heard a God say that the only thing we truly know is what we experience. Do you agree? Now, this is interesting since we can't possibly all experiment on everything to get results. At some point it seems that we do accept things on face value. Have you been to the sun? How do you know how far it is? How do we know how fast the Earth travels? Mathematics of course! When children have a question, they have an interesting way of asking, asking and asking some more until you just want to say "Because it just is!". Is that the correct response to give? I've been interested in hearing others build on face value. Do you or don't you take things on face value? And if so, at what point. If now, How come and what do you use to show and prove what you "know"? Feel free to give examples and experiences.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Broke-Ish...AND my feet hurt.


So I was building with Lanasia today about the Broke-Ocity that has settled in (temporarily) my life. lol. As a business owner and single parent it get's to be so difficult at times... you just want to break down and cry... ok... I do at times. However, As I was talking to her I said...

"It's funny how, I may not have any gas in my car... but I am walking with a Jimmy Choo bag"

"I am late on my light bill... but I got a cup of Dunkin Donuts and walkin with some Charles David Heels and matching purse"

lol. I had to put in to perspective priorities and where I am at in my life. A LOT of my shoes and Purses I got when I was a senior account manager at a Marketing firm and even some of my clothing is years old. Anything new I buy is for my children. But it helps to put on nice things as a pick me up...

My Splurges are a $2 coffee at Dunkin Donuts.... but even in these times... that seems too much. My budgeting is still better but I am still struggling. Though I know it's a process... does it have to be so long?!

I say all this to say that in the harder times... you need to do SOME things for yourself. Whether it's a manicure or coffee or even just your favorite magazine and a quiet nook to read it in.

Don't let the hard times fool you in to thinking that it's an endless road of struggle... It is a journey to your future and HOW you travel it... is up to you.


Queen Civilized Zag

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gossip - Are You Being Studied Too?


I once told a group of Earths that I am being interviewed everyday by the masses. They are observing regardless to whether we realize it or not. They have the questions, and how I present myself (wisely or not) answers their questions. The way I walk, talk, eat, dress, add on, etc. Our silent interviews are being recorded daily.

U ever do/say something just to see what “they'll”do/say?Then laugh inside when they do just what you expected?People are funny!I JUST realized I'm being studied by “them”.“They” wanna know the in’s & out’s of Sci.Who is she?What does she do?Y? Who does she have relationships with? Y?Y not? LMAO!!! If you wanna know,just ask&If you can’t ask because it’s none of your business then you shouldn't be wondering NEway.

OK, I lied, I didn’t JUST realize this. I’ve known that I am an interesting specimen for a long time now. ;-)

I dont see gossip as always being malicious. I see it as talking about things that have nothing to do w/you and will not benefit you by doing so.

In Akil's book, "Goddess Blackwoman", he said, ""Productive words" that are spoken, produce "producive thoughts" and encourage a "productive mind" in the listener of those words. By the same law, "idle words" produce "idle thoughts" and encourage an "idle" mind in the listener of those words. And "idle-mind" is the open invitation of mental-death itself".

I'm sure that we've all had some experience with some sort of gossip. How do you see Akil's quote, and what type of experiences have you had and how have they effected you?

Peace, Devotion

Friday, July 17, 2009

"Ain't Cold Enough..."

Peace -

It's been hot as (bleep) lately. With some scattered rain showers and wonderful breezes. It's been difficult for me to find a way to stay cool but these are some things I have tried.

* Cold Towels on the Face

*Rather then AC... I have my ceiling fans going and all the windows open in my house causing a nice cross breeze

*Cold Showers... and air drying... lol! I know it may be slightly unhealthy but dangit... it feels good.

* While always staying in 3/4's I have been wearing lighter skirts and putting my wraps higher.

*Juice Cubes.

*and plain old sitting still... lol

A friend of mine has a pool that I take part in occassionally but it's not always available with my schedule... any other suggestions? How do you keep cool?



Thursday, July 9, 2009

Relationships with Our Physical Family

Peace Asiatics!


Being that it’s four of us writing the 14th Degree and Beyond Wisdom Blogs it takes a month before blog-writing time circulates back to me, and when the time comes I always seem to be at a loss for words.  So I guess I’ll just write about “real-life situations”.


