Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Did YOU Receive More Gold? Breaking the Cycle of Financial Illiteracy

"Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago."

Financial Illiteracy is a plague in our community of Original People, particularly with our Original Women who many times, are the head of household, single mothers, financial providers. We do what we can with what we have and sometimes we don't make the best choices - not necessarily because we are irresponsible, but many times because we are illiterate to our options, resources, and lack the proper education and counsel needed to make sound financial decisions and build our wealth.

Last weekend I attended a NACA homebuyer workshop and it made me think about the 28-30th degrees in the 1-36:

28. Yes, a trader made an interorientation that they would receive more gold for their labor, which was more than they were earning in their own country.
29. Did they receive more gold?
30. No. The trader disappeared and there was no one left to speak their language.

Only since our new administration with Obama, have many of us begun the process of truly looking at our personal financial state, thinking of investment opportunities, or striving to clean up their credit or buy a home, or build their net worth. At this workshop, I learned that there is SO much that goes into purchasing a home and important our credit is to our general survival and well-being. I heard stories of other homeowners who are now in danger of losing their homes due to predatory loans they received when they took on more than they could afford just to have the "American Dream."

I realized that there is a financial divide of literacy between our Original People and those who are able to translate for us the needs and procedures of obtaining and protecting our wealth, assets, credit, and the future of our children's credit. Whether we like it or not, it is up to us to know every square inch of not only the planet Earth outside of our home, but inside our home as well - that includes being financial literate.

I thought of some ways to do this - be it start an investment cipher so we can, as a group, purchase property, land, stock, etc. Start a Seed Financial Foundation so that our children are protected and do not get lost in translation. WHen the trader disappears, we do not want our children to be left to swim 9,000 miles alone, we want them to have all of the tools, resources, and educational knowledge to make sound decisions regarding their own finances.

What are some ways we can break the cycle of financial illiteracy within our ciphers?

Victorious Lanasia Earth

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