Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Broke-Ish...AND my feet hurt.


So I was building with Lanasia today about the Broke-Ocity that has settled in (temporarily) my life. lol. As a business owner and single parent it get's to be so difficult at times... you just want to break down and cry... ok... I do at times. However, As I was talking to her I said...

"It's funny how, I may not have any gas in my car... but I am walking with a Jimmy Choo bag"

"I am late on my light bill... but I got a cup of Dunkin Donuts and walkin with some Charles David Heels and matching purse"

lol. I had to put in to perspective priorities and where I am at in my life. A LOT of my shoes and Purses I got when I was a senior account manager at a Marketing firm and even some of my clothing is years old. Anything new I buy is for my children. But it helps to put on nice things as a pick me up...

My Splurges are a $2 coffee at Dunkin Donuts.... but even in these times... that seems too much. My budgeting is still better but I am still struggling. Though I know it's a process... does it have to be so long?!

I say all this to say that in the harder times... you need to do SOME things for yourself. Whether it's a manicure or coffee or even just your favorite magazine and a quiet nook to read it in.

Don't let the hard times fool you in to thinking that it's an endless road of struggle... It is a journey to your future and HOW you travel it... is up to you.


Queen Civilized Zag

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