Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Keeping 120 Relevant, or is it?

Peace. First of all, Happy 2010 to all of our readers and followers out there. On behalf of the staff of The 14th Degree and Beyond, we thank you for your support of our Blog and magazine over the last year and a half. We are continuing to build and renew our history with you, for you, and for US as a collective and we build that you continue to ride this wave with us.

In on our last blogs, Eboni Joy asked you all if you still get anything out of our blogs and what, if anything you want to see moving forward. A few of you gave great feedback and we will definitely be looking at the blogtalk radio, and in general, keeping our role in your ciphers relevant. Thinking on that, brought me to another questions (which relatively ties to where we want to go with our magazine) and that is,


For me, I am not memorization guru, and I frequently have to find myself renewing my degrees because I start tripping over them, combining them, or just completely drawing a blank on them. Many of you know what I mean? But what I've found is that in renewing of my own qu'ron, that that is usually the beginning and end of it - memorizing the degrees. I KNOW that we should internalize them, absorb their meaning on different levels, and build on how it applies to us...yadda, yadda, yadda. However, in all honesty, it become redorick after a while. We are in a day when single mothers are not nurturing and rearing their children properly because we are busting our ass 10-12 hours a day just to make sure the basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter are met...with little to no additional support. Our Black Families are crumbling because our Original Men and Original Women who come together in the name of love, still do not know how to sustain it long term, or even how to initiative a serious committed relationship based on communication, trust, and devotion. Our Original Men are struggling to find employment in this economy, while still struggling to support their babies, women, and selves by progressing themselves through education or trade training. How in the world can 120 help with these daily challenges we face?

I can't tell the next God or Earth how to keep 120 relevant for them and some would answer questionably whether it even is or not. However, what I DO know is, that arguing over whether the knowledge knowledge degree of the 1-14 says "shall" or "will" won't teach your babies or keep the rent paid... but rather, the degree itself may be able to help you set realistic goals for 2010, start looking at GED or University programs and scholarship opportunities to pay for them. UNDERSTANDING the degree may help you find ways to improve the relationship between you and your mate by re-affirming your bond and commitment to each other, or attending a couples retreat together.

As the times change, so must our ability to apply change within our ciphers. When I look at my lessons now, I tend to spend equal, if not more, time on how the degree will help me better myself and my family in more practical terms, rather than just simply memorizing words on the 4 corners of a page.


Add on.

Victorious Lanasia Earth

PS - Also, stay tuned for our Winter 2009-2010 14th DEGREE AND BEYOND Magazine...out this month!!


Anonymous said...

Peace. i come in the name of Islam7 Allah. Our foundation is Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabets. These are the tools that we have to constantly keep sharpened. The key is to use these tools to unlock and reveal the jewels within 120 and any other text for that matter that will allow you to preserve the Best Part for yourself. I know it may be cliche but you really do have to apply the lessons to yourself. Peace

DUZE 1 said...

This is Divine Universal Allah, from Philly. I will always see 120 as relevant in my cipher and the nations. In the simple quotation we find a universal system of discipline. It take a disciplined mind to correctly quote any verse, in the higher execution of this system we not only self check our foundation and basic abilities, we also have a guide or measure to which to hold one another to.
This is one of the only ways we have of verifying the discipline among ourselves.

I.G. said...

This is Infinite God Allah from Love Allah. 120 has Supreme relveance "IF" applied correctly. If one can not relate it to there cipher that shows and proves they haven't fully internalized the lessons. Yes reading the lessons like some essay on face value will have no benefit for here and now pertaining to food, clothing and shelter. We must find the jewel in the lessons that pertain to us "individually!" Should we bicker about the difference of a word in a lesson? Now cipher. But the memorization under cee allah power is rudimentary to be applied to our culture in it's totality.Peace