Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Continued Education

Peace -

Recently I have decided to go back to school... and I am studying for my assessment tests... yikes. It is interesting that there is so much that I have forgotten. I remember speaking to myfriend a while back and he said that a few of his friends and he had taken the GED Practice test on a whim and everyone tested at a 9th or 10th grade level. lol. But when you think about that... it is not so strange.

Once you have been OUT of school for 10 years or more how would you remember the dates of everything from Social Studies or Science... and that got me to thinking. Why don't they make the testing for re-admittance to college more life skilled based. On things that you use on a regular basis? Ofcourse there should be things in the writing, math and literature sections that should be known from HS however, Social Studies and Science? If those aren't a part of your daily life or what you are striving to have a career in... should those be included in the testing?

Now, my assessments are on just English and Math but... I had those questions in my mind so I thought I would put them out there.


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