Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tell Us How You See It

Peace Asiatics,

This is the first "Tell Us How You See It" questions we asked in our Autumn 2009 Issue "WISDOM REVOLUTION: Still In Balance". Your answers - unless you state that you do not want them shared in the magazine - will appear in the next, Winter 2009-10, issue.

So build with us...

1. What is a Black Woman's responsibility to her Black man?

I'll state my understanding (which won't be published since I'm a staff writer as it is), and it's based on my responsibility to MY Black man as I know he wants it to be, as is inherent in me as a woman, and as I choose them based on my interests and abilities. To be respectful, supportive - and by that I mean it's often falls on the woman to take action (wisdom) to manifest - or help manifest - his ideas, make and keep a peaceful and nurturing home environment, to raise our children in accord with his/our teachings and ideals, to carry myself - and partake in actions - that command respect abroad, to be compromising, to tell him what I need (rather than rely on him to guess), to choose my words carefully, and work cooperatively to maintain our relationship and kingdom.

Eboni Joy Asiatic

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Queen Sheeba Earth said...

Peace it’s your sister Queen Sheeba Earth! Now I’ve been with my God for a long time and over the years my responsibilities increased and decreased as seen fit by the family cipher. B.U.T my view on my personal responsibility to him has stayed the same and in turn I have been blessed with love, peace and happiness. All praise due to Allah! The black woman’s responsibility to her black man is to make him sincerely satisfied and happy that he chose to walk through life with her. Cook his food with love. Raise your babies with care. Keep yourself fresh, clean, and physically fit. Keep your mental sharp. With that I say peace!