Sunday, February 8, 2009

Black History Month - Keep it or Scrap it?


This being Black History Month, I was wondering how you all felt about it. I have heard mixed views on the subject. Some are in favor of it. Some are not. The actor Morgan Freeman feels that the concept of one month being dedicated to Black History is ridiculous. He says, “I don't want a black history month. Black history is American history." Then we have some who find that the West African symbol of Sankofa is manifested in Black History Month. Sankofa is a symbol which represents going into the wisdom of the past to build the future. Black History Month almost forces some of our people to revisit the experiences of Social Reformers, Athletes, Entertainers, Religious Leaders, Scientists, Public Officials, Educators, Writers, Artists and anyone else who had an impact on our current state here in North America and sometimes all over the world. The question is, should this be limited to one month only or should we just be happy that we have at least 1 month to be recognized and our children who are in schools can be taught about themselves? What is our responsibility if any as adults/mentors/parents to teach our children Our-History?

Sci-Honor Devotion

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Divine IZ Earth said...

Peace! We (black folks)have a historical legacy that deserves to be taught, protected, and shared. Specifically amongst our own, because many of our own people don't know their history. The problem w/ black history month via the media and schools is that it is boring, it mainly starts our history at slavery, ends at the civil rights movement and primarily deals with points, dates, and individuals; totally seperating the community as a whole from the history that was accomplished and is currently being made here in America and throughout the diaspora.

You're not even challenged to analyze our history until you're in college and that's IF you take an Afro class (even at the HBCUs).

As black people we should take the initiative to teach the truth about history which includes our legacy 365 days of the year. But guess what, that is not in the curriculum at most public schools, even at predominately black schools. So if you have to have your child in those schools, I wouldn't push so hard to get BHM taken out, that's probably the only time our children even hear/see their own people discussed the whole year. (that's why those that can should homeschool).

As parents and involved community members, we should make a point in correcting much of the so-called history that's being taught anyway cuz much of it ain't true. If the history was historical fact, black folks would already be all up and in that, b.u.t how can your master keep you a slave if he teaches you the accomplishments and genius of your forefathers?