Tuesday, May 5, 2009

True Strength Lies in Submission...not Obedience

“True strength lies in submission which permits one to dedicate her life, through devotion, to something beyond herself.”

Peace and Blessings. As cognizant, conscious sisters, it is important for us to continually visit (and sometimes revisit) those issues that are a big part of what it takes to be and sustain as Earth and/or Queen; sometimes even those cultural practices or qualities that deter sisters from truly accepting their natural existence as Earth, or cause them to stray away from civilization due to dissatisfaction, or mis-understanding. This is what we strive to avoid through proactive education, building, and asking the questions we do each week in our blog. This allows us (collectively) to gain and grow in our own understanding based on the responses of our readers.

One of the concepts that we rarely build on to really gain a complete understanding of is "submission," and its important distinction from "obedience." In this context, I am speaking about submitting to God/Husband, our culture, and/or our lessons. One reason for this (in my opinion), is that we have not fully removed the religious and negative connotations in certain instances from our growth and development of our culture, lessons, and relationship to each other as Gods and Earths, and what it means to "submit."

Let's first take a look at each word, its definition, and my understanding of the word...

submit (v): 1) to give over or yield to the power or authority of another; 2) to present for the approval, consideration, or decision of another or others: to submit a plan; to submit an application. Submission involves the actual "act of" doing the above.

Submission requires love, respect and a wiling yield to another. Submission requires a personal relationship where there is devotion, knowledge, and forsight to the future and happiness to that cipher. Submission is done as a very purposeful act, where the one you are submitting to has proved themselves worthy of your submission, devotion, and most of all, trust.

obey (v): 1) to comply with or follow the commands, restrictions, wishes, or instructions of; 2) to comply with or follow (a command, restriction, wish, instruction, etc.). Obedience is the "act of" doing the above.

Obedience doesn't require any personal relationship between the one giving the "command" and the one obeying the command. Although obedience can be an attribute of submission, initially and independently, it is done with no purpose, cause, or reason other than being told to do it.

Once we remove the negative implication(s) from the word "submission," we can better appreciate and accept the place it should play in the relationships we choose to maintain. As I mentioned earlier, submission is purposeful will in giving power to another, while obedience is blind will. The opening quote reads, "True strength lies in submission..." The true strength is what we MUST do as the Original Woman to do the knowledge to God before choosing him as the head of your cipher, it means fully researching this culture, this knowledge, the lessons, and all other aspects of how you will choose to change your life and accept your natural place in the universe as Mother Of Civilization, Queen, and Earth.

An example of strength in submission is simply looking at our Universe (as we know it). We have a solar system consisting of 9 planets, which are powered by the light of the Sun. Each planet has its placement, speed of rotation, its temperature ranges, atmospheric energy, and other attributes that make each planet what it is. The light of the Sun is consistent, strong, and powerful enough to keep each planet in its proper place, doing what it does to maintain the element and ORDER of the Universe. At no time does any planet fall out of line, try to move up or back, or even take the place of the Sun. Even the Sun has its place its accepted, along with the responsibility of its tasks to keep chaos out of the Universe. This is a brief example of the strength in submission

What misconceptions of submission did/do you have in regards to our culture? Do you see submission and obedience as interchangable? Why or why not?

Victorious Lanasia Earth


Anonymous said...

My God and I do not use those terms in our household...we prefer the term acknowledge/ment.
Acknowledge is more of a mathmatical word it means to take notice of or reply to; to show or express appreciation or gratitude;to admit to be real or true; recognize the existence, truth, or fact.
The prefix of the word submit, is sub- which means under, lower and from my experience no man can do a woman's job better than a woman, there are defined duties. One must focus and discipline themselves to study lessons and live out their culture, this is first done through acknowledgement. As far as relationships, there is order of everything, the blackman ensures that we are secure and bills are paid because I am a SHAM, not making much money and is the master of making every dollar strech which he is not very good at, he knows his place and I know mine. If the woman is not the head, then what is she the tail? Leadership is situational, where the God is weak that may be the Earth's strength. It is a partnership, one wouldn't say that the God is submitting to his Earth if she asks him to watch the seeds while having an outing with some friends.
Submission and Obedience is what is done by children that comes under the authority of an responsible adult.

maya said...


To add on to this great build, I personally do not see submission and obedience as interchangeable.

Reflecting on my childhood, I recall my parents telling me to do this or that and when I ask why the answer was simply because "I said so." I would always mumble under my breath "I aint the damn dog." My reactions to this would be opposite of what they told me not to do because I had to find out why. Which brought them to the conclusion that I was disobedient. Had things been explained to me so I could have understood why or why not to do what I was told, my reactions may have been different.

I come to realize through experiences in my past that obedience keeps one confused, without any logic to their actions. I was in a relationship for 9 years and now that I am no longer in that relationship, I hear remarks like "when I was with you I couldn't get you to dress appropriately, I told you religion is B.S, and stop going out partying." However, he never explained to me why but I sure got the answer "cuz I said so."

Trying to maintain through obedience, a relationship is awaiting failure. Through submission those involved in a relationship are in agreement with each other and clearly understand the purpose why they are willing to follow Good Orderly Direction. When a person has understanding of what submission is and acts accordingly their relationships wil be easily maintained.