Sunday, December 7, 2008

Imma Get To That In A Minute...

Peace All -

In light of my previous builds of Marriage and 85 Alive... I pose another question. Why is it so hard for Original People to get a divorce???

I have an Aunt. Married for 20 years... but separated for about 17 of them. LOL. Though she had pressed for a Divorce sooner, she really took this man to court when she wanted to get a house. As funny as it is... this I find is most common among Original People. In my current surroundings I see it most amongst the Gods. Not saying their aren't Earths in the situation but, I haven't seen that much. When a woman is ret to go... she's ret... and she's out - and the paperwork will be on your doorstep in the minimum time alloted to file that (bleep).

I know imma get some flack for this but think about it. People have their estranged spouses and then the person that they have Chosen or want to be with. Tell me what is so difficult about letting go of what is allegedly a dead planet or destroying your cipher?

Is it the money? Because I am sure we could have a separate jug at the Parliaments for a Divorce Fund.Is it the hassle of filling out the paperwork? Is it the it in 120 somewhere? A Plus Lesson Perhaps? I don't know. What I do know is that once you have Knowledge of Self... you are to Know What is Right for yourself, your cipher and the world around you. So why is it so difficult to let go and build from there? Because should something happen to you in the long run...(or short)... the recipient of all your possessions will go not to the one you have Chosen but to the one you left but never totally let go of. The decisions that are to be made should you be hospitalized will not be left to the one who's been giving you food, clothing and shelter for the past umpteen years but, to the one who is long gone and may not care about your best interest.

Just my 6 cents. Please note the original disclaimer in Eboni's 1st build that these views are not those of all the 14th Degree staff but this individual members thoughts.


Queen Civilized Zag

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