Saturday, April 10, 2010

Quality or Quantity?

Peace All -

It's been a while since we have last posted which doesn't mean we have forgotten... not at all. We have been working on the lastest issue of our quarterly mag "The 14th Degree and Beyond" as well as preparing our homes for the changes in season and upcoming events.

As some of you may or may not know - I have been writing music for years. I perform occassionally as well which is extremely theraputic. I find as someone who is into music as not just a culture but as a living breathing thing... I take it more personally. Like when I see real talent washed to the side for whom ever has a sexier image... it's just the truth. Here's one case:

Alicia Keys and India.Arie - Hands down Arie is a better writer and a better singer. Everything she does is deliberate and on point... Not to say Alicia isn't talented it's just I feel that India has more QUALITY. They both came out around the same time. I was living in Chicago then. Alicia Keys may have visited the House of Blues there about 8 times in 3 months....India... only once. Granted - you could say the labels have a say in that however, fans have a voice too.

Arie made it clear with her first Video "She's not the average girl from the video..." and she wasn't changing anything - and I think that scared people. And to this day she hasn't changed. However, when I look at Keys, I notice her image is increasingly sexier and her success increases. She's not her mis matched, braided, Harlemnite lace glove wearing self anymore... she is now big hair, tight pants and glittered belts... with some popped gloss too! lol.

I say all this to say... how much are you willing to change who you are to be accepted by others? Are you willing to become something other then what you say you are in order to make more $$? Or can you be happy with less and stay true to yourself?


QC Zag

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