Saturday, May 2, 2009

Momma I Made it!

Peace All -

I am actually writing this a day early so that I don't forget tomorrow in the rush to go to the Oasis Parliament. I build that everyone is having a beautiful weekend.

This week... I received my 120 Flag. Not that I hadn't knowledged it years, months and days ago but - I built for it finally. And... the feeling that I had... once I completed it... was indescribable. King Civilized put me through it in regards to all the questions I had to answer as well as history but - I appreciated it and felt very accomplished afterwards.

I find myself researching a lot more and relating things to myself much better. It may sound funny but - the is one of the best rewards that I have ever received.

What to you remember about building for your 120 flag or a major accomplishment? What changed afterwards if anything?


Q. Civilized Zag


Victorious Lanasia Earth said...

Peace my Dear sisters of The 14th Degree and Beyond!! I wanted to answer this, because like you, I knowledged 120 long before I received my flag. At the end of 2007, I was blessed with earning my flag from the God Gaumaal Complete Allah and he, too, put me through the ringer with degrees and history. However, once I received my reward, I felt a sense of accomplishment like nothing else I had experienced before. It was also proof that our mathematics is all wise and everything works as exactly as it should in time, space, and existence. The empowerment that I received from that God (the manifestation of the work I had put into my lessons/history) in the form of the Universal Flag can never be duplicated or recreated by any other. That mile has been written into my history and will forever be one of the most life-changing milestones of my life within this Nation. I definitely encourage ALL Earths of our Nation to build a firm foundation in the knowledge of 120 degrees, for we are the first teacher of our babies, and also must stand on the square WITH God when building and civilizing the human families of the Planet Earth. As the devil teaches daily, so must WE. Peace family.

Victorious Lanasia Earth

Precise said...


Congrats on qualifying for you flag. Always a good thing to hear about that.

Precise Infinite Peace Allah

Eboni Joy said...

Peace Queen!

First... Congratulations on the accomplishment! I remember what it was like to earn my Universal Flag (each time) and I was proud of myself on both occasions because it's something you truly have worked and LABORED for in ORDER to EARN!

So, what I remember about building for my flag is... well, I built for it on two occasions actually... NO, three times!!! Boy, I tell you... being a single Earth ain't easy (and in response to your last blog, one of the reasons I don't speak on my current relationship is because my old ones were often destroyed by outside forces - gossip, lust, envious "friends" on each end sticking pins, what have you - so like you, I now know that if I want to KEEP the best part for MYSELF then I have to keep our business to myself as well)... thank GOD (literally) I ain't single no mo’! But I digress…

Yes, I had to show and prove three times. I knowledged 120 in December of '99. I remember that because I had been studying the lessons for two years and told myself that there was no way I was gonna enter the new millennium without having knowledged 120, so in July or August (after knowledging the 8:40) I set myself a deadline.

So, I showed and proved that I knew the degrees to my educator, Cincur Allah, however he didn't have a Universal Flag to give me, and because I wasn't his Earth (even when I was his Queen, I don't think I was ever his Earth) even though he took frequent trips to Mecca he never returned to Chicago and took the responsibility to bless me with one.

So the Gods/Earths of C-Medina had a close relationship with those in Cream City at the time and they came to our rallies (and we went to theirs) monthly. So, at our rally at a community center in March the Gods from Cream City brought Universal Flags they’d gotten in Now Why for those who wanted to build for them in C-Medina. I remember it was Universal Knowledge and Self Wise Allah (who unfortunately, being the truly good brothas that they are and dedicated to community building, have a now tarnished reputation due to the "white man is God" mis-education going on in that part of Cream City's cipher)... but anyway... I had to quote every single degree in 120... and in the midst of quoting, they would randomly ask me how I see certain degrees (like the 6:10, 9:14, 14:14, 11:36, 28:36, 8:40, 28:40, 37:40...). There were others but I remember these distinctly because they are the degrees that stand out to me most and that I have a deeper understanding of because I made a point to go about studying them even deeper after my build for the flag – a process that took about an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and a half total.

So that's something that changed afterward... my inherent desire to keep my word bond when I say "I knowledge 120" and be able to show and prove it as a fact. I was one of those people who didn't knowledge 120 in a matter of months, because I studied it, I wanted to grasp an understanding of what I was reading and committing to memory... I emphatically did not want to be a "quoter" but wanted to be about to wisdom – speak on – what I had knowledged, and also understand the correlation the degrees have to the math, alphabet, each other (as in the theory of relativity as they now call it), and even my personal life and character. But even after showing and proving for the Universal Flag I remember going thru the lessons more frequently - DAILY - so that whenever asked a degree, regardless of which one, I'd know and understand it.

So, as I said, I built for the flag three times and that was the first. On my first trip to Mecca in January 2001 (FYI, my “trip” lasted until August 2001), God Kalim became a close mentor of mine and I simply quoted the 9:14 in order to earn my flag from him that February as a 25th bornday present.

And during Show and Prove that year one of my sisters’ God purchased for her this very unique Universal Flag that the Gods in Texas were selling. She asked to buy a flag, and they asked her where her God was... she pulled him over to the table and they sold them the flag without question. I asked to buy a flag too and upon them asking where my God was of course I said "I don't have one" and they said "then you can't get a flag." I retorted "BUT I KNOW 120!", with disgust because the sister who'd just been "given" one barely knew the 1-14!!! So they asked me about three degrees (don't remember which ones cause I was so annoyed I blacked out on the brothas) and I answered exactly and so they (seemingly) unwillingly sold me the flag too.

And that was that.

Wearing a flag means I have to be prepared for questioning even if the questions never come my way... like a sword above the devil's head, wearing my flag on my lapel is not only a reward for my hard work, it is a reminder to speak on what I know to be true, right and just, and if I say I know something I better be prepared to show and prove it, and that I have indeed earned this reward.

Eboni Joy Asiatic

maya said...


Congratulations on your flag....huge accomplishment!


Medina said...

Peace and congratulations everyone! I'll be embarking on the process of earning my flag soon too. I knowledged 120 over a year ago. Thanks for posting your experiences, especially those who got their flag after they knowledged 120. Eboni Joy..."I was so annoyed I blacked out..." lmao