Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Seed Ciphers

Peace All -

For those of use whom are parents (single or not) I know that times are hard...financially and emotionally. Myself... as a single parent sometimes come to my wits end. For it seems odd to me that my children can remember where that Organic Fruit strip in my pocket book that we got a WEEK ago from Trader Joes is in my Purse - because they put it there of course - but can't remember that I tell them everyday not to touch each other in the car or to put their dishes in the sink... WITHOUT a full plate of food. Now... ALLEGEDLY ( a word that must be thrown in before and after all 'confessions' if you will) there can be a black-out (if you will) for repeated acts of misconduct but, I have taken some time to really look for other ways.

I know there was a time when people were using the phrase 'Time Out'... but I don't really understand that term. Reason being... if they're to sit... in a corner... to THINK about why they got in trouble... then they're probably gonna think of another way to get in trouble simultaneously. Now, I LOVES Harpo...LAWD KNOWS I DO... But I'll... oh... Pardon Back to the remedies. In observing my children it came to me that I needed to take some time for them and ME... because all children want to be is loved and nurtured... and to ride on the occasional nerve sometimes without getting into trouble. The below tend to help me out:

* Designated Bed Times: My Children are in bed every night by 8:30... whether they are tired or now. Not only is it less of a fight to wake them up the next morning but it gives me time to make some tea, draw up a build or read a book.

*How Was Your Day: Every day after I pick the children up we all say how each others day was... I tell them everything, who got on my nerves, who I chased down in a fit of road rage... everything. Because then they know that I have nothing to hide. In turn... it lets them know that they can talk to me as well so they don't have to look for other ways to get attention (ie. Jumping off the back of the couch) because they know I'm always there to listen.

*Book Buddies: We each take an hour each weekend to just read the books that we are enjoying at the moment and then tell each other about it (ummm, no... not the romance novels)

* Your Choice: Fridays after school or Saturdays (if I am not working) I give the seeds the option to choose to do whatever they want (within budget ofcourse). This is kind of my reward for a hectic week with ME... lol... and school

*Meditation: I can put myself in a coma just by holding a cup of green tea, closing my eyes, and the Last Samurai soundtrack playing in the back ground. I do this in the office with my door closed or early in the morning.

The above 5 things work for me... what about you? What do you do to help make time for yourself ... when the nanny is on vacation, indefinitely (hmpf lol). What activities do you do with your Children with the limited time you may have? I know there are things that you all may do that we could incorporate into our days and weeks to make everything that much more Peaceful and fulfilling. I welcome and thank you... for all of your feed back.


Q. Civilized Zag


scidev said...

Peace Zag,

I find it really hard to get my children in the bed at night. lol. Since we homeschool, I often let them stay up if I know that I will be up late so that they don't get up so early in the morning. Especially when it is cold outside. lol.

We do have lots of conversations. We talk about any and everything. Well, almost everything. I like them to know that they can approach me with things and we can build about them. We just sit and chat with some Chai Tea and laugh. They're getting older now, so we can have different conversations too.

For me, since I am with them all day,everyday, I look forward to time to myself, like the Earth Retreat, or days out even if it's just local. I do't get much of these. They enjoy time without me too. lol. They can go to their rooms and just hang out. They have so many freakin' toys it's ridiculous. Their father wants me to throw them out. I just can't seem to do it though. Not only do they like them, but they are good quality toys most of which were given to them. I do like to just go to my room at night. All by myself and just relax, listen to music or at least, I thought I could listen to music, until I realize that I fell out before the music even started. lol.

With everything that I have on my plate, I have to find a way to DO ME.


Jameelah said...

Since my son is only one, I hardly ever have down time. Usually when I am not working I will take him places ( the park, or the fish store he is crazy about the fish:))Or since it has been cool lately do different activities such as playing on his baby leap pad or will will watch his cartoons together. When I have extra money I like to just go away to anywhere I can go for the weekend.

When I finally get some down time I like to Just sit on my couch and drink some tea while listening to some neo-soul. I also use this time to write , that takes some of my stress away.