Sunday, July 5, 2009

Nation N.E.W.S.

PEACE! I wrote this blog during my road trip that I decided to take and visit our family in D-Mecca to celebrate their 13th Annual Family Weekend in Detroit. It was definitely a peace and enlightening weekend.

After Show and Prove, I was reflecting on how much traveling many of us do to come to Mecca, to come to the Retreat, and Father's Physical Celebrations, etc. and many times, those of us in THIS area, rarely will venture out across the wilderness (North, East, West, South) to visit other ciphers in support of their function - myself included. It may be due to work or family commitments, funding, or maybe just mere lack of motivation or means of transportation. Whatever the reason, maybe this is something we can all make a better effort to at least strive to get out and really knowledge our family in other locations. Here is a July calendar of some of the summer functions going on. Feel free to add on if I missed something:

July 3 - 5th: D-Mecca Family Weekend
July 11th: C-TRUTH Family Day in New Haven, CT / Khemet (Rochester, NY) "Day for the Babies"
July 12th: Power Hill (Philadelphia, PA) Family Day at Lemon Hill Park
July 19th: Jersey City Family Day at Lincoln Park
July 25th: Northern NJ "Seed Olympics" Seed Cipher - Park TBA
July 26th: Children's Day in Medina (Brooklyn, NY) Ft Greene Park

So my question to you is - regardless of our resource availability, what are some ways that we can continue to show support to ciphers outside of our own?

Victorious Lanasia Earth

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Gaumaal Complete Allah said...


Over the weekend I had the pleasure of traveling to D-Mecca to visit our Universal family and participate in their family day activities. It was a very beautiful event. Friday was the social meet & greet at "The Artist Village", Saturday was the family day Cookout at "Bell Isle" (literally, an island) and Sunday was the universal parliament... The Gods & Earths welcomed us with open arms and open heart. I truly enjoyed building with our family in DMecca, and thru this experience I was able to gain a greater perspective of Allahs teachings, not just at home but abroad as well.

The theme of this nation has always been "The Babies are the Greatest". D-Mecca has made that theme their reality. I was so amazed to see how young and fruitful the babies are, and not just attending the parliaments but building and going thru their lessons as well. The Gods & Earths of D-Mecca are definitely "Showing & Proving... I am looking forward to traveling a lot more during this summer to other ciphers abroad. There are many events taking place this summer. I recommend that we support our nation to strengthen our goals as a nation...