Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Face Value vs. Intuitive Deduction

Peace. Even after the years of being a part of this Nation, I am always finding myself looking at lessons and people differently based on the experiences I encounters. In today's degree of the 1-14, this answer, in part, is "Word is Bond and Bond is LIFE, and I SHALL give my life before my word shall fail." I know that some degrees read "WILL give" as opposed to "SHALL give." For the sake of today's blog, I will go with what my degree reads which is "SHALL give." When I build on and embrace this degree, I interpret it to mean that in everything I do, say, and act upon shall always be in the best intentions of who I say I am as Earth. I do not think its realistic to say that every single thing we always do IS right and exact, because its not. However, I do think its realistic to say that every single thing we always do as a righteous person should have the intention of being right and exact. When it does not, especially on a continuous basis, at what point do we tend to lose respect for that person for being Earth or God, or whatever righteous being they claim to be. This is where face value vs. intuitive deduction comes in.

Face Value is to basically accept what you read, see, and hear and being truth without any reference, reasoning, fact-check, or consistent truth behind the information gathered. I think far too many times, we accept things on face value, without any cause or fact.

Intuitive Deduction is basically when you conclue something to be fact or accepted as knowledge by the experience or history or said information. So, if someone tells you that Queen X is only a part-time Earth and you just accept it, thats face value. However, if over the years months and days, you only see that person at a parliament once in a while, but run into her at McDonalds sucking down a sausage and cheese buiscut with her perm and red lipstick every Saturday, than you may conclude that to be fact based on intuitive deduction.

Personally, I have never met Father Allah, however I have seen pictures, heard testimony, heard builds on CD, to conclude for myself that he indeed existed. This is intuitive deduction.

Not everything we come across will be found in a history or reference book, but will be more based on our continous experiences and behaviors to be able to conclude for ourselves is something is indeed fact. Just as not everyone we come across who say they are God or Earth, will be that until they have shown and proven through the history of their was and actions to be indeed true to who they say they are. Or at least their intention should reflect what they know to be "Word is Bond." Peace

Victorious Lanasia Earth


Sincerely Ayzatik said...

Well...I noticed through comming around the Nation more and getting to know more Earths especially,is that they usually do what the God allows them to do. When I say allows, like if an Earth smokes weed, eat meat or don't eat meat, wear low cut tops, or headwraps, ect., its because the God said it was okay for her to do. People run their household differnetly and the God is the center of the Universe, he set the laws. I agree not everyone does everything right and exact, some may sneak and do it or just don't tell anyone, thoes tend to be the ones who think they are Above the next person just because they don't do X, Y and Z out in the open or the same way as the other person. The only way a person truly know anything is to get to know the person.
Sincerely Ayzatik

Lord Born Justice said...

The knowledge of self is the key here Our word SHALL not fail when we live out our culture the same way that we speak and that is to be right & exact just & true in all that we do and say The intuitive deduction is doing the knowledge first then the understanding will come forth to show you the TRUTH of the matter, never accept any thing or any one on face value because it can really HURT YOU IN THE END.
Lord Born Justice


Peace Queen

That just shows and proves that just cuz u say PEACE to a person dont mean your power is equal

if someone cant be equal with themselves then they cant be equal with you

if shorty say she a earth and does suttin u dont agree with dont be so quick to bomb - u dont know what pace or speed God is teaching and revealing this truth to her - U a Representative of all civilized Black women - not just in this nation

make it so that when a sister sees you she be like damn thats what i wanna be respected as - damn thats that thunder my man was shootin over my head etc

Kill devilishment as soon as you see - warn that person of death if u see it that way or U gonna be held accountable for your sisters and brothers

its not a easy road to tred this journey thru Allah World Manifest - still i wouldnt choose no other



Anonymous said...

Peace Queen......This is a supreme topic that i would love to build n expound on. I've been enlightened with knowledge of self many, many years ago (20 to b exact) n seen them come n go based on face value n intuitive deduction.
Many seem to get caught up in the mimicking of the lessons (history) and not the understanding of them. Its like tha parakeet syndrome. The lessons are past experiences updated thru supreme mathematics and if not carefully understood the lessons can be detrimental (face value) to those misuse them, but a blessing if properly applied. Many (and i mean many) brothas n sistas in this nation really do not know the "true" meaning of God and its origin (the word god). We tend to be master builders when we don't even kno its origin or better yet the etymology of the word. The word god is not an ancient or old word an has its origin in the OE (old english language meaning supreme diety), but the word god came from the the word "Gott" in Germanic language n the Gott came from PIE *ghut which means to invoke. So my question is why do our brothas n sistas take this truth on face value when these caucasians put it right in front of us. Even our ancestors put it out there for us, but we r so caught into the izms of words n not its true origin and thats taking things on face value. I am a truth seeker, the truth teller which makes me the truth. Do not accept my words alone, do the research yourself....