Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What is Keeping you out of Heaven?


I have come to realize that sometimes I can be my own worst enemy, most vicious critic, and biggest hater...LOL.

I was sitting here today building with myself on today's mathematics, which is Build / Destroy. Build means to form, cause to be constructed or speak about what you know, Destroy means to tear down a structure or condition.

I learned many years ago that building and destroying are interconnected and should be never-ending in our application, such as the physical structure of the number "8." In my own refinement over the last couple of years, I have come to become a better person at initiating more of the equality between building and destroying.

In thinking about all of the above, I was reflecting on a build that one of the Gods shared in regards to having his own "heaven" (with his Earth and babies) and wanting that for all of us. Heaven, I see as a place or state of mind of utmost happiness. Although there are aspects of my cipher where I am satisfied and happy with how it is going, that HEAVEN I am typing about is really the complete cipher of happiness. I know what keeps me from mine - procrastination, fear, overextension of myself in obsolete areas, and in some cases, lack of necessary skill. I work on a little piece of breaking down those obstacles each day, however it is a learning process and its forming bigger and better constructions, and tearing down the conditions that are useless to my cipher.

What, if anything, is keep you out of your Heaven?

Victorious Lanasia Earth


Lord Born Justice said...

What is keeping me out of heaven on Earth is not having a Earth to bring a Balance into my universe, YES I am the Sun and the Sun needs to shine his light (knowledge)on to the Earth so that she can reflect his divine knowledge (light),The black woman (Earth) is Gods (man) heaven on earth and in order to have heaven on Earth there must be God Earth and Seed-man Woman child- Sun Moon and stars- knowledge- wisdom- understanding,I know the worth of the Earth and a good Earth is hard to fine. peace to the good ones who have found a good God.

Anonymous said...

Peace:....... I think whats keeping me out of my heaven is that i have no god to share that with. I dont have a god because i have trust issues which has taken control over my relationship..... Now i do have a god in my life but i cant trust him in my cipher and its not that he has betrayed me or anything like that but its my previous experiences that cause what i am going through now.... I want to reflect his knowledge but this its just hard.... i am very independant..... i know that i am secondary but necessary recipiant to man's life giving seed! How do i get this right so i can be in heaven........

wisdom body

I Medina Peaceful Earth said...

Hmmm. I would say I am building and constructing my heaven slowly but surely. Usually, people or experiences in your life mirror in some way shape or form, some aspect of yourself. So, when I'm going through "hard times," and I reflect and write about it, the source is usually based in some thought or feeling that I have, whether it's a thought I have at the base of things I do that initiate the hard times, or it's a thought I have in response to what someone else may do that may initiate it. Building and destroying is a constant process ( or should be...sometimes we don't do it enough. We live, and don't continue to check in and see what's goin on with ourselves) that can be hard, but it's necessary in order to grow and reach your goal or your heaven or the reality you want to see born inside and by extension, outside of you.

I Medina Peaceful Earth

searching28 said...


I think whats keeping me out of my heaven is not really having a God to build a nation with..... I have already wisdom understandings and a God in my life whom is not there bioligical father, However my god has his own foundation with an 85%.... We have been ceeing each other for about 2 and a half years and i enjoy him and our relationship is very real and unique but i will like to make it a complete cipher......but i am afraid to give my all due to my last relationship..... For the last 2 months he has been borning me into the cipher and just for that alone i love him dearly..... I dont know what the future hold but i will like to be in heaven with him.......

Supreme Divine said...
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There are various reasons in my situation. Discipline is what is keeping me out of heaven or having a mastery over my emotions, desires and excessive appetites. Discipline is a key factor when attaining balance in ones life. And balance to me is as it is above - mind should be over body. True balance is when the mind and body are working systematically. or the physical expression of one thought. Therefore when I commence to radiate constructive thoughts and ideas at times I find myself being snared or entangled by my own desires which consequently will hinder me from having discipline.

In other words, my desires and emotions are the causation of my suffering and Hell. however, once I rise above the hell, the outcome would be heaven. Now, heaven is also the destruction of the devilishment that exists within and the destruction of the devil that exist outside and your reward will be Love, Peace and Happiness - which will equate Heaven


Supreme Divine Allah

maya said...


Working at this plantation 24/7 is definately keeping me out of my element. Over the past year I have been going hard at obtaining any licenses and or certificates necessary for me to legally pursue my destiny and make working for none one other than self official. It takes time and patience. (Patience and I are new friends-lol)

I know we are all poor righteous teachers b.u.t we must also have financial security. That is why I still work outside of my home and my business Earth's Naturo Essence-Wellness & Beyond.

Unlike some of you who have responded --my cipher is complete, and the happiness is there. At school and everywhere except this job...I'm at the justice but no matter how much/ often I meditate, think and react positive or remind myself that this is only temporary...I know my heaven isnt whole.

never-the-less in order to obtain love- in this case Heaven, often times we go through hell to come out right.

Queen Sati