Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bringing Brotherhood/Sisterhood to Life Through Support In Good Times and Bad

Peace Fam!

This is Eboni Joy Asiatic, comin’ to you live and direct from The A aka Allah’s Garden aka Atlantis aka Rap Brown Georgia… take your pick! I came into the Nation of Gods and Earths in the spring of ’97. I was motivated by THIS collective because the teachings fit with my concept of God, fed my hunger for knowledge and need to constantly study, learn and manifest, inspired my process of ever-refining, and the Nation and teachings (Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet, and 120 Lessons) strengthened my interest in theology, science, and various cultures and philosophies.

This may sound harsh to some, but I no longer NEED the Nation to propel me in my studies or remind me of my need for refinement. These have become habits and patterns imbedded in my being. My primary reason for associating with the Gods and Earths now-a-days is because it is a massive support group with like minds on post globally. I know that if I was traveling to Europe and wanted to see the spoken word/”conscious” entertainment scene I could hit up my brother Sincere Wise in London, if I was bearing life and needed pre-natal advice I would link with my sister SciHonor based in New Haven to be my long-distance doula/mid-wife, if I needed a supafly headwrap I’d call on Queen Wisdom Born up in Canada and owner of Earth Science Crowns to hook-up my refinement, if in need of relationship advice I would reach out to my elder sister Queen Shamika out in Pittsburgh who has been with her God/King for more than 30 years, if I needed a Spanish lesson I’d build with my big brother Allah Calib out in Puerto Rico, if I needed advice on maintaining and elevating our non-profit out here in Atlanta (The Show & Prove Youth Outreach) I could depend on the God Born Justice in the Bronx and those Gods/Earths maintaining the Allah Youth Center in Harlem for their invaluable input, and if I needed advice on how to connect with my brown and yellow brothas and sistas in an effort to show and prove to them they too are historically and genetically the original Black man and woman too I’d seek out either my Earth-sista Naiko in Japan, Faatma in Denver who is of Iranian descent, or Mecca Islam in Los Angeles who is of Mexican parentage to teach me how to reach the people.

A lot of people have the mis-understanding that the Nation of Gods and Earths is not progressive, that we are stuck in the rut of following tradition rather than adapting to the world around us. A lot of people believe that we’re a group of unorganized street professors, rather than community and political activists. And on face value, I understand where these assumptions come from. However, when I look at the vast accomplishments made by the people I’ve connected with on an individual basis in the past 11 years, I know that these ideas are GENERALLY mis-informed mis-conceptions.

The Nation does not have a rule book for people to follow; we’re given the freedom to bring forth law and order in our own circumference by applying what we learn. We are also taught to “go to school or learn a trade” very early on in coming among the Gods and Earths. And with the knowledge learned in college or trade school I’ve seen this Nation grow, in my very short time in it, to include attorneys, authors, professors, teachers, web and IT specialists, graphic designers, childcare providers, sistas managing home daycares, RNs, phlebotomists, obstetrician/gynecologists, midwives, doulas and other medical professionals, carpenters, electricians, realtors, office administration specialists, grant writers, natural hair care professionals, barbers and barber shop owners and so very much more. And because we are a Nation, we seek guidance, counsel, assistance, and services from each other first and foremost, which leads to the deceiving appearance that we are not progressive collectively – when in reality there are hundreds upon hundreds of men and women who claim this culture who have become successful in their independent ventures, and have brought their skills and services back to the Nation and their respective communities.

Here in Atlanta, the Gods and Earths are a support group among ourselves in various ways – many of us have helped Supreme Understanding, author of “How to Hustle and Win: A Survival Guide to the Ghetto”, sell his book at festivals, in our neighborhoods and to our connects, folks often come to me or ReMeqka Ce’ani when needing to cure or relieve an ailment, we sistas aid and assist during childbirth – and also cook for each other, clean house, grocery shop and run errands after delivery, we babysit of course, do monthly activities with our own and community youth as a collective, the brothas help with home repairs, we all have helped each other move on occasion, and many of us work with each other on entrepreneurial ventures – primarily vending and catering, we have done event planning ventures together – some in the name of the Gods & Earths, some other a different banner (Itiopi International’s Healing House Parties for one), traveled cross country together, and even relocated south after building bonds in the north (Chicago/Detroit and New York/New Jersey) for years.

It’s a beautiful thing having a well-established support group and networking base to turn to in good times and in bad!

What schooling and/or trade have you utilized in Nation Building? What are some ways that you and the Gods/Earths in your area support each other (120 Class and Earth Ciphers count, but what else)? What are some of the goods and services provided, and who provides them (name names… somebody might read this and throw business their way)? How has someone in the Nation showed and proved brotherhood/sisterhood to you (be as specific as possible)?


Eboni Joy Asiatic

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God Born Justice Allah said...

Peace Earth
This was a great build UNITY is our key to survive in this day and time and unity=sisterhood and brotherhood, I enjoy the builds peace to the 14th degree and beyond keep up the great work by making 19.
Lord Born Justice Allah