Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bringing Relief to the Aid of Haiti

Peace Asiatics,

Aside from the joys of new parenthood, it's been solemn times in my household as we focus on the hell our brothers and sisters in Haiti are going through - reading news reports and viewing reflections online. All I can say is, I've never been more relieved NOT to have cable because I would be watching CNN all day and existing in a state of depression (as my mother-in-law called us crying and expressed that that's what she's dealing with from watching video footage of the disaster).

Last week I put together a care package of dozens of baby clothes, some sanitary napkins and diapers but didn't have anywhere to send the goods to. If Doctors Without Borders can't even get their surgical supplies and other equipment - as the US Military, who is regulating Port-Au-Prince's single-runway airport, keeps turning away airplanes; calling themselves prioritizing the order in which they land. What could be more of a priority than life-saving medical equipment?! On top of that it's been reported that tons upon tons of food is trapped in warehouses... WTF!??!

Another thing to consider with this apocalyptic-like disaster is how prepared are we - in our households - to survive and struggle through a natural disaster? Would you/we be starving and dehydrated after less than a week because we don't have a stockade of non-perishable food and purified water? Some of the reasons Haitians are in such desperate condition is (1) their poverty is extreme in comparison to ours, so many people were malnutritioned to begin with (2) they're on a small island which means receiving aid is more difficult because it must come by air or sea and only so many planes can land in a particular time frame and from what I've read their seaport was not functioning (3) their infrastructure was weak and many homes and buildings were erected without the supervision of codes or standards (4) many of the aid workers/organizations were instilled with a fear of the Haitian people and are moving like snails to get them aid because they are anticipating that our people act like savages and (5) with a nearly non-existent corrupt government and the corrupt US government vying for dominance among the countries bringing aid, there are no natural born leaders/citizens of that country to lead the way in organizing efforts to save the people.

I am grateful that one of the Gods out here in Atlanta, Allah Justice Allah, contacted us (The FTP Movement) to join in his efforts to start the Haiti Aid Society (H.A.S. - as it has enabled us to put in work that will, ideally, EVENTUALLY bring relief to the aid of our people, if only in the most minute way. We're also working with a collective of our comrades to put on a massive concert in order to raise gold. If not for these efforts I would be doing nothing but sitting up watching - via my over-priced computer, my free internet, my comfy couch - and stating my criticisms without doing anything to counteract that which I criticize. And really, who AM I to criticize... I said something snide about the fact that some Earths mentioned watching the Golden Globes on facebook and realized I have the time to bulls**t on facebook - SHAME ON ME, what am I doing that's beneficial to the people of Haiti, what am I doing that's productive period?! That's what I should have been focused on, and that's what I urge you to ask yourselves - because we ARE our brothers/sisters keeper and the civilized are responsible for the welfare of original people period!

I know the Earth Beautiful SeeAsia out in Now Justice is working with a collective to put on relief efforts for Haiti out there. Are there any other efforts being put on or supported by the Gods and Earths throughout the wilderness reading this? I know many of us have donated to Wyclef's organization Yele Haiti via texts - which I definitely support regardless of the media reports that they've mis-managed funds which I see as another way for mass media to divide and conquer us. Others still support the Red Cross (regardless of their mis-management of funds donated specifically to Hurricane Katrina relief - just had to throw that out there).

What can we do to bring relief to the aid of our people? Or have we relegated ourself to the role of mere witness?

Eboni Joy Asiatic

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The 14th Degree and Beyond said...


Spoken word poet / artist – Nzingah Oniwosan in FLA just called me to say that she has access to plane with a pilot and clearance to go in and out of Haiti. She has family in critical condition in haiti as well as family who has died.

The problem is $$ for gas as they are transporting medical supplies directly to the people on the ground. The plane can carry 1000 pounds worth of cargo. The other issue is gas for cars on the ground. There is no gas in haiti – she says that on the black market gas is running $100 per GALLON. Ambulances are running out of gas trying to get people where they need to be.

The plane is leaving thursday – however this is an ongoing effort with MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS only going (so nurses & doctors need only apply in the releif team to go to haiti). They will be going to Antigua and Legane – the epicenter of the earthquake where the people are not receiving any assistance right now. Those who go (up to 6 at a time) will be given accomodations but they are not best (they have a house in haiti).

If you are able to assist financially with this effort of OUR people going to help OUR people – contribute by contacting Sister Nzingah

(posted by Eboni Joy Asiatic)