Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Universal Elevation


In every attempt to assist all in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Maternal Luminous and I have established a means to elevate in a universal way, meaning, we all come together in multiple ways for support. In what ways, you ask? Over facebook (and other sites). Many have been fasting on Wednesdays and also particpiating in Fruitarian Friday started by the Queen Jael Divine. Well, we've added to the entire week so there is organization and planning put into each day.

Sunday - Sensational Salads Sunday - Either incorporate fun salads during your fay, with or without other meals - Be creative with your choices
Monday - Meditation Monday - Take time out to focus mor ethan normal - Deal with refinement
Tuesday - Training Tuesday - Exercise more than normal. Take stairs more, visit the gym, walk during lunch, dance, etc.
Wednesday - Water Wednesday - Feel Free to include tea - Fast from food and drink only water, but if you choose not to fast from food, please strive to include water this day and every day.
Thursday - Thoughtful Thursday - Give random acts of kindness/gratitude - Bring a smile to the face of others and appreciate what you have.
Friday - Fruitarian Friday - Meaning eat only fruits seeds/nuts only on this day. Ok, I guess if you have a hard time with this and need to build up to just fruits seeds/nuts, add a salad for dinner. Shhhhh... I won't tell.
Saturday - Scientific Saturday - Study a particular field of science or a piece of history and share it/blog about it.

Please help spread the word!


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