I’m out of town right now visiting my mother and other physicals – including one of my brothers, his wife and two children.  In fact, we have a family reunion coming up in less than two weeks.  I’m having a great time – spent a good portion of yesterday with my 2 year old niece, Niara, and 1 year old nephew, Khamari.  In a few days I’ll be having a get-together at my mother’s house with physical family, righteous family and long-time friends; and in less than two weeks will be attending a reunion with family members from across the country.  The people I’ll be spending time with during my vacation primarily all live a different culture than I, and some who live a like culture – we STILL have differing aspects to their way of life.  Aside from the belief in and knowledge of God being the primary difference between the groups of people who’ll be coming together to share in social equality with me, another difference is our dietary laws.


I’ve heard many people in the Nation speak on their physical family with disgust or disdain, or even confusion – wondering how can they not conform to my way of life, believing that they have to ostracize those who don’t live alike or see alike.  When I made my first attempt at vegetarianism when I was 11 or 12 years old (I’m 33 now) my family criticized me, saying I must have “gotten that from the white girls” I went to school with.  When I declared myself an atheist at 14 years of age most of them just plain thought I was nuts, and asked my mother “what are you going to do about this”! (lol)  But because I was always a “smart mouth” who studied independently and had a differing opinion on many subjects, with no fear in expressing it, their criticisms never affected my being rooted in my own knowledge, never caused me to doubt my own convictions and allowed me to establish my own moral code of ethics that they just didn’t choose to live (wisdom).


But it wasn’t all on me, my stance on my square, my dedication to the culture and various aspects of the way of life I’ve chosen was also founded on the acceptance and even support of these very same critical relatives who gave me strength and allowed for my consistency.  Their critiques caused me to study harder and better prep my rebuttals, and their acceptance let me know that I’d be loved regardless to how far I strayed from THEIR path in order to walk the path of my choosing.  My physicals never ostracized me because I wouldn’t go to church with them on Easter or Mother’s Day, they never bad-mouthed me to visitors when I wouldn’t pray at the table with them on Christmas and Thanksgiving, never called me a slouch when I stopped giving out Christmas presents, and one of the biggest shows of acceptance – they ate and LOVED my vegetarian alternatives to lasagna, collard greens, bar-b-qued hamburgers and dogs. 


No, none of them are vegan/vegetarians like me – but my mother will cook me a pot of collards or green beans without turkey necks in them, she’ll buy me rice milk when I come to town to stay with her, and even buy tofu without my asking and say “now how are you going to cook this?”  And WHEN I cook it, she’ll eat it too (as she ate up my vegetarian tacos last night).  My physicals’ tolerance and acceptance for my differences truly blossomed into respect when they started asking ME to bring the spinach lasagna (in replace of the old school Italian sausage lasagna Grandma used to cook), are amped for me to make vegan peach cobbler, they have a tendency to eat up all my dang veggie burgers, and their respect was most highly shown when many of them stopped eating red meat in their own good time (which was years after I started encouraging them to do so, and after I stopped pressing them with my knowledge and stats altogether… as I said, they evolved in THEIR time, at their choosing).


See, a lot of times we teach by preaching (telling people how to be when we barely be that way ourselves – or having put in the time and labor to show and prove that we’re dedicated to the way we’re claiming to be) rather than teaching by doing or just being as we are CONSISTENTLY – being comfortable and dedicated to our own evolution/elevation.  We also tend to believe that if a person’s change isn’t immediate then we’re wasting our time.  When the truth is, their change just isn’t necessarily immediately SEEN with the PHYSICAL EYES – but the thought process, trust, is churning and the cream is rising and when they’re ready they will display the changes in their ideas through their behavior.  And even if they don’t, if their way of life enables them to be a good person – isn’t that better than the far worse scenarios they could be living out?


My family just KNEW it was a fad when I became a vegetarian, but 17 years later they already know what’s up and will have alternatives for me to eat.  I’m so blessed to have physicals like these because I, like many we know, don’t have to bring my own batch of food to family get-togethers and cookouts because they already know what’s up and will have a pack of boca burgers on hand.  But they weren’t always like this, they elevated into this as I showed my own loyalty and dedication to the way of life I professed to live.  I showed and proved and they saw the reality – they didn’t accept it for themselves in many aspects, BUT their respect shows that they have the knowledge and are able to share it (notice, I didn’t say teach) through word if not deed.  And I have overheard many’a conversations where one of my brothers or cousins is repeating various aspects of dietary health to someone that they heard me say, or bore witness to their jumping to my defense by supporting my knowledge that God is within and to support the word of God you have to LIVE as God or as a civilized person (this of course is not their exact phrasing, but it’s what it sums up to).


