Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wisdom Revolutions...10371/3

Peace -

It has been a year since the first issue of the 14th Degree and Beyond Renewal and I am just now getting a groove. Perhaps for me it took longer then some however - everyone has their own time. When I look at the various builds from each member of the staff I can always tell who wrote each... and that's before I even look at the authors; because each style is so unique.

I also noticed that I am more of the comedian or sarcastic portion of staff - that has been my position for a lot of my life and - I'm just about done. I don't know if anyone has ever experienced such a change within themselves that it's literally felt, but I had that a couple weeks ago and I am still getting a handle on the next steps that need to be done. With that being said - I will move on to my topic.

During the Earth cipher this past weekend I had submitted some questions that were brought to me by the God I-Build from Newark NJ. (Please see Below):

1) What does Equality mean between a black man and black woman in a relationship
2) How would you want to be treated by your black man?
3) Does he have to be God?

The last question brought various responses because there were some who were in relationships with God and others who weren't and those who weren't in a relationship with anyone else at all.

What interested me most about the build was how it related to that days mathematics of knowledgeunderstanding abbt culture/freedom. In building on the days math the Earth Victorious Lanasia and Creazion made a very good points that in order to add on to any cipher that you must master yourself. Your insecurities, your wants and your needs... you need to have a full understanding of who you are to yourself in order to teach and Live this culture freely and right and exact.

When we know and accept our selves as Earth and acknowledge the blackman as God with no hesitation... that is when we are at our fullest equality. Because we have have looked in and discovered our poor, worst and best parts... and come to terms with all of it. I can find beauty in my poor part because it gives me room to grow. I find strength in my Worst part because it has strengthened me... and my best part is my reward. In knowing these things of myself (and perhaps of yourselves) how is it that the Earth comes to be with anyone BUT God...? I will refer to a excerpt of a build I had in the Autumn 2008 issue of 14th Degree:

When God KEEPS a home… he makes sure that
either side has a true knowledge of who each
other is… not only to each other… but to
themselves. Because this is knowledge of SELF
not ’Knowledge of the dude/chick I’m dealin wit
who says he/she’s God/Earth so let me get my
righteous on’. When God keeps a home… he is
strong enough to say when he is weak, when he’s
wrong, when he loves you and the seeds, when he
needs you and the seeds, when holds you and the
babies, when he provides in every aspect he says
that he will; when he puts Home first beforeanything else.

That’s how you KEEP a home

But the question is... what if he isn't and there is someone whom is part of the 85% that is? And should a true and living God come in the picture who provided that... would you leave the person not living this culture? Prior to being with the God King Civilized Allah I was dating someone not in the nation... but, when the true and living God came in to the picture, he had me seeing through cataract eyes... there was no one else - because I LIVE him... I LIVE his Math... and what other foundation could hold as strong as that? I beg your pardon, I've never heard of one.

Todays Mathematics is Knowledge Equality abbt God. As I said before when we know who we are and live our positions daily that is when we at our fullest equality... because we are Living Mathematics.
16:1-40 Who are the 5% on the poor part of the planet Earth? Ans. They are the poor righteous teachers who do not believe in the teachings of the 10%. Who are all-wise and know who the true and living God is. Who teach that the Almighty true and living God is the Son of Man the Supreme Being, Blackman of Asia. Who teaches freedom, justice and equality to all the human families of the planet Earth. Otherwise known as Civilized people. Also Muslim and Muslim Sons.

There are times unfortunately when it seems some of the Gods (and Earths) math is off though... because if you are not showing that equality to your own can you teach it to others. Below is another excerpt from that same build in the 14th Degree:

A God is not only to be kept…but so is the Earth.
Whom is God without someone to TRULY build
along side him and born his understanding…
mentally and physically? He must make sure that
we not only KNOW who he is but see his ways
and actions that support such and want to reflect
that divinity… because then… the out come… the
acceptance is what creates a peaceful union
because you know that what and who you are
living …is true… and just… and not just right… but
right and exact. He understands that we are
strong enough to hold him when he his weak but
we need to be held too. That we will support his
endeavors but we need his support… that we will
maintain and build in the home that is ours… but
he needs to secure the foundation. That we will
fulfill him in as many ways as we can and he
should strive to do the same - and that you can’t
expect more of someone else… then you are
willing to give of yourself.

…in what other ways
does God Sew? By keeping the home together. So
when there is a rift, a tear, something is ‘broken’
he is there to help heal and mend it. God Cooks
because we (2 and 3) are the ingredients that
make up the cipher that he puts together…we are
what makes his Peace… of mind, body and heart.
Most importantly how a man acts at home and
abroad is directly reflected by his mate and
eventually his seeds. If God cant’ refine himself
and the solidarity that binds his cipher when he
iw amongst other planets and even other entity’s
in general… how can he teach your cipher to do
that when we are challenged? If your ways and
actions outside of your cipher are thrown in our
faces by those who see you act other then what
we know to be yourself… what then? It is that
confusion that lies in so many ciphers because by
nature the black man is God… and once he
accepts that responsibility…there are expectations

of him just as there are of the Earth

The responsibility of the Cipher is on Each part... and it's my opinion that when we see and experience examples of those who are to be LIVING this culture act other then what we know to be right an exact - on a continuous basis - it breaks down a foundation that wasn't secure in the first place. So why not be with some one who will secure you - even if they aren't of this culture? And if they are willing to learn of your way of life and not force theirs on you... is it wrong?

Just some thoughts... feel free to add on.

And with that - I say Peace

Queen Civilized Zag


usupreme said...

