Sunday, October 5, 2008

Righteous Refined Diets?


In our September, Oct/2008 Issue, we asked in our "Tell Us How You See It" Section, "What do you consider to be a righteous, refined diet?". I've come to realize that many so called "Conscious" or "Righteous" people have a different view on this topic. There are some who will indulge in a pineapple soda and a Little Miss Debbie cake and there are some who indulge in a glass of soymilk and some vegan chocolate cake. Who lays down these unwritten laws of whats acceptable and what isn't and are there any lines that shouldn't be crossed? I have set my own lines in place that I've decided to stay within, however, I do know that others have their own lines in place.

Tell us how you see it...

Sci-Honor Devotion


Eternal said...

I believe it a conscious decision on the foods you put in your body.

The conscious effort is due to the poisons of certain food groups that very well can be prevented with just a little reading and asking questions on these foods.

As a newborn in this nation everything is a learning process. I am a pesco-vegetarian, I stopped eating meat in 2000 prior to getting knowledge and pork I have not touched in forever. As I learn there are things that have diminished from my diet. I will keep reading and asking questions as I further my studying. I have read lots of blogs on this topic and do believe that this is our temple, treat it as that.

Peace to all of the beautiful Earths and if any would like to pass on some recipes, by all means,


scidev said...

Peace Queen,

You and I have had the chance to try out a few recipes and they have turned out well. You know that you are welcome to come to my home any time and we can cook up a storm. lol. Was there anything in particular that you were looking for?

For the Sisters out there, there are many recipes in the 14th Degree and Beyond magazine. If you have not yet subscribed, please give yourself a gift and do so.

Sci-Honor Devotion

Eboni Joy said...

Peace Sis,

I too have established the ledge that I won't cross in regards to my diet, BUT I also am flexible with some of my self-imposed rules.

I don't eat flesh from any animal, fish included, and I cook 100% vegan, and I don't cook or use whites - white rice (except jasmine and basmati cause they naturally grow white), white bread, white flour white sugar. I only drink 100% juice juices, and I buy only organic apples, carrots, strawberries and a couple other joints I don't buy often (from what I've learned these are some of the produce that pesticides are used most on). These are the unbreakables...

These are the exceptions...
At home I use evaporated cane juice (for large quantity beverages - pitchers of iced tea, lemonade), maple syrup (mostly) and agave nectar (when I can't afford maple syrup). If at a restaurant I will use honey if that's all they've got (or raw turbinado); same with soy milk - I dont use it at home (I use rice or almond - which ever's on sale) but a lot of coffee shops, when getting tea, will only have soy.

I stear clear of carbonated drinks, and ANYTHING with high fructose corn syrup 98.5% of the time. BUT I won't lie... I do have a weakness for ginger ale and cherry coke. Ginger ale, I strive to buy a healthier alternative (with evaporated cane juice as the sweetener) when I crave it, BUT for cherry coke I don't know of any alternative... I will have that once a year maybe (no more than twice) and it's usually like the HOTTEST day of summer.

And minimizing my use of soy products - and processed foods of ALL kinds - altogether is an aspect of dietary refinement I've been going thru for the past year. I made about 8 dishes for this year's family weekend and only 3 had any soy in it and I was so proud of that as compared to the last couple years when soy was in EVERYTHING nearly.

My dietary refinement is a never ending work in progress, and I don't compare my progress to ANYONE ELSE'S, I only compare myself and my growth (or lack there of) to the me 10 minutes ago, 10 days ago, 10 years ago...

Great blog!

Eboni Joy Asiatic