Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Beauty and Importance of 3/4's Refinement

Peace. My name is Queen Victorious Lanasia Earth. I came into the knowledge of myself in August 1998 and have embraced and loved every milestone, sidestep, misstep, and achievement along the way. My blog today will focus on wearing "3/4's" and "refinement" and how to embrace and accept the beauty and responsibility of being a Queen.


"God loves to see his Original Woman in 3/4's..."

I remember hearing a sister say this at the International Earth Conference this past weekend in Pittsburgh, PA. And, of course, there were lots of headwraps and locked tresses nodding in agreement with smiles on their faces. We continued to speak about the Original Black Man (yes still being "man") may look at the women with the cleavage bustling and butt cheeks jingling from outside of their shorts, however, would this be the same woman that he would bring around his children, or bring to meet his Mother? When the Original Man knows his place in the Universe, he wants a Queen who knows and accepts hers... and all the beauty and responsibility that comes with it. This brought to mind the gross misconceptions I had when I came into the knowledge of myself 10 years ago and how I thought I would have to dress like Old Mother Hubbard to show the knowledge that I had accepted into my life. Not, that I dressed provacatively before that, however I immediately felt a sense of limitation, prudeness, and dullness. That fact is, when I first began my journey of refinement (one which I will forever be on), it took me years to find my sense of style while still reflecting the 120 degree of knowledge that I've absorbed. It took me, observing and speaking with other Queens, Earths, and Original Women whom I'd come to love and respect to figure out my sense of style.

First, I needed to really ask myself - what is "3/4's"? What is "Refinement"? For every Queen that you ask this question, you will get a different answer. For me, the answer has changed at least 120 times since I started asking it to myself. Before answering these questions, I had to take myself through the specific degrees in 120 lessons that are resourceful in answering these questions - at least for self. For you, it may be various scriptures in quoron or bible, or something your mama said that time when she was tearing up your behind for wearing that revealing tube top she told you not to, or just plain old common sense. The reality is, regardless if we know ourselves as Queen, Earth, Goddess, or not...we know that what we wear will determine who and what we attract. The important thing is that as "refined" sisters, sisters of consciousness, with knowledge of self, who KNOW our place in the Universe, and our importance to the wealth of our children, families, communities, and NATION, would want to outwardly express that knowledge through the clothing we place on our bodies. "3/4's" refers to the fraction makeup (three-fourths) of water to land on the physical planet Earth. Our lessons teach us "The earth is approximately covered under water approximately ¾ of its surface." I refer to the water being our wisdom, or the outward expression of the knowledge we possess, through the clothing I choose to put on my body. In essence, 3/4's is the essential physical makeup of clothing (water) to skin shown (land). This is extremely general by definition. "Refinement" is taking 3/4's to the next level. Refinement is the process by which we make what we know better, more elegant, more significant, and even more personal. It is purposeful definition of whatever it is we are dealing with - diet, habits, education, and our clothing. All of the Queens I know wear 3/4's, yet each have their own sense of refinement. Their own purposeful definition of how they see wearing a crown, their long skirts or slacks, their business attire for the office. The key thing for me is that 3/4's and refinement work together... yes, they can (and do) exist independently of each other, however the grace, beauty, and importance of how we express ourselves in this culture encomasses a fine balance between the two.

"If you want to know the wealth of your Nation, look at the Women."

If you want to know the wealth of your Nation (community, nuclear family, children), look at the Woman. When we substitute the word "Nation" with something more personal to us, does it give you a better understanding of not only dressing respectable, but also cultural, divine, dynamic, and beautiful? The responsibility that I uphold with knowing and understanding what and who I represent continues to demand that I strive to live and dress as a righteous original Woman.

What are your thoughts, questions, or comments on dress, 3/4's and/or refinement?? Do you see a difference between what is 3/4's and what is refinement??



