Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tell Us How You See It (there is NO wrong answer)

Peace Asiatics!

So, as we've said before, every issue of The 14th Degree and Beyond features a series of questions, along with answers from the previous issue's questions, called "Tell Us How You See It" in which our readers give us their understanding regarding a particular question we've posed.

Unfortunately, we've received only one answer... YES, ONE PATHETIC ANSWER... to the series of questions posed in our Summer 2009 "Show and Prove" Issue of The 14th Degree and Beyond Magazine. So I'm posting ALL of the questions for your review below.

If you don't want anyone but us - the staff - to read your answers you are welcome to send them to us at, or you can respond annonymously. If you'd like us to acknowledge you for sharing your understanding, please post it as a comment.

Your answer WILL appear in the Autumn 2009 Issue of the magazine - that is of course you specifically ask us not to print it then we will certainly honor your request.

So the tell us how you see it questions we need YOUR input on are:

1) What does being a "Vegan" mean to you – is it a dietary law (way of eating) or a cruelty-free lifestyle?

2) Have you heard of the “Theory of Relativity” as it pertains to 120 Lessons (relating the day’s degree in each set of lessons to each other – ex. Building on the wisdom degree of the 1-10, 1-14, 1-36, 1-40, actual facts and solar facts and relating all of those degrees to one another, and also, if able, relating them to degrees that deal with wisdom or degrees with numbers that born out to wisdom/2)? Do you practice this technique, why or why not? And what are some of the benefits and some of the hindrances of building on the “Theory of Relativity” – could it lead to gaining a broader understanding of the lessons or it is just a tool of confusion? (See the article by I Be Asia Peace Earth in our “Builders Build” section for more information on the “Theory of Relativity”.)

3) At what age should we start teaching our children Supreme Mathematics? What method(s) have you used that helps them to grasp this knowledge, and that of the Supreme Alphabet and 120 Lessons?

4) What is your all-time favorite memory of "Show and Prove” past?

Peace... and we appreciate every response we get!
Eboni Joy Asiatic


maya said...

Peace Asiatics!

I have experienced Show & Prove in '08 & '09. My all time favorite memory - since I've only been there twice- is the young lady that did poetry and was already on her way to college at such a young age. I did not get her name or any other information from her or her father.

I loved witnessing so much intelligence and confidence flow out of what most would perceive as just another black girl until one bears witness to her wisdom.

I also enjoyed watching Sci-honor's babies do their thing. It reminded me of my son. At the time he was 4 and all he ever wanted to listen to was the enlightner that they had performed.


Sun Ruler said...

) What does being a "Vegan" mean to you – is it a dietary law (way of eating) or a cruelty-free lifestyle?

Vegan is law to those who need to rebuild their body to adapt to a certain environment. It becomes a lifestyle once we add on to it as a way of life but ONLY long enough to rebuild our bodies to its normal state. I'm sure our bodies are different than, let's say...1,000's of years ago due to the climate and atmosphere (cleaner air and minds). Thus we would need to rely more on certain vitamin and minerals than we had to 1000's of years ago. I'm sure eating meats at certain intervals did not hurt us as much as it does today, especially since we eat them more than we needed and that the animals has been mixed, diluted and tampered with. (I personally only eat whiting, flounder and salmon, yes I admit, ocassionally cheese and bread for my homemade veggie grinder..."smacking lips")

The best way to know theory of relativity is putting those degrees within your own life experiences or experiences you seen others go through. It can only confuse those if they're not speaking their language. In other words, something they can relate to. Just as when deejay's now make mixtapes by playing the original samples of one's favorite rap artists. It teaches how hip hop and oldies (from Lou Donaldson to EWF) relate to each other (regardless of how many years they are apart from each other) and how they can be useful land. Thus when doign that with lessons (even life lessons) it has to be according to what degree they're on, especially what level of experience/understanding in one's life. This is why I love listening to those from the 70's; 60's, 50's etc. Because they become the useful land for the original man (me). As far as degrees it's good to exercise your brain powers (memory) and teaches the one doing the knowledge to understanding how EVERYTHING is interdependent, which is the meaning of U-N-I-Verse.

Children should be taught from the cradle. Even while they are in their mother they are absorbing from the sounds they hear coming from outside their mother. My sun loves james brown and p-funk because me and his mother used to listen to them. I called him SUN of man since birth, eventhough his name is Sundiata. The method I used is just by talking to him as if I was talking to like normal conversation and I may say a word or two that I'm sure he will ask what does it mean. He let him do the knowledge himself and ask on his OWN time. Children are natural observers. Thus that's how I let him learn by doing the knowledge (looking, listening, learning, observing and respecting everything within his cipher).

My favorite time at show and prove was my 1st show and prove in 2001, when I got to meet all the Gods and Earths I built with in those Yahoo groups back in 99 and 2000.

(Now looking at the camera saying..."And That's How I See It!"...then wink an eye)

Sun Ruler