Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Teaching the Babies Our Teachings - Repost


Fortunately, I am blessed to have children who were born to 2 parents with knowledge of self and living in this culture. They learn from us by watching us and building with us, how to be a righteous young God and righteous young Earth. It just seems so natural.

A few years ago, I ran into a God who had knowledge of self years before I did, and he told me that his daughter just "borned" herself, which meant to him that she just turned 9 years old. He said that he wanted her to start learning Supreme Math and Supreme Alphabets. This child lives with her mother who is an 85%, so I wonder why he would wait until she was 9 to start teaching her our way.

I know that it can be difficult to raise children in this nation when both parents are living this way of life and especially when only one parent has this knowledge. So, my question to you is...

For those of us raising babies in this way of life and even those who have not yet had children,

At what age should we start teaching our children Supreme Mathematics? What method (s) have you used to help them grasp this knowledge, and that of the Supreme Alphabet and 120 Lessons?

Also, for those of us who have children with an 85%, how do you manage to maintain your teachings and how effective do you think they are in opposition with the other parent's teachings?


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Sun Ruler said...


I teach my wisdom degree year old sun while we walk to his daycare. I sing the enlightener at times also while we walk to daycare or coming back home. He knows that Daddy, his older brother (who has ADHD) and himself are the original man and that mommy is the original woman. I'm pretty sure he will ask why he is "the original man" one day. I will not force feed him. I let him take his time because children always asks questions, especially since he is at the wisdom degree (2 years old). At the knowledge degree (1 years old) he was doing the knowledge to see how to function in this world (especially with his own body) and getting to know many people (family memebers, friends of his dad or mom). I don't force this knowledge on him because he will be curious anyway as to why I say this or do that. All things come in - TIME. He shows me the moon during the day when most people least expect to see it, even me. He points to the sky in the sky during a certain time of every month and says "Daddy Look, the Moon!" And smack dab in the sky is the Moon. It's amazing how children can do the knowledge themselves without force feeding them, also I don't see force feeding women neither, especially about me being God. I rather teach her that she is the Queen of the universe and forget about who I am until she understands who she is first and foremost because I already know who I am. The same with my suns.

Sun Ruler