Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Eye on the Prize

Peace and Blessings.

As of late, I have felt my cipher going and stretching in a million different directions, sometimes seemingly without organization, direction, or purpose. Just going from sun up to sun down doing what must be done to get through THIS DAY - rarely thinking about the next day, or the next year. Many of you know how it goes. You do what you have to do for your children. Bills are paid when you can - you juggle your career, childcare, school (or homeschool), educating our selves, refining our homes, tending to our Gods/Earths, building on Nation business, all while never or hardly thinking of manifesting our own blueprint for the future. What usually deters us is lack of financial education and/or resources, little to no emotional support, motivation, or even where to start.

However, as I come up on less than 6 months from my 37th bornday, I find that I am starting to look at my cipher with more distinct foresight. I need to assure that my daughter and any future children are secure, well-educated, and have the necessary faculties for the world when I'm gone. I want to spend my future years in my heaven with a cipher full of people who love and support me and I, them. I want to be assured that I am building monuments from my blueprint to reach my goals, successes, and "prizes." To do this, I know that I need to focus, be diligent hold fast to my goals and keep my "Eye on the Prize."

This year has been very transitional for me with many health changes, cipher changes, and just general refining and working to better myself and family. In doing this, its impossible to not begin to look at my goals for a year, 5 years, and 10 years from now - in essence, writing my history or Quron for the next 25,000 years. So, I have begun to employ certain methods to help myself begin working on my goal:
1) "Eye on the Prize" - What that means is to remained FOCUSED, diligent, steadfast, and flexible in what that goal is and the resources needed to reach it. I strive to not tunnelize the direction of getting to that goal and understand that environmental and financial changes may mean altering my direction.

2) Stay Motivated - Motivation is probably the most crucial factor in reaching our goals. What is the purpse of reaching this goal? What do we see ourselves getting out of it? How will it benefit my and/or my family? Knowing and building on the answers to these questions will allow me to further clarify and reach that much closer to my goals

3) My personal Cheerleading squad - These are the people in my cipher who I share my goals with and who are there to support me, offer ideas and resources, and also be there to cheer me on when I read the end zone with the ball in my hand.

4) Create a Personalized Action Plan (My Cipher Blueprint) - I will sit down and clearly define my goal, the resources I need to get there, and the steps I plan to take to reach it.

5) Visualize the End Result - Anyone who has ever sat through my "Creative Visualization" workshop knows that one of the most motivating factors of reaching our goals is actually SEEING ourselves in the end result. If the goal is to lose 5 pounds, you visualize yourself in that divine dress you have been striving to fit into, enjoying a healthy meal with your friends and family all telling you how great you look.

These are just a few of the ways I have begun to embrace in keeping my eye on the prize.

What are some goal-reaching suggestions do you have have?? Share a goal with our staff that you have recently achieved and how you successfully reached it.

Victorious Lanasia Earth


Q. Civilized Zag said...

Peace Earth - I understand completely as I have recently become extremely focused on my long and short term goals. With my Job and financial situation... things have been a struggle.

I have three companies that I am starting of which I have two business plans that I have just completed. Both projected on a three year basis.

One (Exact and Right Invites) is being launched asap and the other is planned for release this Winter. The last which is my passion is in constant motion but projected to be a full company in 2011

I definitely have a small team of people that I am working with. All of us have strengths in different areas which is so helpful as then we can bounce ideas and solutions off one another

Another thing I find is whatever you are going to do... stand on your square. No one has to live your life but YOU.

When I stopped worrying about trivial things (ie relationships, going out... etc) and really started working for myself and my family... that's when it didn't become hard for me to focus...

I Medina Peaceful Earth said...

Peace! Well this question is very timely as I have just completed (last night) my mixtape "Eyewitness" (performance name Angel Eye). This has been a long-standing life goal of mine. I have been rappin for 13 years and this is my first (and may be my only) solo project (hit me at if ur interested in a cd)

I had been putting the project off, procrastinating and just not really focused on it, focusing on other things. Then, in the top of this year, the wisdom cipher cipher born year, I focused on the question and the first part of the answer in the wisdom born degree in the 1-40 (Why was Yacub successful in all his undertakings? Because the people who were his followers followed Yacub's law. Regardless of what he told them to do they did it...) and I reversed the polarity and utilized that as a motivating factor for myself(Why will I Medina Peaceful Earth be successful in all her undertakings? Because she did all that she said she was going to do...). That helped me keep my eyes on the prize. Developing the right mentality is a good first step. A person may want a million dollars but if you are not in the mentality of being a high earner, you will not develop the culture necessary to achieve that goal which will turn into a pipe dream that you never see actualized.

Understandably, we may have to multi-task in our lives at times and that's accepted. However, I found that in regards to my personal goals, I wasn't being as effective trying to do multiple things at once (doing a little bit at a time on everything). I was doing it, but things weren't moving fast enough I think because I was trying to spread my energy too thin.

With other goals (work, family,etc.) you may have to do what you have to do to get the job done, however with my personal goals, I decided to shape and mold my process in a manner that could work better for me. These were goals I created, and hence I could set my own deadlines (oftentimes, those are the hardest deadlines to stick to).So I changed up my process (there's a technical term but I can't remember the name...I met this guy on a plane who is a business manager and he explained the whole science to me like a year and a half ago and I've kept the methodology in my thoughts since then) where instead of trying to do multiple things at once, I decided that at least for my short term goals i.e. the completion of my mixtape, I would do one after the other. So first, I applied for an August Wilson Fellowship (though I didn't get it, the application was a big project within itself). Me completing that goal increased my confidence to complete other goals. Next, I decided to focus on my mixtape, and dedicated a good 4 months to putting it together. Mission accomplished. Now, while I plan on ways to perform, get my mixtape out there, etc, my next goal is to focus more on developing my Refined and Fly lifestyle and apparel company, and I can dedicate a good chunk of my time to working on that since other goals are completed and somewhat out of the way.

That is a method that works for me. I would say try to prioritize your goals and knock them out one by one if you can. You may find that instead of taking 2 weeks to do something, you can finish it in 2 days instead if you focus on one thing at a time