Wednesday, February 4, 2009

R U Free to Live Your Culture in Society?


Today’s Math being Culture / Freedom, I wondered how many of you are free to live your culture on the workplace, school, or around family and friends? Do you compromise your way of life to make anyone else comfortable? Maybe a partner? Do you take off your headwrap or crown when in certain places or around certain people? Do you wear your Flag daily or just when your not a work or in certain social settings? I know that especially during this “recession” , many people are afraid to “rock the boat” at work in fear of being selected to be laid off, so does that encourage you to “walk on eggshells” a little? Or Do you just not care about who, where, when, how you live your culture in society?

Sci-Honor Devotion


SV Allah said...

Peace Queen,

Excellent question. Personally, I have been known to rock a button with the Father's face on it to the justice and for the most part, those who are closest to me know that I have knowledge of self. My ole Earth even has been known to make me separate dishes when she has me over for god degree so that I can have a meal without the poison animal. Even still, there are some situations in which I remain a fine mist that the naked eye can hardly detect. For instance, my godmother, who is my surrogate grandmother, is build equality years old so naturally she is set in her ways and beliefs. That being the case, I'm not going to build with her about the blackman being god or discuss mathematics with her because it's just not a battle worth fighting or stressing her over. Depending on the situation and the ciphers in which you travel I think each God or Earth is the best knower of when to manifest this freely and when not to. That's my 3 on it.


As I Cee It said...

This is a good question. to be free or not to be free... that is by choice. The freedom comes from with in. As you learn more about the culture you have the oppurtunity to free you mind so that you can live your culture where ever you go...

Being consistant is key.... For example wrapping my head... i work at a ferderal government agency and wrapping me head on a daily was a "hard" decision. The more i thought about it the easier it became because i freed myself of the mental bondage that would keep me from doing it.

is it always accepted? now that is another question but i have given myself the freedom to be me everywhere


Zag said...

Peace -

When I First gained KOS I was a little hesitant about wearing my head wrapped at ALL. After all - it never specified WHICH 3/4's were to be covered. LOL. As well I was concerned with what people would think. After coming to a better understanding of who I am and this way of life these past few years... I have come to wea my head wrap everyday. When I was in the corporate world and now when I am not. I get complimented a lot on my wraps as well.

I live my culture everyday - freely and proudly.


Q. Civilized Zag

Eboni Joy said...


I wrap my hair in different ways, and sometimes it's closer to a Muslima's hijab or kimar style. One one occassion I wore my wrap in hijab style to one location and then to celebrate an Earth's bornday went to a restaurant where I intended on consuming alcohol. So, I took off my headwrap so not to cause any misunderstanding - appearing to be a Muslim drinking alcohol.

I have worn my universal flag button to work just as I have worn my Che Guevarra one, my Bob Marley pot smoking one, and my Malcolm X gun toting one too. I have always deviated from the so-called norm, I'm comfortable with who I am, and don't feel I need to accommodate others by pretending to be like them.

Some things are common sense known to be inappropriate - since I'm not religious I have the freedom of choice. Knowing that head coverings of ANY kind aren't allowed in court, I'm not going to wear my headwrap to court just to prove a point.

I think adapting to one's environment does not necessarily mean you are compromising your ideals. Adapting to my meat eating family means I either cook vegan meals for family gatherings so I can eat too or I fast while at the gathering - that's adaptation. Deciding to eat the family roast beef is compromising ones self rather than adaptation.

I wouldn't say that I don't care about "who, where, when, how [I] live [my] culture in society", I do care about how I live my culture and if my actions are appropriate for the location. What I do not care about is people's perceptions because if they don't know me then what they've perceived by merely seeing me is based on face value and so their surmation is a pre-judgement, not a fact.

Eboni Joy Asiatic



Living out this culture of I-God is a constant struggle as being a nation within a nation should - knowing that this nation doesnt have our best interest in heart - Refinement comes with culture (thats how i was taught) check the knowledge God degree - culture and refinement - not power - never sugarcoat the truth - when u have to do that then u aint Free in your culture or society

with our culture comes refinement simply based off the fact that we the youngest and greatest nation - and every second our understanding grows as we make history - WE LITERALLY MAKING HISTORY - 600 years and we just out the gate running - we have to build the foundation because the one thats here is bullshit - now i aint gonna swing sword too much on here because i dont talk to earths who already gotta God - if u living mathematics tho feel free to holla

NOW long story short - indeed WE ARE NOT A FREE PEOPLE - wont be social equality until i can say Im God - the blackman - without getting locked away for it