Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Questions Are NOT Rhetorical...

Peace Asiatics!

In my last blog post, "Bringing Brotherhood/Sisterhood to Life..." I asked the following questions:

What schooling and/or trade have you utilized in Nation Building? What are some ways that you and the Gods/Earths in your area support each other (120 Class and Earth Ciphers count, but what else)? What are some of the goods and services provided, and who provides them (name names… somebody might read this and throw business their way)? How has someone in the Nation showed and proved brotherhood/sisterhood to you (be as specific as possible)?

We, the 14th Degree and Beyond Staffers, agreed that we would post a new blog every Wednesday and Sunday. However, since none of the above were answered since posting my Wednesday blog, I'm just going to re-post the questions so that it's clear that they are not rhetorical, willing that my fam makes knowledge born on all of the above. Because I sincerely think that sharing our services with each other and our respective communities, sharing our contact info so that we can support each other in our undertakings, can help us all become more successful career wise, collectively, and very importantly... monetarily.

Add on...

Eboni Joy Asiatic

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Critique Allah said...

Peace, Stepping to the plate, I do mortgages and I refer Ramel Allah all my carpentry, plumbing, and construction work on all houses I get loans for. I refinance the homes of gods and earth here in the MD/DC/VA area. We are starting back up GCC classes here in D.C. with Divine Culture, I Add, I-Quintesssential, Black Asiatic and myself. Amongst other business ventures. Peace,
Critique Allah