Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Say Hello...

Peace -

Since my last post so much has happened. In most recent events was a black out I had on my childs former teacher. What is interesting is that it was easily avoidable. As we all are (most anyway), I am protective over my children. I also teach them that (to quote Jay-Z) "If you owe me $10 you ain't givin' me 9". You buy something, you get what you paid for... or you get your money back.

My daughter made a purchase in school for something to be delivered at a later date. It didn't arrive. My daughter made an inquiry and they said they didn't know what I needed to go to the school because they weren't trying to give her $ back. Eventually, I get in contact with the teacher responsible for the fundraiser and she says that the class rep (who's in 6th grade) gave her all the money and it was all accounted for etc. To which I informed her my daughter had a receipt of sorts and either gets her money back or the item. The teacher felt that was unfair as she would have to give her money out of her pocket. Not my concern. So instead she gave the item to my daughter an reiterated how unfair she felt it was.

Problem solved right? Wrong

The teacher felt the need to be Colombo and ask my daughters homeroom teacher about the purchase and then addressed my daughter (while she was on her way to the bathroom) stating she still felt it was unfair for her to tell her mother that she didn't get her purchase and she didn't feel that was right. **looking around in a WTF face...*** yea.

So I went there this morning and blacked out. You don't approach a child about an issue that is with another adult. This isn't a custody case and your feelings are not my daughters problem. It's between the parent and the teacher. She owes my daughter an apology for making her feel uncomfortable in school by approaching her about an issue she had with me. Needless to say the principal is involved. There is more but I needed to vent that out for now.

Children are taught how to address other children etc and how to handle whatever teasing may come. We also try to guide them in how to avoid or handle conflict. However, when dealing with someone who is a teacher there is a certain level of respect we ask our children to give them (ie. listen in class, don't talk back etc...) , and for them (in my opinion), to abuse that respect by approaching a minor about their hurt feelings or what is not fair in life is disgusting.

Just another few of my 6 cents.


Q. Civilized (most of the time) Zag

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Allah Universal said...


Wow. That's the 1st "rated PG" thought that came to mind reading this...What's beneath the surface of the events that tell a lot though, re: the mentally of this teacher and many others. This teacher showed her unwillingness to give more than the average teacher, re: the "out of pocket expense". Since $ is only a symbol, I bet she doesn't spend much TIME outside of class for her students either, let alone sharing Knowledge beyond the required curriculum. Also her sense of Justice is off center, practically putting a nurse pin & thunder over a child's head, & just being plain unprofessional. She got what was coming to her if you ask me...