Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Taking it Beyond the 14th Degree...


Over the years, one thing that I came to realize is, blackwomen with knowledge of themselves are the bomb! Regardless of how we came into the knowledge of ourselves, many times, its our sisters that keep us motivated, dedicated, refined, on point, free-thinking, forward-moving, child bearing and rearing, 3/4's rockin', best/poor/worst part-revealing, strong Original women that we are.

When I think about why we are so successful in our undertakings, I look at photos of earths ciphers, Earth Conferences, get togethers, Parliaments, seed Ciphers, or even just a sister from out of town getting together and realize that we emit to each other, verbally or non-verbally how we can add on to their ciphers. Many of us have never been a stranger to calling up another sister to ask, "how did you make that Vegan Chocolate Cake, entrepreneur tips, how to communicate better with my mate, can you help me get to know Earths in my area, where can I go to get the best lock oil, or Earth, how in the world can I sew these sleves to be even?"

What I would like to know is how do you reach out to help build with your sisters beyond The 14th Degree, are you open to receiving and being able to build with other Earths on sharing experiences and resources, and finally, what is an experience or some experiences that have helped you to continue to propel yourself forward in this culture??

Gods, do you see these types of relationship-building beneficial to your Original Woman? Why or why not??

Victorious Lanasia Math


As I Cee It said...

Peace All,
For me there are two things that help me to be able to reach out and build relationships with sisters in this nation.

The first was watching my mother with her "sister friends" as I grew up. My mom had (and still does have) a group, rather small and tight knit crew, of women that got together all the time to talk, laugh, cry, cook, help out with each others children, give advise on men issues... all of that! They were my Aunties and the love and caring was real. I never heard my mother talking about Auntie so and so when she wasn't there. Now I am not saying that they didn't run into problems but they dealt with it with respect. The bond that these women were building in the 70's was different then the competitive, back stabbing, if she dont do it just like me she aint right crap I see today. From what I saw from my mother and her circle of friends was that the truly loved each other. They truly were coming together for a common cause and that was to support each other and help rear each others children. I carry that with me so when a sistet is new coming around I will reach out and be there if that sister needs anything. Be there if she has any questions, needs to get around, wants to build or just needs to chat. One thing I have noticed is that sister don't take to well to that because they are not used to the genuine caring.

The second thing I learned to do is to be true to who I am. The only way you can truly be able to reach out to the next person is to truly reach in to your person and truly deal with you.

The last thing I learned it to not allow what someone else feels about a person to influence how I deal with that person. Example, if you meet a sister and she was kind and caring. willing to help out and build with you. there is a certain foundation laid. You may meet another sister who doesn't like the first sister you met and will say some negative things about that sister and all of the sudden your thoughts about that sister change even though she is the same peaceful sister she was when you met her.

The bottom line is you have to be sincere when reaching out to another sister. What will Be will Born.

With much love
Queen Kalila Earth

Saladin Allah said...

Peace Queen!

Yes I cee this type of social equality as beneficial to a relationship because it reinforces Nationhood, our Worldview and Core Values.

This type of social equality would not be beneficial if it's a reflection of the negative attitudes that Gods often display when we get together in form of Earth bashing, Pissing Contests, Egocentricism or my all time favorite: Building about why we need to Build so we can start really Building to make things Born. LOL!