Thursday, August 20, 2009

Needs vs Wants

Peace Peace Peace -

I currently have a business and a job... and it is definitely hard when you can see the potential of what you're trying to achieve yet... still dealing with what is currently making ends meet, and putting food on the table.

I remember my mom telling me that she had taken jobs that she couldn't stand but - did it because she had us and we needed stability. I know that what I am working towards will succeed but for now... I need to put up with ugly customer attitudes and a mute button to prevent them from hearing a curse out.

So here is to everyone doing what the NEED to do... so that eventually ... they can do what they WANT...


Queen Civilized Zag


As I Cee It said...

I am right with you... i really want what i want to do, what i enjoy and my passion to turn intp what feeds my family... lots of work but so worth it!


AsE!!! To that Zag . . . that's me all day. It is success in longevity that will secure one's future.

Conquering the temporary obstacles so that we can create, attain, and maintain what we truly desire.