Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Veggies sure taste good.... but why am I still tired???

Peace -

I noticed that in the nation - I have seen that more Gods are keeping Fit then the Earths... it's just my personal observation. Being that we are the primary caregivers (in Most Cases) to our children... it is important for us to be just as concious in our personal dietary AND physical needs. Just because we are vegans and vegetarians doesn't meant that we are automatically cleansed and healthy... we need to combine that with exercise as well.

So I am proposing and Body Boot camp so to speak. Not to lose weight necessarily... but to get PHYSICALLY healthy so we can be around our Children and our families longer.

I know that we can't all work out together but - even if we start a weekly conference call or Status update (either Via Facebook or Twitter) on our progress, what we found helped us, or to reach out for encouragement... I think that would be helpful. this is just my personal thought.

As a matter of fact... I am going to start a group at my Site SPGM. It will be called The Body Boot Camp. Your input would be appreciated and welcomed.
Feel free to start one of your own or if we decide FB or TW or another site would be better... we could do it there:)

If you would be interested in something like let's all get together and... help each other out... universally.

Should you have further ideas or suggestions on how this could be more effective please share.


Q. Civilized Zag


I Victory said...

Peace Queen.

I just wanted to shout you out and give some words of encouragement as well as stating how great of an idea this is.

I just recently have started to try and pay more attention to my health and start being more physically active.

After smoking trees for so many years straight (and I mean MANY yo), I decided to take a break and put the dutches down for a little while; don't know if it'll only be days, months or years (I know that's opposite how the degree states it but need to be honest with myself and do it one day at a time, one month at a time and perhaps may will let it go a year or two).

This is no disrespect at all to any of the Queens out there, but I have always wondered how is it that there is seemingly so many Earths who subscribe to the vegetarian or vegan diet and yet are overwieght or seem to be? I've personally attributed it not to overeating but lack of physical exercise.

I applaud your initiative and hope the Earths out there participate right along with you. Long live the Gods and Earths...literally long LIVE the Gods and Earths.


I Victory

Anonymous said...


I think working out as a collective, sharing each others training schedules and workout program and building on it daily is a good idea for encouragement and positive reinforcement sake.

I don't understand where the "single parent grind" comes in at.

If we are supposed to be Gods and Earths and our universe's complete, and we ourselves knowledgeable then we know that it takes God and Earth to create the child and it takes God and Earth to raise the child. So how are we single in that effort (even if we don't have a man in the house)?

I think promoting single parenthood is part of the devil's civilization and support of their plan to divide and conquer us.

Calling the group "single parent grind" also excludes Earths who are not "single parents" because they are either in the household with their God or they don't have children at all.

Be inclusive. That's a suggestion I can offer. And don't wait for others to share their testimony to start working out. If you know you need the exercise then put the knowledge to action and just do it.


Zag said...


The Single Parent Grind is not to separate or promote a devilish civilization ANONYMOUS. I moderate it already thus it was easier for me to simply add a group to it. Another thing we don't promote is a Mystery...Anonymous.

We can create a group on Facebook, Twitter anywhere... it is on SPGM as well. The Group isn't called single parent grind... if you read it... the SITE is called single parent Grind. And if you read into it... you would see it's not PROMOTING a single parent environments... it is trying to give you tools to SURVIVE as a single parent while you don't have a partner in your midst.

Perhaps A group can be created on other sites as well... where EVER people are comfortable. It just happens to be on my site also.

I Victory - I am one of the Vegetarians that have extra weight and I know it's because I don't work out as much as I should... and I love to cook! So... I am not only working on my work out but how I cook my food as well


The 14th Degree and Beyond said...


My concerns about veganism among originals is that we replace the animal proteins we remove from our diets with carbohydrates. As an "ethnic group," Black people are more likley to become diabetic than whites. With a high carb diet, we are straining our already unideal systems of processing carbs. Lethargy after a meal is a tell tale sign of carb overload. Although many will not admit this, overloading carbs has a huge potential to result in a diagnosis of diabetes. What I am saying is that diabetes is not always a physiological disability or impairment. It could simply be something that emerges from how we eat. Doctors use consecutive high sugar finger stick readings and a high hemoglobin A1C to diagnose diabetes and have been doing this for years. Some doctors also react to sugar in the urine without high blood sugar levels--liking to call people with diabetes insipidus (sugary urine) pre-diabetic. Pre-diabetics could be medicated. More complicated is that emotions impact sugar levels. We spur our bodies to convert stored sugar to usable (and potentially damaging) sugars--especially as women. This is in addition to pregnancy tilting the balance to higher blood sugar levels. How our bodies handle sugar can be reflected in our weight and our general energy levels. And, if I may repeat, our emotional state impacts our sugar levels as well.

Exercise helps to use up the extra sugar we have hanging around in our bodies. Vegans should marry their diets and an exercise regime. We should integrate more beans which are ideal meat replacements and naturally anti-diabetogenic. We should cut down the high carb veggies we eat like carrots and squash and use stevia if necessary to make our good food taste good.

Veganism can be a powerful tool in addressing our health issues as individuals. But we have to know ourselves to direct such a production... Health is a result of a customized effort. And support for such a thing can be provided by a group so I applaud Queen Civilized Zag for her wanting to host a venue for health.

17 Zafirah

The 14th Degree and Beyond said...

Peeace Zafirah -

thank you for your comment... I am a carboholic I must admit. I love Breads and Pasta.

I cook a lot of pasta because it fits in my budget. Even though it's wheat and spinach pasta I still need to cut back. I am going to just set up a group on Face book as well... Let's see how it goes!!!