Monday, April 6, 2009

May I Have Your Hand...?

*PHEW!!! *wiping brow*

Just came from the gym family - throat all scratchy asthma tryna break through, allergy cough... sneezin.  All wet from the rain.  I'm about to curl up on the floor... next to my desk, throw my peacoat over my shoulders and call it a day.  I quit coffee six days ago... and I have been tirrreeedd ever since.  Ok... enough about my tribulations...


Another successful parliament in the Oasis this past weekend.  Good food and friends and just an over all beautiful atmosphere.  An interesting topic came up when a God stood up to build and spoke on how Gods and Earths are so hesitant or intimidated by the other... that they never step up and ask to build with the other... on a personal/mathematical level.  As a result, this is why so many are dealing with the 85%.

I don't know about every Earths point of view but, I know mine.  And I would rather be with someone who IS about it then talks about it and it takes time to sort that out.  Unfortunately - you find people who can build on 120 all day but can't live it out.  They can't manifest what they are speaking on in to one positive action.  Seeing that - it can be discouraging to some new in the nation or even those who have been in and seen it.  I had a previous build called - 85 Alive where I discussed how Gods/Earths didn't bring their counter parts around who weren't in the nation...

My question is now though - will we subject ourselves to the 85% of the 5% just to have someone who comes in the name? Or is it better just to be with those who are easily led astray and expect nothing more?  My view - Get some chocolate cake and a Denzel movie and keep it movin... it's never serious enough to dumb yourself down for someone else. 


Queen Civilized ZagPonder


Divine said...

Peace, maybe the Gods and Earths are due for a "Singles Retreat." Where singles get together for a weekend of social equality, relationship workshops, etc. This creates the atmosphere where it is okay to build with a 7 or Earth on a personal level, which is totally opposite than the atmosphere of a parliament or a class. It could also build a foundation where our (God and Earth) relationships can become sustainable.

Divine IZ Earth

Lord Born Justice said...

This is a great question and my answer is this when a God is about his SUPREME MATHEMATICS then he is able to show and prove it through his ways his actions and most important his DEEDS,not just by what he says out his mouth because brothers can talk a good one but still fail in the show and prove department by making his mathematics walk and talk, now my sisters (earths) also need to be wise in there choice of a God that she wants to build with she needs to do the KNOWLEDGE to him inside his environment( the nation) as well as out side( his community) of it, I will take a EARTH over a 85% woman any day, I see a Earth now that I want to build with Earth MAY I HAVE YOUR HAND, nice title.