Monday, June 1, 2009

My Neck... My Back...

Peace -

So I just did a crazy bout of Spring Cleaning this Sunday. I was moving stuff around and cleanin carpets... closets and kitchens. Even hooked up a stereo system. What I noticed was that after back was KILLING me. I had a horseriding incident that messed my hip up when I was 16 and then it never really healed properly.

While I do try to get to the gym regularly it's not always easy. So I thought that perhaps I wasn't the only one in this predicament. Below - is a list of easy exercises that can be done at home or work to strenghten your back.

Back Hyperextension:

How to do the Exercise: Start by lying face down, then raise your arm and head with the oppostie leg. If done properly you should feel a stretch in your lower back. Finally, lower your leg, arm, and head to the starting position at the same time.

Band Back Lat Pull Downs

How to do the Exercise: This exercise band lat pulldown exercise can be performed by tying the elastic/exercise band around a stationary object from up close to the ceiling and then sitting on the ground with your back straight. To begin grab the two handles and bring the elastic to your side (as shown) making sure that your lats are doing the work (along with your biceps). This is an excellent exercise if you do not have a lat pulldown machine.

Dumbell Bent Over Row

How to do the Exercise: Stand with your knees bent and your torso at a 60 degree angle. Now with the weights fully extended in your hand bring them straight up to your chest contracting your shoulderblades fully and then inhaling and slowly returning to the starting position as shown.

I can say that the above have helped me in the past with my back and I am going to start doing them once again. Take care of yourselves.



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