Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Midnight Train to Jo'Juh

Peace Family -

I just recently came back from a 14 hr drive. Chicago to NJ. By myself, with the seeds. Just hopped in the car and went. I love the freedom that I felt of being able to just pick up and go... and the children had a ball!!! I remembered the WHOLE journey... which is significant because that means I didn't have to black out on them once. lol. They colored and read and sang songs. It was a beautiful time.

A few women I know said they wouldn't or haven't traveled that distance alone. It seemed odd, or scary or just... not of interest. I have no problem with picking up and going however. Because if we wait on someone else to do it or go with us... it may never happen right? I have always been an advocate of moving, living, being whatever and where ever you want. By taking that ride... I had a long time to think about my priorities, my past, my present and future. It was theraputic and it freed me so to speak.

What journeys have you taken on your own that maybe some may not? Either mentally or physically? What would you recommend to any of us that may prove to be positive in our lives?


Q. Civilized Zag

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