Wednesday, December 3, 2008

85 Alive

Peace All -

As I stood there at the Feast in Mecca this past weekend looking amongst the crowd... I noticed the same view I always see... 569 Gods and.... 8 Earths. That is not to say that these Gods do not have women... they just aren't there.

What interests me is that when you ask them they will say 'Oh, I have a Queen at home and she acknowledges me as God' or ' She doesn't want to study and I don't force her to so that' why she doesn't come around' or ' You know... she know the math though' or my favorite 'I don't have a Queen or Earth... I have a wife.'. Ahem.

Now all of the above are responses to why they aren't at the parliament or around at all so to speak. However, it is my understanding that Allah is seen and heard everywhere so... whom ever you are with is a reflection of you correct? And if that is the case... even if they aren't studying, they should have a basic understanding of who and what God is. Not just saying it to appease you but a TRUE understanding of it. I'm not saying that we are all going to be with Gods or Earth but, it should never be a situation where your other half is NEVER around, NEVER adding on... The basic definition of a Queen is One who BUILDS ALONG SIDE HER GOD. As well... even if you have a Black Woman/ Man... it is for you to bring he/her amongst your a-alikes to at least witness what you're a part of. And if he/she is unwilling to do that... then that is a serious issue.

My questions are - Why is it that Gods/Earths who have put up with 85 characteristics and savagery for years expect that when they get a God/Earth... that he/she needs to be Perfect and be the text book a-alike? Why is it so much easier for God/Earths to accept the ways of 85ers? And should we take those who DO accept those ways and actions as a true reflection of how they are when they are at home?


Q. Civilized Zag


"Yellow Seed" said...

Peace Earth,
Oh I am glad you brought this up. LMAO...I can dig. From my perspective, it's that's many Gods don't know how to educate the blackwoman and bring her to her fullest equality. Some brothers may think that "just because" they are God that they are the said person of that ability, when that is not the case. It's a science a high science and more than slapping a headwrap on her and making her memorize the mathmematics. Unfortunately, it may not be a science transferred to them in the teaching process or one they attempt to kindle out of their own understanding of the mathematics, alphabet and 120 degrees. Others may have attempted and produced "failed experiments", that is, they tried to teach her, but "like a man" or they simply weren't ready for the responsiblity of having a Five Percent woman. They don't take kindly to a woman asking them to show and prove something they do or say, via the math, alphabet or degrees.

So in the end, a lot of brothers simply give up or "compromise" because of their yearning for companionship or simply sex.

I-self, am an elitist when it comes to relationships. I need to have an Earth in my solar system. No exceptions. True and Living Earth at that....I'm not into giving anyone a free pass, and I have mocuh love and respect for the Earths in this Nation because of what ya'll went thru to get here. I know it's not easy being with God.

SV Allah said...

Peace Earth,

This is easily the most critical question facing our Nation in my estimation. I have built with many Gods on this topic and honestly, this is an equation that very few of us have been able to successfully calculate. Speaking for my self, the last relationship that I was in before the current one was with a wisdom who was a Buddhist so naturally we had divergent philosophical worldviews as it pertains to God. I didn't try and force mathematics on her, born u truth I know that her unwillingness to knowledge god had alot to do with our split.

The Queen that I allah master currently seeing is very much magnetized by this math and I allah master currently teaching her the math and alphabets ( we have only been an item for culture months ). I can't say whether or not I will give her 120, not because I don't want to born u truth she still has alot of mystery god belief in her third and I have made it clear to her that she can't be a believer and a knower simultaneously. She has to make the choice for herself so that if she chooses to take this math, she will do so for the plan and not the man. I build with her on degrees and she does speak my language with me which is very much peace. She knows, understands, and has no problem with the science that I am dealing with she just isn't ready to take this on for herself. That being said, as long as we are together she will speak my language and be heavily exposed to my culture. I assure you that we (the Gods), at least the ones that I build with directly, are working on this and building to see more true and living Earths born.


infiniterahe said...

Peace Queen C. Zag,

This is peace topic and I would like to add on my equality. The two previous Gods as well as some other insight that I am aware may and can contribute to a lack of representation from God's counterparts. Simply put, it's not easy.

Speaking for my self, my blackwoman supports who I am and what I am apart of 100%. My Queen has been to events here in our area in Born Mecca. She travelled to her first Family Day in Power Hill this past summer. She has her own little book of life that we are developing. She knows math and we build about it all the time. After she gets home from the justice she talk about problems at work and utilize concepts of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

I definitely knowledge for me it is not easy teach her sometimes because I have one of those women who have forced me back to the drawing board with some of the questions she has raised. The best part is that when I give her an explanation she won't take something that's regurgitated. She only wants my personal understanding. That's peace. The truly best part about dealing with a woman whether she decides to embrace her self as the Earth or Queen in this nation or if she just supports. A real woman will want her man to shine and always be confident and strong in what he deals with.

I think Earths have to make themselves available or open to receiving sisters who might be on the fence when they come to functions. Peace. Big up to the 14th Degree and Beyond. Ya'll Earths are holding it down.


I. Rahe Allah