Thursday, September 24, 2009

Raw Food-ing

Peace -

Recently I have been experimenting with the raw food I have learned a few things like replacing brown rice with bulgar wheat and using nutrional yeast instead of soy cheese in some instances. I also learned that raw corn is much sweeter then cooked corn

While I don't plan on becoming a raw foodist in the near future however, I would like to learn some more meal replacements other then my normal salad or bulgar wheat mixed with kale basil and red onions.... any suggestions?

I was in whole foods and saw some people making paste with seeds... could that be used for cakes or "burgers"?

What equipment would your recommend for the kitchen? What staple foods should be kept to make? What benefits have you noticed since becoming a raw foodist and how and why did you make this decision to change? Are there any sites you would recommend?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Q. Civilized Zag



Peace Queens,

A great site to use if looking for RawFood Recipes or just living food information is:

Some staple foods that I like to have on a regular basis are Quiona, Buckwheat, Couscous, all kinds of greens from Watercress, Baby spinach, bok choy and sprouts, and of course your seasonal fruits and raw nuts and seeds that can be sprouted.

To eat raw food, it's good to have a high powered blender, like a VitaMix. While it's very expensive for a kitchen appliance, it will last a lifetime, it's a great product. Also you'll need a food processor, a cutting board, some knives of course, and maybe even a dehydrator.

Preparing Raw Food is much faster than cooking any meal and it's much easier on your body. It's really not just hype, you can feel difference. That is what did it for me, the relief you have from eating a healthier diet cannot be described in words. I used to have a lot of joint pain, in my knees. I can't remember the last time my knees have given me trouble.

The thing about eating Raw Food is preparation, planning meals in advance makes the process much easier. And the seed pate can be used for a lot of things, for me I've used it as a pie crust plenty of times. Almond paste and dates go very well as a crust for a raw apple pie. With raw food the possibilities are endless, you'll see on the website (above) all the recipes that people have come up with!

Genially Green Earth

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Must haves for you kitchen is a dehydrator, blender, food processor and juicer. Without those its hard to really experience the full raw-foodism of it all.

I have flirted on and off with it for the last 4 or more years. You feel amazing if you can keep it up. I like meals not just fruit and veggies and it can take days to prepare 1 meal.

The 14th Degree and Beyond said...

Peace - Thank you both for your input!!! I have all sorts of greenery and new spices etc in my kitchen but not my own blender nor dehydrater.

I will definitely check out that site and see what can be made for the week. I want to start with at least 2 or 3 raw days a week...