Peace. Obviously it's up to the woman to choose whether or not to deal with a man who has not recognized himself as God. Most people would like to be in a relationship and start a family. If a true and living God is not available, what should she do? Assuming that she isn't willing to relocate to where a God resides. It's like if one were trapped in a freezer with nothing but pork, do they starve to death? Or how long before they decide to consume it? I see it like this. If a woman decides to be in that situation, she should go into it with the understanding that nevertheless, he still is the leader of his family and she must be willing to accomadate to whatever cultural paradigm he decides for his family, whether it be christian, muslim, hebrew, whatever. If you already find this unsettling, than it probably wouldn't work. If you don't find it unsettling, are you truly representing this math now? But one can't judge until you understand what position a person is in. Not to say that as an Earth you'd necessarily have to adhere to his ideology. But it might mean celebrating religious holidays or cooking him ham. Or what if you are with someone who claims he's G.O.D. but then makes the switch to something else and you have children together, what do you do then? It's different than knowingly going into that possible situation, but it could occur nonetheless. If as a woman, you feel that your clock is ticking, and you can deal with all of that, than you are the best knower in that situation. Also in all fairness, don't let the opportunity of a God who has made himself known to you be a factor in your relationship with this man especially if he has put time in or you have children together. Let the direction of that relationship flow with how things are going on there.

Another option, which I wrote in a post@ ,is to maybe add on to a cipher of a God who is willing and capable to add you on. Contrary to opinion, a man differs from a woman and should not be judged about what he can do to a woman's standards. It may not be possible for a woman, but a man can love more than one woman equally. Equally not meaning the same but just. As long as there's understanding and SELFISHNESS doesn't rear it's ugly head. There poses another question. Would you rather be alone or deal with an 85er than with a God who could handle the situation? Or if your with a God would you invite your SISTER to add on to the family instead of that situation? Or would jealousy, selfishness, and insecurities get in the way? This would be the epitomy of being a true sister would it not? If he says he can handle it, and you oppose it, what does that say about you recognizing him as God Allah and the best of knowers? Or is it more rhetoric than actually knowing it?

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

To me Equality in a relationship is where all parties work to complete the Cipher. It doesn’t necessarily have to be 50/50it could be 35/65 or even 15/85 if the parties involved are amenable to the arrangement.

And at this point in my life I don’t have the patience to deal with a consort who is not God. It’s easier for the family if all the parties are on the same page. I don’t want to send my child off with her father to find out later that she celebrated her baptism by eating a pig ear sandwich. From my experience an 85 man will usually have a problem with you calling another man “God” if he doesn’t see himself that way. But to each her own.



Peace Queens,

Equality between a blackman and blackwombman in a relationship is each the man and wombman doing what is in their fullest capability to ensure the success of their bond and their children. It's not 50/50 like a two way street; instead it is 100/3. As in each one giving their unique 100% to the union and expecting 3% back. In a relationship you don't open a tab at the beginning of the union and expect a payout at some later date. You must truly be in it to win it. Each one has their unique responsibility as MAN and WOMBMAN. MAN keeping WOMBMAN steady, WOMBMAN perpetuating and trusting his will to guide their unified success. Together they create an unyielding force that will ensure the perpetual success of the family. If an Original Blackman can do that (with all that goes into this process) then he is GOD. GOD is more than a title; it is a divine responsibility. Some GODs receive this knowledge and know it is in their ability to be GOD, but don't know how to be GOD because they never learned how to be a MAN first. In time we grow and we all need patience in our own growth as well as with others. Still, I choose my non-religious, self fulfilled, confident MAN than a GOD who is still growing into the Man he wants to be.

Genially Green Earth

I-Build said...

Peace to my Universal family and all the human families on the planet earth observing and adding on to this blog! This topic is quite interesting and maybe sensitive to some. Does a God have to be in a relationship with an Earth and vice versa to experience love, peace, and happiness? I must say no, although that type of relationship will be conducive to one's mental growth and development i.e.- steel sharpen steel or "going through it (the degrees) with one another. Born you truth, does that mean you will be happy. There are many aspects to a relationship, regardless if a difference of culture(s) exist. For example, are the two mentally, emotionally, and physically compatible with one another? Are the two willing to negotiate to resolve conflict? These are just a few questions that should be asked. The foundation of any relationship begins with communication, however respect is the life line to a healthy relationship. Regardless to whom or what, God only mean man and Earth is only a woman (yes there is more science to those two terms that can be further explained in another build/blog lol). On average, every man and woman is similar. For example, piss a woman off and watch her reactions and to all you women challenge a man's authority and observe his reaction. Therefore, it doesn't matter if a God has a Earth or an Earth has a God- I never observed any relationship whereby no ups and downs or petty disputes did not occur. As for myself, it's about respect and compromise. My issue with women, whom I'm in a relationship with at that time, is always physical compromise and compatibility. In other words, I have a high sex drive and I see it like this if a woman is not menstruating then whenever possible we should have sex regardless to how many times a day I want "it". Born you truth, I realize that every woman will not have a high sex drive or want to have sex more than twice a day. So that mean you have to respect your mate and be willing to compromise if this is the person you love and want to be with. In short, it doesn't really matter, at the end of the day, if you and your mate are of different walks of life. As long as you are at peace and happy move forward with your mate. Is not peace and happiness your ultimate reward, for those who are in the know-know? Honestly, there are God and Earth relationships that are abusive, physically and mentally, just like there are relationships where the couple is unlike to one another that is abusive as well. Remember Mecca is where you make it and if you make your Mecca with an unlike so be it as long as you at peace (on all levels) and happy that's the bottom line. Let your wisdom build early in your relationship and then you both will add your knowledge to your mate cipher and ultimately your knowledge will be her knowledge and vice versa (that's knowledge knowledge) then the two of you will become one and be able to walk with each other every step of the way with each other and keep your language and experience longevity and happiness.
Peace Family,
I-Build Allah