Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Love Like This Takes Some Time...

Peace All -

It was mentioned to me tonight that none of the Earths build on their relationships in this forum. In my case... I choose to preserve the best part for myself. People can see the love and feel it when they are around the God and I... so to me... there was no need to expound on it here. However, when I am grumpy, or my seeds are acting out or my job is getting on my nerves... you know it! You will see it here!! Because those things if kept wrapped up... can cause negative effects.

I hold my happiness close. Especially with relationships. We build towards that solidarity and that connection. We are in a constant state of refinement that shows. So in our cipher... our 360... there is no need for me to go outside of that and let what is seen and heard everywhere... also have to be written. Because no one... can tell you about your love... why should we tell others about ours?

I am at a point in my life where I have a full understanding of my wants and needs; my goals my success etc. I am also aware that at any time the things that mean the most to me in this world... can be taken away. So How do you protect your happiness?

I will share this...

My God - Is the best knower of the seen and unseen things within us. He is the first and last. He is a living being and has experienced all the knowledge, wisdom and understanding in and out of our Universe. And though... the black man is God by nature... he is the one amongst us whom is the best knower - that is what makes him Supreme.


Queen Civilized Zag I Reflect, Absorb and Born the Light of King Civilized Allah

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