Wednesday, December 2, 2009

When are they ready for our teachings?

Peace Fam,

This conversation has been coming up a lot for me lately. I have been hearing of people who say that they would not teach their children Supreme Math and Supreme Alpha when they are "so young". I am wondering when is the right age in your opinion to teach children Supreme Mathematics? Supreme Alphabets? 120? Would you include the 12 Jewels? Why Why Not? and When is the right time to teach them that?

Also, One God told me that he would not teach his daughter 120 since those degrees were meant for The Black Man here in the Wilderness to prepare him to go back and get his woman but that he would make sure that she knows the 14th degree in the 1-14. What is your opinion on that? Is it necessary for our daughters to learn 120? Is there more of an emphasis on our sons learning it than our daughters? He said that he would also not teach his son unless his son asked to learn it and that he wasnt held responsible to teach until he was 16 anyway. What are your thoughts?



Allah Universal said...


I'm gonna start off by saying to each their own, I don't have a "program" for anothers' household, and I judge not what they do. Disclaimer out the way, here goes...

My direct answer is that there's no set right age, it depends completely on the child as a person who will be an adult and needs to learn how to make their own decisions. I'm here to guide them in that, not "make" them do what I want them to (apply discipline when needed, of course).

Before I had children, I was of the mind that they would be given this Science from the moment they were born from the womb, even while in the womb, planted into their subconscious minds so that they would be affected by it their whole lives. Also, that they would start getting degrees the day they turned 6 years old (22*, 1-40). And to a degree, that's what's been done so far. I refuse to do it by force though, they aren't robots and shouldn't be treated as such...

I grew in my understanding once they started speaking...They made me grow, and I came to realize that they are individuals just as we adults are, and we only got it (those of us not born with 5% parents) when WE were ready for it! Why should it be any different with them? I've heard horror stories of these teachings practically being forced on some when they were babies (a lot of them rebelled & turned away from it because of that), and had to ask the question, what makes that any different than religion being forced on a child (8*, 1-36)?
As a parent, One has to look at one's own underlying motives in ALL dealing with their Babies..."Am I doing this because I want to say that my children are better than anothers'?", or "Am I doing this bc I want to impress other 5%ers @ the Parliaments & the Show & Prove?", or do I truly think that this is the Best for my Babies???

My stance is currently to continue to give them the Science piecemeal as I have been, primarily by example, also in casual conversation, and all other ways possible (General Civilization). The details can come as we go. Aside from that, it's real simple, just to let them Be themselves (13*, 1-36), & & give them what they need to grow, because that's what this is all about...When (not if) they are ready they know EXACTLY where to come in THEIR Own Good Time (39*, 1-40), no question about that.

For me, this is no religion, and shouldn't be treated as such, no force @ all, no roping in, no indoctri-nation. It's all about the Babies, and their growth & development. When they are ready, they will ask...When the parent is True & Living, it's in their Babies' DNA, there's no need to rush what's already natural...We all know what too much sunlight or water does to a plant...

Peace...Allah Universal

Allah Universal said...

P.S...I call this "method" Separation of Church & Nation, 7 planned to give my see on this topic...will be publishing that blog real soon...Peace...Au

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

I Know 120. Why would I not want my children, male and female, to Know 120?

Children are in a process of learning all through childhood. I do not see the harm in teaching them as soon as they show an aptitude for retention.

Original Thought Meta-zine said...

I have 3 babies born in this nation and I taught them S.M. and S.A. ever since they could walk and talk. Our job is to drop the seed! My oldest sun is 16 and now he understands clearly S.M.,S.A. and 120. Mind you, all the previous years he would quote for me with no understanding- YET when he did get older enough, it was like he remembered everything I taught him. Understanding comes in time- how long depends on the individual, yet my job is to make 19 and everything else will fall into place. I wouldn't push it on the babies, for we are not a religion. Yet, how does god NOT teach? Everything I say I draw it up mathematically so that they can see. Of course they are not going to see everything at first, yet one day while they are going through something, the memory will appear and they will be like" Oh, this is what my ole dad was building about. S.M. is so basic, how can we not teach our young. Even oif they don't quote it, I still ask them things like" did you do the knowledge first?" repitetion is everything and understanding comes in time. The sun always shine though.
Peace Critique Allah

I Victory said...

Peace Queen.

I can't believe that no one has posted a comment about this yet. Being that we so much "for the babies" and since the "understanding is the best part", I am shocked that none of the Gods nor Earths have posted anything about these questions. They seem to me to be very important and I would have loved to see what folks opinions are on the matter.

I self personally don't have any children so I didn't feel the most qualified in answering said questions and was anxiously awaiting others responses as I have had these questions posed to me before and likewise am curious as well. Again having no seeds myself nor raising anyone else's I'm not qualified to give an adequate answer.

I would assume that if we truly subscribe to Mathematics having both a quantitative and a qualitative side to it, wouldn't you want the child learning both at the same time?? To me that would be the path of least resistance and seems to me to be the wisest direction to take. As the child is learning the foundation of mathematics shouldn't they be learning both sides of the coin simultaneously? What would be the advantage of not doing so? What would be the rationale in not doing so?

And while we're at it, why wouldn't we want the child the learn a qualitative side to the alphabets they will most likely be using in a language for the rest of their lives. Would we rather our fruit to learn "A is for Apple" prior to or instead of learning "A is for Allah"?

Even if its to help them with familiarizing them to memorize these letters (sans a few which may cause confusion i.e. C,O,U and perhaps a few more) I think I would much rather have my child equating "T is for Truth" before "T is for Toy".

I don't know about you, but it would seem to me that teaching them these things AFTER they learn something else will have them learning either the half of a whole truth or worse would be stunting their growth and mental development.

Do we not want the youth surpassing us in all aspects? Do we not want our next generation in this nation being REAL Scientists, REAL Builders and Real MASTERS and RULERS? If this knowledge we learn is so good for us now, why not feed this to them at the crucial time when the foundation of their education is being laid. I find it disgusting that a God or Earth who could muster out his/her mouth that he/she Sincerely Loves Allah's Mathematics would negate or hold out on teaching this to their babies, at at least the age when they are learning about Math and learning to spell, read and write.

Yo I could go on and on about this, pardon self, I'm getting all worked up.As to the second paragraph there is so much that I would like to comment on but will run out of space in this comment submission.

In regards to the Lessons, the intent of the authors was that the entire 19 million "should know ALL of this By Heart. It is all his and her own." I repeat ALL HIS AND HER OWN!!

Back to the quote..."The Time is ripe for us to Re-claim our own, which is knowledge, understanding and a high civilization. We all are equipped physically and mentally to accomplish the said, above, with little study - young, old, men, women and children."


I Victory

Anonymous said...

Peace- I come in the name of Life Allah and in answer to the question, I would say if the parents are ready, willing and able to teach other young people the first thing is to teach our own. I have equality seeds, my oldest is 21 and my youngest is 4 years old. My young God Justice knows his Supreme Mathematics at 4 years old. Why is this important because if you teach a child the way they should go, when the grow up they will not stray away from what they have been taught. In this day and time we must teach our babies because the devil is teaching them daily in schools through television,video games etc. We have to show them the way when they are young. If you wait until they are 6-16 then this is yacub way of teaching. We the GODS, do not force this on our babies however we prepare our babies to survive in a world that is based upon trick knowledge, so we give them the real knowledge so that they can have the hindsight, insight and forsight to grow and development properly. PEACE