Because of this, I don’t dismiss family and friends based on our differences.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I WILL dismiss folks based on their blissful ignorance or blatant disrespect.  BUT I appreciate it, and know that appreciation is reciprocated, when the differences do not cause division and we can (1) respect each other’s way of life for having made us – as individuals – better people and (2) bond based on our commonalities (the best part), not caring about the poor part (the differences).  Being able to come together irregardless of differences in culture is how work gets done by the collective, for the benefit of the COLLECTIVE.  I really think it’s selfish and self-centered when we look for our physicals to accept us as we are – for the knowledge that we’ve gained – but we don’t reciprocate that acceptance and respect.


Does anyone reading this also have a positive relationship with their physical family, or knowledge that their differences in culture haven’t caused division, and even see that they’ve influenced positive changes in their physicals’ lives?



Eboni Joy Asiatic

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Nation N.E.W.S.

PEACE! I wrote this blog during my road trip that I decided to take and visit our family in D-Mecca to celebrate their 13th Annual Family Weekend in Detroit. It was definitely a peace and enlightening weekend.

After Show and Prove, I was reflecting on how much traveling many of us do to come to Mecca, to come to the Retreat, and Father's Physical Celebrations, etc. and many times, those of us in THIS area, rarely will venture out across the wilderness (North, East, West, South) to visit other ciphers in support of their function - myself included. It may be due to work or family commitments, funding, or maybe just mere lack of motivation or means of transportation. Whatever the reason, maybe this is something we can all make a better effort to at least strive to get out and really knowledge our family in other locations. Here is a July calendar of some of the summer functions going on. Feel free to add on if I missed something:

July 3 - 5th: D-Mecca Family Weekend
July 11th: C-TRUTH Family Day in New Haven, CT / Khemet (Rochester, NY) "Day for the Babies"
July 12th: Power Hill (Philadelphia, PA) Family Day at Lemon Hill Park
July 19th: Jersey City Family Day at Lincoln Park
July 25th: Northern NJ "Seed Olympics" Seed Cipher - Park TBA
July 26th: Children's Day in Medina (Brooklyn, NY) Ft Greene Park

So my question to you is - regardless of our resource availability, what are some ways that we can continue to show support to ciphers outside of our own?

Victorious Lanasia Earth

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Experience of the Soul

"There can be no knowledge without emotion. We may be aware of a truth, yet until we have felt its force, it is not ours. To the cognition of the brain must be added the experience of the soul."
- Arnold Bennett (1867-1931)

To manage our emotions is not to drug them or suppress them, but to understand them so that we can intelligently direct our emotional energies and intentions. I don't know if it is merely a misconception, or if it is intentionally taught, however, we (Earths) seem to frequently be expected to "control our emotions." This phrase that I hear so often is confused with hiding our emotions, pretending they don't exist, or being happy/smiley/cheery 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When we hear things like "oh, that sistah is so emotional" or "Control your emotions, Queen" there is a perceived negative connotation to what it means to be emotional. We, as sisters, even do that to ourselves... "oh don't mind me, my hormones are making me emotional" when it comes to "that" time of the month or when we are pregnant.

If you really do the knowledge to the quote at the start of this build, knowledge (the foundation) cannot exist without emotion. There had to be an experience within us that sparked us to embrace and love the way of life that we lead, the wise ways and actions that we manifest, and the way, in which, we manage our personal ciphers with our significant others, children, parents, etc. Emotions, as suggested, help us to bind our experience with the information that we are given. This enables us to either accept and embrace it (knowledge) or reject it and move on (data).


SURPRISE - surprise, startle, astonishment bewilderment, confusion, shock
FEAR - fear, threat, terror anxiety doubt, caution, suspicion

ANGER - anger, rage, frustration hatred, hostility envy, jealousy disgust, contempt, annoyance, indignation

SADNESS - sadness, sorrow, depression anguish, despair grief, loneliness shame, embarrassment, humiliation guilt, remorse, regret

EAGERNESS - eagerness, anticipation, excitement, confidence hopefulness curiosity, interest

HAPPINESS - happiness, elation, joy, gladness contentment, satisfaction self-satisfaction, pride love, affection, compassion amusement, humor, laughter

BOREDOM - boredom, ennui, complacency

How do you perceive emotions within your self? Do you see them as relevant in your decision-making process and rationality in accepting knowledge or not? How do you distinguish emotional management with emotional void? Add on, let's build!

Victorious Lanasia Earth