In the world that we live in today judgment and preconceptions are placed upon us at every turn. The way an individual presents themself is of highest importance because it invokes a sense of respect and presence of all that they encounter. We see this proven with the military, police, churches, schools, business people, and so forth. We must respect ourselves before we expect other to respect us. In the case of the Original Wombman, wearing three fourths is her way of invoking the respect from others that she has for herself, and displaying her creativity and culture. Our body and clothing is our uniqe outward expression of self. The wombman is the wisdom, she displays the way of her culture and cultivation in everything that she does. It's a responsibility that all wombmen should take with pride and seriousness. There is never a truer statement to say: If you want to see the strength of a Nation, Look to it's wombmen.

Imperial Bio-Chemical 120 Allah said...

peace as i come in the name of imperial bio-chemical 120 allah.this subject that the earth pick out has been up in the universe in now cee for about two months one of my students from charlotte n.c. and another sister went to the rallie and what they seen was very up settingto them they called me radiated(angry).my student consious sha asia added on by saying god these sisters here had no refinement what so ever they were half naked. and none of them built bout after she calmed down she said lord i cant even blame these sisters i have to blame there gods hmmm 3/4ths are very important as it shows the respect for her god her self and her babies.the earth is one who bares witness to god and this nation.even if her and that god depart she still should live out the culture. the most beautiful thing i can ask for is my black woman reflecting my light on a daily basis and build with her letting her no there there is no other like her when the black woman does not show her refinement through her dress code and she has a god .then that god is held accountable for his black queen and if she does not have a god then she will be built with by other refined sisters and sent back to civilization class where she can get that knowledge wisdom and understanding and culture refinement and being mentaly aware.also covering up from head to toe and not revealing her hills and mountains and only reavealing that best part to her god .also knowing your lessons borns your i personaly love to see my earth tightening up her head wrap and then ask me god am i reflecting? then i kiss her on the fore head and say true indeed earth so sisters please if you are not sure about your attire please reach out to any of the sisters from the 14th degree and beyond and they will show you the way peace

Amina Earth said...

My understanding as the importance of rocking 3/4s is very important, indeed. Before I got Knowledge of myself I never liked wearing what other girls my age at the time wore anyway so actually that part of the culture was very easy for me to internalize. I was always covered up, sneakers, jeans, long sleeved shirts,(grew up around boys all my life) etc. Even when I did get casual I was still covered up in 3/4s and didnt even Knowledge it until my God enlightened me with Knowledge of Self. I always thought that it was disgusting to see a black woman walk down the street and her cheeks were hanging out her shorts, or her cleavage, not showing, but bulging out of her lil sisters shirt. Woman who dressed like that thought that was the way to get a man and keep a man. Born u Square, even guys who play in the streets allday dont want a woman like that, those are usually the type of woman that they cheat with,or there putting the womans life on the line cause thats how she potrays herself. B.u.t. the one that gets introduced to the kids and the mother is a totally diffrent woman. She doesnt carry herself like that at all, she probly has a job or career, and pays her own bills,takes care of her children,and you wont see her on the block. So at the end of the day I wondered why they dressed like that and then walked up and down the same block all day long, when they Knowledge that the men are only giveing them the attention that they want, and by the way they dressed, and as I grew older, I came to the understanding that, that kind of attention meant nothing but they didnt know that cause they had no knowledge. When an earth wears 3/4s she is acknowledging her culture, herself, and her God. She acknowledges the duties that she has and adheres to them.She also acknowledges the duties that her God adheres to. She acknowledges the fact that she is in constant rotation of refinement.
By her knowledgeing what her refinement is and how to refine herself she is brought to her equality and in turn her universe has equal balance. Refinement is to purify the mind and body, through purification she eats the right foods, (mentally and physically), and changes her apparence through her wisdom (clothing). Only your God is suppose to be able to see the useful land that you strive to keep pure. The importance of your 3/4s lets others no that you acknowledge who you are, what you are, and acknowledges the duties that you were put on this planet for. The Beauty of 3/4s is that once us earths universe with each other and understand our culture, we have the power to uplift each other and support each other because we are our own a-alikes.
I leave as I came, in Peace.